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Evergreen Ideas for your Home Decor

Ideas for an Evergreen Home Decor


Rustic colours on cream


Some inexpensive cost savers for decorating your home.

  • Create a flip file with snippets of your favorite colors and textures you would like to use.
  • Have a plain color for your lounge suites and rather bring some colors into the mix, with cushions, rugs and lamps.
  • Nature is a great source of inspiration. Mountains, seascapes. skylines and gardens.

Beige and Brown Lounge Colour Scheme


Easy on the eye colour palettes

Notice that the picture above is very harmonious. The cushions bring some color into the lounge and other ornamental items, such as the flowers and plant, next to sofa on the side and hanging from the roof.

Evergreen budget ideas

  • If you have a removable lounge suite cover, you can have two made when you buy it, so that you have an extra one if you need a change of color palette.
  • Reversible pillow cases can be so helpful, when you need to bring something different after a few seasons.
  • Small floor mats that can be cleaned easily, are a good idea. We have bought floor mats in the past, that were impossible to get clean and were extremely thick. Also very expensive to have steam cleaned.
  • Plants can easily be exchanged for new ones, after they have flowered, or look tired. Lovely lush plants and floral arrangements bring the garden freshness indoors and give the room new life and color.
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Love beige and blue color comb, in this floor rug


Clean lines in these hanging lights


A coffee brown lounge suite would go well with this rug addition

  • Add some white and beige accessories such as a standard lamp and other hanging light fittings for a modern clean look.
  • Love the mix of old and new which cannot be copied very easily and incorporates your personal preferences. Remember, no clutter.

Plain white vase for a fresh appeal.



Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on September 16, 2021:

Thanks Peggy. Yes, items are so expensive, when it comes to decorating ones space. Cutting down on costs can help by creating an evergreen look, with interchangeable items for changes desired for the season at hand.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 15, 2021:

Your ideas of keeping a neutral color palette for large items like sofas, and then changing out pillows, plants, etc. to bring seasonal change, are good ones. I enjoyed seeing the accompanying photos. Thanks!

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