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Friends Could Help

Who are my friends

Those people that would be my friends are those people that would willingly help me

Those people that would be my friends are those people that would willingly help me

Friends are those who help

Welcome to our article (46), friends are there to help

Dear readers, in our previous articles, we have written about houses building and maintenance. Now, in this article of, friends are there to help, we want to talk about when we buy houses. Buying a house is an important decision, and most of us have never bought a house before, so, we wish we had a friendly person to ask some hard questions, because we want to know, if the decision that we are about to make is the right one, but we need somebody that we can trust.

But who are those people that we can trust, when we are not sure about ourselves, we believe that these people are our family and our most trusted friends? So, I hope that a couple of fiends that know enough about buying houses, willingly come to help me; then I can count them as real friends; because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Anyhow, there are reasons to believe that we would be better off, if we help each other and use our life knowledge to help our friends, sometimes we have to go out of our ways to help some friends, when they ask for help; but if you think it is worth the effort to help your friend, then do it, it is a noble thing to do, and you may feel proud of yourself for doing it.

Here, we want to point out this. Let us not make the mistake that everybody that we talk to is our friend, because friends are only those people that when you need help, they are willing to help you; sometimes they volunteer their help willingly, but sometimes we have to insist to get them motivated to help us, it works both ways, since the help that we need from a friend can be what that friend has knowledge about. Most times the help we need is knowhow and this costs nothing moneywise to our friends. But sometimes our friends are reluctant to give their knowhow, because it can put them in a position where they have to tell personal things that they don’t want to talk about willingly, or the line of work they are involved in, forbids them to give us advise willingly; Take the lawyers for instance, they are paid for counselling and their words cost plenty of money, and they might be just a few words of advice.

Anyhow this is not our case, because our case is at a much lower category, it has got to do more about building accommodations and real estate than laws, but nevertheless we may not want to talk about what properties we own, because people can feel jealous and hate us for showing off, so, we have to be careful what we say on this real estate subject.

But there are times when our friends want to buy their house or unit to live in, since they know that you own properties, they would like to know everything that you know about properties, so that they may avoid mistakes. In these cases, we should accept that their inquiries are genuine, and we should help them. Now, let us write an example about houses for sale or rent.

Need to learn what's involved

If you want to buy any real estate you need to learn what is involved, how much it could cost you and if you can afford it first of all.

If you want to buy any real estate you need to learn what is involved, how much it could cost you and if you can afford it first of all.

Houses for sale or rent

Anyhow, we have talked about needing help from trusty people, because we want to buy a house. Now, let me explain how this article is linked to our previous articles; you see, the houses that we have built in our previous articles, they need to be sold, so, they interest real-estate agents.

Anyhow, because we want to link building and selling, this article was going to be called, houses for sale or rent, but it ended up with “Friends are there to help”. Anyhow, let us see what we can offer to help those people that are about to rent or buy their own house; at the same time let us describe how friends can help, and why it is not that simple to find people willing to help in these cases. But first, let us define who can be called a friend, because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Yes, this is the case that we are going to talk about in this article, because one of my friends that we are going to call Joe in this article wants to by a property and is asking my advice how to go about it; so, we are going to talk real estate and what we need to understand before we buy. After all I believe that what we know should be used for the betterment of ourselves first, and then, for the betterment of our family and friends and also for the betterment of the rest of the community, so, any knowhow that we have should be shared with our friends, and this is what we are going to do here, while we are answering my friend Joe’s questions; anyhow, I am willingly going to share whatever knowledge I have, because my friend Joe is asking for help, so, let us see what Joe wants to know about properties.


House for sale

We all would like to own a house one day, looking at those sign for sale that we encounter we wish that we could buy that house, so we want to learn as much as we can how we could achieve that.

We all would like to own a house one day, looking at those sign for sale that we encounter we wish that we could buy that house, so we want to learn as much as we can how we could achieve that.

