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Flowering House Plants:Top 5 Choices for Easy Care and Low Care Flowering House Plants

Kalanchoe is a really easy low maintenance house plant

Kalanchoe is a really easy low maintenance house plant

Busy Indoor Gardeners

We have much less time for house plants these days than we used to have but flowering house plants bring so much pleasure.

They brighten up our homes and can even put a smile on our face after a long day at work.

There are some flowering house plants which are easier to care for and require less care and maintenance than others. So if you have a hectic life style why not chose a house plant which is easy to care for.

Christmas cactus is a good choice for sustainable indoor gardening

Christmas cactus is a good choice for sustainable indoor gardening

Top 5 Choices for Easy Care Plants

Even though some flowering house plants are easier to care for than others, it is important to make the choice of plant for your home.

Easy to care for house plants still need watering, feeding and pruning, so when investing in your plant make sure you have time for the basics.

Are you interested plants? If you are interested in plants you may want chose a plant which you can take cuttings off and propagate such as a Christmas cactus, African violet or Geranium.

Plants and You

Healthy Gardeners

Did you know that plants can make us healthier? Taking some time out to care for plants makes us healthier. Even simple tasks such as watering, or applying some leaf shine will make us feel calmer.

Gardeners, or people with a keen interest in looking after plants suffer less from stress, high blood pressure, sleep better and are generally more relaxed.

Perhaps caring for and nurturing plants fulfills a basic human need, and also makes us feel that we are closer to nature.

Color is an important part of our lives

Color is an important part of our lives

Birthday Presents for the Indoor Gardener

First time gardenerMore ExperiencedTop 3 Easy Care plants

Starter Plant Kit



Liquid Feed


Christmas cactus


Books to Read

Peace lily

A Pelargonium brightens up any kitchen table.

A Pelargonium brightens up any kitchen table.


Geraniums are surprisingly tolerant plants, and they come in a great range of colors. Many people avoid them as they assume they are going to be a high demand plant but quite the opposite is true. Geraniums are easy to care for, and need very few things in order to keep them happy. You can don’t even need to have a window sill to grow this plant, a Geranium is happy in a bright kitchen. It is a plant which can make any kitchen feel more homely.

They are not lovers of direct sun light but thrive best in a bright room. As a matter of fact, if you grow them in strong sun light they tend to become leggy, flower less and the leaves get damaged easily. Regular watering and a good plant food keep this colorful flowering house plant happy.

If you would like to increase your geranium collection, this is one of the easiest plants to take cutting from. Simply break off the top of a stalk, and place in water. Geraniums root quickly so expect to see the start of roots perhaps within a matter of days.

Lemon Scented Geraniums make a great alternative.

Lemon Scented Geraniums make a great alternative.

There is even a group of geraniums known for their scent. It is not the flowers which are scented but the leaves. Scented geraniums do flower less than their cousins but still worth considering. The most popular and easy to find varieties are Lemon scented, Prince of Orange ( an orange scented variety), Oak scented and there is even a rose scented variety. They are tough little plants and just seem to keep on growing.

Lemon scented geraniums even help to keep nasty bugs such as mosquitoes away, and the leaves can even be used to sweeten and flavor a cake.

Just a quick note; the flowering house plants we often call geraniums do in fact belong to the genus Pelargonium.

African Violets are one of the world's most popular house plants.

African Violets are one of the world's most popular house plants.

African Violets

African violets are probably one of the most wide spread flowering house plants in the entire world. The color choices are endless, and you can now even get miniature hybrids which are also very easy to care for. There is absolutely no excuse not to let an African violet take pride of place in your home.

African violets like diffused sun light and do very well on dining room tables, or inside a bright room. They tend to prefer wide, shallow pots, and watering from underneath. It is always best to place your African violet in a pot with room for extra for water. The water needs to be emptied about two hours after watering, this is your African violets way of saying I don’t need any more water.

African violets do however appreciate a special treat of African violet fertilizer, and they will return the favor by flowering in profusion year after year. I have one African violet which just does not stop flowering, and has been loyally flowering for the last three years.

So treat you African violet to some specialized fertilizer and enjoy the blooms.

Botanical Gardens Cape Town South Africa

This is another flowering house plant which is easy to propagate by leaf cuttings, and take root quickly. Many indoor gardeners are passionate about, or become addicted, to growing African violets. Where you find one you very often find many in a range of color choices. Specialist African violets nurseries have sprung up all around the world, and this delicately looking plant from TableMountain in South Africa, has become a favorite in our homes.-

Kalanchoe come in many color choices

Kalanchoe come in many color choices


Kalanchoe is perhaps the easiest flowering house plant to look after in our selection of five plants. It is a succulent from Madagascar and it just loves to flower.

