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For Indoor Wireless Security try the LOREX 2K Indoor Wi-Fi Camera and the LOREX 2K Indoor Pan-Tilt Wi-Fi Camera.


Home Security is Important

Security has always been an issue with people, and different times have increased this need. But unlike the past now there’s no need to hire a specialized company to provide protection for one’s home: having to pay a monthly fee (besides installation charges) for others to come in and put cameras in rooms or common spaces. Not to mention not having the ability to check those cameras whenever one wants to. That’s why personal commercial cameras became available — the direct result of smartphones becoming ubiquitous and apps for same being made by the companies producing those commercial cameras. So that’s why personal home security is both so important and so accessible today. That’s because a personal security camera is not just affordable but simple to install and — even more important than all that has come before — simple to activate and functionally use.

A front runner proving all this comes from LOREX, a company that produces security products for the mass consumer audience. Most people don’t need a massive security system for their home, but they do need a camera or two that will provide a visual safety for areas of their home. This security camera must have a number of obvious features, such as accessing Wi-Fi and being 2K Full HD resolution so that things being monitored can be viewed in detail. The camera must also integrate with a smartphone app (providing security and personalized viewing settings) and so allow the homeowner/owner of the camera to watch what the camera sees at any time. And as part of the affordability of the camera, there can’t be any monthly or “hidden” fees tied into the purchase or use of the camera. So there are two examples from LOREX that best exemplifies this — the LOREX 2K Indoor Wi-Fi security Camera and the LOREX 2K Pan-Tilt Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera.


The LOREX 2K Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

The LOREX 2K Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera integrates with an app, and we start with that because it’s this integration that gives the camera its strength and power. There’s obviously an app for iOS and Androids, working with Google Assistant and Alexa, but (interestingly enough) there’s also integration with the Apple TV. Most of the smartphone apps designed to work with specific Wi-Fi cameras bypass the AppleTV completely (except using the AppleTV as a hub), so the availability of a large TV screen for viewing what the camera can see can’t be overestimated (besides making this easy for viewing at night when in the bedroom). The app provides details on what the camera sees, such as letting you know when a person passes into the range of the lens, taking a video or snapshot photo, scheduling, etc. The app takes advantage of what the camera offers so lets get to that.


Features Make A Security Camera

The camera itself has a unique shape. Rather than chunky square, it’s round and exists at the top of a thin vertical rod. The base, which is magnetic allows the camera to stand independently and simply on a flat surface, but can also be placed on the base when it has been mounted on a wall. Of course a wall outlet for power is required, and this will dictate placement of the camera (plus makes it obvious why the camera is only for indoor use). The view is a solid 125 degrees of view, and there’s “personal detection” built in which coexists with the app. There’s night vision, which makes for a visible image that is no different than other night vision-compatible cameras. The usual 2.4GHz wavelength of the Wi-Fi syncs nicely with the camera, providing one stays within the home network’s wireless range, and also provides fairly clear audio through the working of the two-way audio (one can understand the value of hearing when a camera is used indoors).

Everything needed comes with the LOREX 2K Indoor Wi-Fi Camera, and that includes a microSD, as the camera records to that (meaning there’s no cloud storage/fees associated with that and that transferring content/erasing the card for new use will be required).

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The LOREX 2K Pan-Tilt Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

The LOREX 2K Pan-Tilt Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera has many similar features to the camera just noted, with some exceptions. One exception is that it is designed to be placed on a flat surface (that doesn’t negate it being mounted otherwise). It has the ability to pan and tilt,as dictated by app control, and so the overall field of view of 110 degrees doesn’t cause issues. That’s because, as is obvious, more control over the exact area the camera is covering is controllable from afar. It also possesses a “privacy mode” and this enables a cover that blinds the lens so that it is no longer able to “see”.

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