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7 Interesting Facts About Succulent Plants

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7 Interesting Facts About Succulent Plants

Succulents are plants with thickened and fleshy leaves. They can be easily grow in both indoor and outdoor gardens because they are well adapted to dry and harsh climates. They have ability to survive on limited water resources such as dew and mist,which make them tolerate of drought. Nowadays,this plant is very popular so I gathered 7 interesting facts about succulents.

These interesting facts are given below:

1. Succulents Have Ability to Change Their Color

Some succulents even change their color according to the season or rise in temperature as well as lack of water or sunlight. In most cases,when succulents are lacking in sunlight they will be green or dull. Succulents display their most vibrant colors which includes red,pink,blue, yellow, orange, purple and almost black due to mild or moderate shock for example when they're exposed to additional sunlight.

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2. Succulents Acts As a Air Purifier

Succulents acts as a air purifier by removing toxins from the air. They releases water vapors through the pores in their leaves during photosynthesis which enhance the humidity of your home and prevents the air from getting too dry. Increased moisture in turn improve the quality of air and common health complaints which includes sore throat,common colds,dry cough and itchy skin. So it's a good idea to pickup some succulents as they will enhance your home as well as give you health benefits.


3. Propagating of Succulents are Easy

One of the amazing qualities that make succulent unique plants is their ability to propagate easily. You can propagate succulents from cuttings or pieces of the stem that break away from the plant. It doesn't need plenty of efforts on your part to start the new plant. All you need to do is to cut off a succulent leaf,then let it dry and plant it in soil and water.


4. Succulents Boosts Our Productivity

A number of studies have shown that concentration,focus and brain capabilities improve when working or studying with plants around us or being outside in nature. Small plants like succulents on your desk are beneficial as they boosts your concentration at work and don't take up a lot of space on your desk.


5. Succulents are Known for Being Pest Resistant

Most succulents do not have a lot of issues with pests which make succulents some of the best plants to have. This is just another reason why succulents are known for being easy to care for and pest resistant.


6. They Have Natural Sun Protection

Succulents have a natural waxy covering on their leaves that can sometimes look white and powdery. This wax helps to safeguard the plant from sun's harsh rays and also helps the plant to grow in full sun without damage. This waxy covering protect the plants from pests and diseases which might affect other plants in your garden.


7. Succulents Will Survive In Any Condition

Although succulents are well known for being able to survive in hot climates as well as cold ones. This means that they can survive in neglect and less care. That's why they'll grow in virtually all types of environments.

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