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Convertible Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

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A fire pit table is the posh version of a propane fire pit. It’s bigger brother. If you’ve already bought yourself a new fire pit then reading this is a bit like bolting the door after the horse has bolted. However, if you haven’t parted with your cash read on and let’s see if anything I've written helps you to make your mind up.

If, like me, you want to do a bit more than put your feet up on your coffee table, then a fire pit table may be the better alternative, when you compare them to traditional fire pits. They don’t do anything special - you’re not going to discover any hidden gadgets hiding in a cranny in one of the legs for example. But what they do manage to do is this: they create a seamless balance between outdoor heating and outdoor dining.

A bit like a two for one deal. Only a little bit more expensive. Still, they're incredibly effective as a focal point for family gatherings, parties and socialising in general. Not to mention a seriously nice piece of backyard furniture.

Fire Pit Table


Fire Pit Table - An Outdoor Focal Point


A fire pit table is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a table with a fire in the middle. You get the warmth, comfort and aesthetic effect that comes with an outdoor fire, whilst being able to hang round enjoying a meal – in style.

And seated. None of that balancing a tray on your knee or having to stand around holding your paper plate. While you’re sausages roll off the edges.

Of course you may not want to have the fire lit, maybe it’s too warm and if that’s the case, you should consider buying a convertible type. And yup, if a fire pit table isn’t cool enough already, they come in an adaptable variety.

You can buy them as standard – whereby the fire ring is uncovered - or you can buy them with a cover that fits over the fire ring and conceals it, thus giving you a larger table area.



Added to that, some styles are sold with a grill contraption, which fits above the fire pit, allowing you to grill food to your hearts’ content. That brings a whole new dimension to backyard barbecues. You can sit round your fire pit table, entertaining or simply spending time with family and friends – and all you have to do when you want a kebab is lean over and whip one off the grill.

What more can a backyard barbecue king – or queen – want.

Design Your Own Fire Pit

Gas Fire Pits

  • Propane Fire Pit
    If all you need is a simple fire pit, why not consider a smaller version and look into buying a propane fire pit? Still as attractive a piece of garden furniture as a fire pit table and of course they provide an easy solution to outdoor heating.

Fire Tables - Examples On Video

If you've got a canny eye for design, why not consider having one made to order? Instead of doodling on your notepad when you should be working, draw up your own fire pit table design. A good few outlets - online and otherwise - will be happy to take your design and create a table to your specifications.

Now, they're a cool enough piece of kit in their own right but - imagine the kudos when friends and family admire your brand new backyard addition and you modestly admit that actually ... there's no other like it.

But only modestly. No point in rubbing it in ...

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On the other hand, if you struggle to design a lego house that stays stuck together, you can always stick to the ready made styles. There's simply hundreds on the market and to be honest, you'll be spoilt for choice. Or you should be if you're looking correctly.

The video on the right demonstrates just how many designs, sizes and types there are - so there's no reason for you to end up with one that's too big, too small - or the complete opposite of what you thought it would be.

Choosing Your Fire Pit Table



Once you've decided to buy one, and pretty much made a decision as to which type, style and size - it's pretty simple to go from not having one - to owning the latest thing in outdoor heating and dining. Contemporary living r us ...

There's hundreds of outlets online, meaning you don't even have to leave your chair in order to enhance your backyard.

Alternatively, go check out your local garden centres and furniture stores. Even if you don't want one from a standard store, you can still get up close and personal to the different styles.

If you do go on to buy a fire pit table, you’ll find that it fast becomes the gathering place for family and friends alike or – alternatively - it may just be the place that you like to sit, in quite contemplation, with a glass of fine wine – whilst you relax and let the world drift by.


Kelsey Elise Farrell from Orange County, CA on April 28, 2015:

Oh I love this idea, I've been busy updating my backyard and adding vintage charm, while looking for a great table to add to gather people around. This seems like the perfect idea!

Andria (author) on October 16, 2009:

patioman - a great addition to any back yard. I'd have one in a shot!

patioman from USA, Arizona on October 15, 2009:

Thanks for bringing these up! What a great way to enhance your patio or outdoor space. Even the name 'fire pit table' sounds cool! Your friends will be green with envy. Nice one.

Andria (author) on August 24, 2009:

rsmallory - thankyou :) I'd have one, no doubt, if I had a backyard. I've always enjoyed outdoor dining and being warm at the same time appeals to me.

Rebecca Sue Mallory from Central Texas on August 24, 2009:

These are awesome-I want one so bad! Good hub, lots of info-well written. Thanks!

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