My friend Joe real estate questions

Anyhow, one day Joe asked me this real estate question, and this is what he said: Frank, we have been friends for a long time, so, I trust you more than anybody else, for this reason I want to ask your advice about real estate, since I am thinking of buying my house soon. I know that you own a couple of properties and I know that you have bought them yourself; therefore, you know what is involved. So, I have come to you because I know that you know about real estate a fair bit more than what I know, and I trust your real estate judgment.

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Anyhow, I was saying that I and my wife have been thinking about buying a property, so that we will not be paying rent for the rest of our lives, I and my wife both work and we think that we can afford a unit or a small house. So, I would like to ask you, if you can help me to understand those things that we need to know before we buy?

Okay Joe, since you came to me as a friend, I will tell you my opinion about your real estate enquires. I believe that you are renting, and you feel as if paying rent is money down the drain, so, before you have your own family you want to buy your house, is that right Joe?

(Joe said, yes that is right Frank)

I can understand that I said, since we all want secure accommodations in our lives, it is the dream that everybody dreams, and for some of us it will remain only a dream, because we will not have the will power to do what is needed to be done to acquire a property, even though every time we pay rent, we are forced to remember that if we had a property that we could live in, we would not have to pay rent, even if we owned a small unit that would cover our heads.

Anyhow Joe, I am glad that you have decided to do something about it, and you came to me for advice; so, I am saying that I am willing to give you my personal advice freely, but even with my limited advice it is not going to be easy to buy a property, because it requires a lot of planning, but the most important thing is this; do you have enough money to buy the property? Nine out of ten the answer is no, so, you have to borrow money from the Bank or building society or other institution that lend money to the public to buy houses; now if that is the case and I believe it is, then we will have to consider how much money is safe to borrow from these lending institutions, you see, you don’t want to borrow too much, just in case it becomes hard to repay back your loan.


A small low set house

To buy a small house and well maintained house, would be better for the first home buyer than a large house, since there are lots of things to know and pay for.

To buy a small house and well maintained house, would be better for the first home buyer than a large house, since there are lots of things to know and pay for.

Joe continues to ask me real estate questions

Okay Frank, I know what you mean, it is not easy to buy a house or any property, but what should we do to get started? We would like to know this. You see, I don’t like to ask direct personal questions, like what did you do when you bought your first house, but whatever you can tell us can help, otherwise we will never know what the best way is to go about, and that is the reason why I have come to you for advice, so, please tell us what you know and what you can tell us? As I have said we have some money in the bank, but we don’t know if that is enough to get us started?

Okay Joe, fist let me give you a very short answer to your several questions you are asking. If you don’t think that you have got enough money, then you need to work out several times what you have and what you can afford to pay, therefore, it would be wise, if you start by buying a small house or apartment. Now let me go back to answer the other questions:

You see Joe, I have to go back to my own life experiences to answer your real estate questions; so, I have to say Joe, that to buy a property is not easy unless you have enough money in the bank to buy it outright, but as you said you have some money, therefore, I guess that your money is not enough to buy this house that you are wanting to buy, and therefore, you are here to learn what is the best way to borrow money.

Now, in order to do that I have to go back to my life experiences to look at what I can tell you. (Anyhow Joe, I am going to tell you more in a private conversation). Because I know that I have written about this somewhere else, so, in this article of hub pages I cannot repeat much about what has already been said before, otherwise I am running the risk of writing duplicate content and hub pages already is telling me that I repeat too many things, so, I have to be very careful what I write here and I have to give you just one address where you can find what I had already written once in Hub Pages and then deleted it because of duplicate content and other issues. So, Google, “Yola, and then click on ‘Buying the first house’ there is a lot more to learn there about buying houses, as over there I am not restricted to repeat what I have written somewhere else. I hope the link works for you. See you later.

Joe I have tried to help you, because that is what friends are for, when you need help ask a friend, thank you Joe, for thinking about me worthy to be asked, and come back another time to see how you are going with your borrowing money and other things, I would like to continue to help, by telling you what I can? See you later Joe?

I believe that I have said enough in this article, so, see you in our next article, property for rent. See you soon.


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