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A Gorgeous Fornasetti Backgammon

Marta Leo is the owner of MadInteriorArt by Maden. MadInteriorArt is a company active in the world of design and vintage for over 20 years.

It is important to know something before I talk about the Fornasetti's backgammon in our collection. The first backgammon in history was found in a tomb of a Sumerian king 4500 years ago. We can find many different models of the game influenced by different eras if we focus on its design rather than its rules. The game was also depicted in many paintings by artists, one of whom was Caravaggio in 1594 in "I Bari".


This underlines how connected the world of design is with art. Our gallery has recently aquired an extraordinary backgammon set designed by Piero Fornasetti and we are very excited to feature it in our collectiion. It's as if one is gazing at a sculpture or a painting in an art museum, like when you see a Man Ray sculpture at the Tate or a Canova painting at the Louvre.


Piero Fornasetti made this beautiful backgammon for Dal Negro in Milan, at the end of the 80s. Dal Negro is an important Italian company that manufactures table games.


This particular backgammon set was produced in limited numbers and is quite a rare find. More interesting yet, the model illustrated on the cover is no other than Lina Cavalieri, a famous singer and actress from the early 1900s and Fornasetti's muse. Inside you will find the classic backgammon board in walnut wood characterized by it's 24 black and tan points. This beautiful game set comes to you from Dal Negro, a producer of quality board games since 1756. This collaboration between Fornasetti and Dal Negro makes this backgammon a true piece of modern art.

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I wrote this article in collaboration with Jeffrey Scott Fordyce.

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