As it is a succulent, it can therefore survive days, or even weeks, without water. I have quite a few of these little plants, and they are only watered once every two weeks.

Modern hybrids come in white, yellow, pink and red but more and more colors are coming through all the time. It is difficult to keep up with the amount of options available.

Just like African Violets miniature hybrid plants are available, and they are very popular as part of potted flower arrangements.

During the summer Kalanchoes are just much home in the garden as outdoors, and if you live in a warmer climate, they are an excellent way of adding color to your garden.

Kalanchoe is becoming a popular Christmas plant

Kalanchoe is becoming a popular Christmas plant

Red colored Kalanchoes are popular during the Christmas Holiday season, and is estimated that at least 5 million plants are sold all around the world. Sadly, many of these are discarded once they have stopped flowering but it is not difficult to get them to flower again.

Kalanchoes do like a position in your home where they can enjoy the sunshine. These tough little plants are real sun worshipers. The more sun they get the more they flower and many Kalanchoe enthusiasts seem to be able to get their plants to flower for months at a time.

Just like any other house plant Kalanchoe appreciate a good quality feed at least once a fortnight whilst flowering.

A pink flowering Christmas cactus

A pink flowering Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus

The famous Christmas cactus is one of the longer living house plants. It is not only a Christmas plant, hybrids are now available which flower other times of the year as well such as Easter.

Christmas cactus are well known to be no fuss plants, and seem to do better just left alone. They do not need a massive amount of water but appreciate a good liquid feed when they are getting ready to flower.

They also have a tendency to develop quite extensive root systems. The best idea is to repot your Christmas cactus once a year to keep it healthy. Mix in a bit of grit or sand in the compost, and make sure the drainage is good, and you will soon be rewarded with a rich display of long lasting flowers.

Don’t expect your Christmas cactus to like your central heating. As a matter of fact, they are not keen on hot rooms and tend to do better in cooler areas of the home such as hall ways or glazed in porches. If you find the right spot for your cactus, it can continue to flower for up to eight weeks.

In the summer it appreciates a shady corner in a garden or a cooler balcony. Don’t be afraid to leave it out in the garden until just before the first frost. Cooler temperatures seem to inspire this lovely plant to flower even more. Bring your Christmas cactus indoors into a well lit room, and wait for it to burst into bloom. I wonder how it knows it is Christmas.

A Peace lily showing off

A Peace lily showing off

Peace Lily

Peace Lily – Indoor gardeners love the Peace lily. If you are looking for a plant which promises to flower in a poorly lit room, the Peace lily is for you.

The Peace lily was found growing wild in Columbia and was brought back by the Victorians who appreciated this plant for its simplicity and purity. It normally flowers between May to August but is now also becoming popular in potted Christmas arrangements. It does not seem to mind being forced, and will flower again during the summer.

If you are looking for a plant which you can easily propagate the Peace lily might be the one for you. It is propagated by division each year and as it is such a fast growing plant that it does need annual repotting.

To support the long flowering stems it does need a rather deep pot, and it is important to remember to keep it moist. Also remember to use a good liquid feed especially during summer as this will extend the flowering period.

The leaves may look plain when not in flower, and do collect dust. It is always a good idea to dust the plant’s leaves using some leaf shine liquid.

As a matter of fact, many waxy plants with waxy leaves benefit from leaf shine.

The Most Have Book

The House Plant Expert Paperback

by D.G Hessayon

If you are looking for a book to go with your flowering house plant why not try The House Plant expert by D.G. Hessayon.

This book has stood the test of time and has been reprinted more times than I can remember. It is comprehensive and you can be guaranteed to find the information you are looking for between its pages.

Many experienced indoor gardeners swear by this book, and for many it has become the number one go to source for information.

Happy, Healthy Gardeners

Did you know that gardeners suffer less from depression, and other health problems such as high cholesterol?

A recent survey seems to prove gardening to be one of the "healthiest" hobbies. The incidence of common diseases such as cardio vascular disease, obesity and rheumatism are lower in this group.

interestingly, it does not seem to matter if your garden is big or small, indoor or outdoors. People within an interest in plants just seem to be healthier all around.

Perhaps it is all of those hours spent chatting to plants that does it.


Annie Messeri (author) from Spain on April 01, 2014:

It is a shame people have less time for plants.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 01, 2014:

All beautiful but the lily is my favorite of the five. Thank you for sharing the care instructions.

Annie Messeri (author) from Spain on April 01, 2014:

My personal opinion is that we must let house plants brighten up our lives, so much rush, rush and tear, tear in today's modern world.

We seldom let nature in our lives anymore.

Cygnet Brown from Springfield, Missouri on March 31, 2014:

I think flowering houseplants are so beautiful! I've grown all of these at different times! Not as difficult as some people might think. Well written hub!

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