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Alot Use Of Air Conditioners Are Harmful, Excessive Use Of Air Conditioners


International temperatures are growing, diverse international locations, are in the grip of excessive warmth, energy shortages and increasing load dropping are making it tough for residents to make ends meet.

Use air conditioners are growing every day, until these days the AC planting changed into considered a luxurious but desires beginning in existence, is the air conditioner in maximum places of work, in order that they whether or not in houses, why not the equal, take the AC.

Legionnaires Disease


However, in a few hazards of the usage of blatant many that know deeply essential to you, all sorts of sicknesses to take a seat all day, air-conditioned rooms can get right, which include respiration disease, lung sickness, permanent body aches, skin problems, and so forth. may be created.

AC to warmness the dwelling one is saved however permanent cooling influences the lungs, if the AC clear out With repeated cleansing will not in any sterile aurgrd ugbar air in our breath joins, which may be allergic and different illnesses.

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Head and shoulders Pain


Legionnaires, a disorder that influences the breathing gadget as a result of a specific form of bacterium Legionellamyophila, may also be unusual, and there is a risk of lung infection in people who've a continual bloodless or flu. particularly calls for notable care.

The cooling of the air conditioner reasons steady pain within the head and shoulders, its cooling affects the muscle mass and joints of the frame, it influences special parts of the frame and this cooling settles in the frame.

Aging quickly:


Did you already know that individuals who live in a permanent air conditioner get old quick? Cooling speedy will increase wrinkles on the pores and skin, because the AC draws in the room's moisture, and increases dryness, so the skin of folks who sit or stay inside the AC also dries out and wrinkles seem.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Conditioners Uses


  • Increased comfort level.

  • In extreme heat, air-conditioning can be a life saver.

  • Most air conditioners also reduce the humidity level which helps both comfort, and reduces mold growth.

  • Less noise as the windows will be closed

  • Prevents the dust entering the room as the windows will be closed.

  • Gives constant temperature

  • Attractive design

  • Simple control

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy installation


  • Most air conditioners use a substantial amount of energy

  • High cost money

  • Contributing to pollution from power plants

  • Older models contain chemicals that can damage the environment if they escape

  • Encourages laziness

  • Habitant spending time indoors instead of out

  • Habitants have less contact with nature

  • Too cool temperatures will lead to improper blood circulation

  • Effects the environment by releasing the cfc's.

Air Conditioners Use Caution:


Try no longer to stay inside the AC all day lengthy however maintain your body at normal temperature for a while so that the effect of cold is lessened.

don't hold the AC temperature low, most people have a dependancy of preferring too much cooling, so that they hold the air conditioner temperature among sixteen and 22, which is dangerous to the frame. excessive cooling impacts the joints and causes joint pain.

To avoid this it is necessary to increase the use of water or use a room humidifier, which maintains the humidity in the room.

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