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Fun Ideas For Outdoor Kitchen Appliances & Accessories


Outdoor Appliances & Accessories You May Not Have

If you are looking for great ways to truly customize your fancy outdoor kitchen BBQ island, read on. Outdoor kitchens and built in BBQ grills can be both fun and functional. You are probably already well aware of the traditional equipment that you can have built into your outdoor kitchen, like ovens, sideburners, sinks, refrigerators, and so on. So this article includes other great equipment and accessories that you might not have.

Many of these items also make great backyard accessories as well, so even if you do not have an outdoor kitchen you may find some great ideas for sprucing up your patio or backyard design.


Rotisserie Basket

If you have a rotisserie on your outdoor kitchen island, then a rotisserie basket would make a convenient companion piece for it. You can find stainless steel rotisserie baskets that easily attach to heavy or super heavy duty rotisseries. They allow you to roast items like fish, shish-kabobs, and vegetables. You can even include multiple items in the rotisserie basket.


Grill Top Griddles

With outdoor kitchen islands you can cook just about everything and anything you want outdoors. So why wait to use your outdoor kitchen for cookouts? You can cook breakfast using special outdoor griddles, and have a lovely breakfast on your patio. Outdoor griddles are designed to be placed over single or double sideburners. These outdoor kitchen appliances are also great because they are multifunctional. You can use them to cook a variety of different foods.


Outdoor Blenders & Food Processors

Outdoor kitchens have become incredibly popular because they offer all of the same great features as indoor kitchens, but you also get to enjoy the outdoors while you cook. Common appliances used in indoor kitchens are also specially made for outdoor purposes. Outdoor kitchen appliances include things like blenders and food processors which are designed to attach to the surface of any kitchen island. They typically have stainless steel weather covers and power units. Many of them can also be detached for indoor use.


Turkey Fryer

This had to be on the list of outdoor kitchen supplies as Thanksgiving is right around the corner. These are not only great for cooking deep fried turkey, they are also perfect for frying fish, chicken, and just about anything you'd like. They can also be used as crab pot. Turkey frying kits typically come with a stainer, pot, cover, and heavy duty thermometer.


Bartending Center

These are some of the coolest outdoor kitchen accessories. They are perfect for outdoor entertainment areas and add a restaurant loungesque touch to backyards. These accessories are typically built in to BBQ islands, but there are also bar centers that can be added separately. There are even stand-alone bartending centers that look chic next to pools, or that can be used with on patios or near stand-alone grills. Just a few of the features they include are insulated ice bins and compartments, serving shelves, bottle wells for chilling drinks, front "speed rails" where you can easily access bottles, and more.



Televisions are essential outdoor kitchen accessories, perfect for homeowners who desire a complete backyard entertainment setup. They come in various sizes and can be setup in different ways depending on your preference.


Neon Signs

Even if you don't have a bartending center or bar setup in your backyard, neon signs are fun backyard accessories. They are the perfect decor pieces for those interested in creating a bar or restaurant type atmosphere in their backyards.


Outdoor Marine Grade Stereo

Stereos are also great outdoor kitchen accessories, but you should invest in one that is durable and specially made for outdoor purposes. You can cook to your own personal soundtrack with a marine grade stereo. They are UV resistant with coated circuit boards and weatherproof covers. You can also plug your iPod in and the system will charge it while it streams music.


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