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Fall Gardening in the US Northeast

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Carrots seedlings planted in Delaware in September


Did we Misjudge the Food Shortage?

Well unfortunately we did misjudge the food shortage, and also how far the vegetables we grew and put up in the freezer and canned would go.

We are vegetarian, and we felt we had plenty of vegetables from our garden. Our freezers looked full and we had a lot of tomatoes canned. However, it was short lived and over rated. What seemed like a lot seemed to quickly dwindle.

First I used the last of my frozen lima beans, becaue they did not produce as well for us this year. Then next was my carrots, somehow I didn't plant enough and did not notice that caterpillars were eating them. However, for my fall crop I found a remedy to correct that problem.

I never planted onions, but quickly wished I had. First, my husband came home from the grocery store and told me a big onion would now cost us $2.00 each. Wow!! Then I turn on the evening news and hear that a salmonella outbreak was happening by none other then onions.

As my freezer appeared not to be full anymore, I found I had things that would not last us until the Spring harvest of 2022. I still had quite a bit of vegetables, but more of some then others, and I knew now I would use every single bit of what I had put up.

Prices at the Grocery Store

Whatever is causing, the availability and prices at the grocery stores are mimicking the COVID crises of 2019. Empty shelves, and higher prices are now a part of our lives once again. Whatever is causing it, is most likely quite complex and leaves room for other topics, that are contributing to it. However, for right now, I started looking for my own personal solutions that could help my husband and I prevail through these unprecedented times.

My Fall Container Garden - My Own Personal Solution

As my freezer started to have more space I started to look for my own solutions, to stock up on our own home grown food, although the summer season had already harvested.

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I live in Delaware so my question was what can you grow in fall in Delaware, and here is what I came up with pictures and all.

1. Onions - This is the first time I've done this so I don't know how far I'l get or how big they will get. But I have an insulated porch that they will graduate to when it starts to get too cold.



Spinach - A Cool Weather Vegetable

This tub of spinach has been doing very well and I have been taking cuttings off of it for my soups already.




So far my carrots seem to be thriving, as long as the weather does not go into a deep freeze.

We will see how it goes.

I also have some carrots, yellow and orange planted in smaller pots that can be bought inside in case of unusual weather, and set in the window sill.

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