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Eufy’s Floodlight Cam 2 Pro Provides Motion Tracking 360 Degree Protection


Home Security Needs More Than Just A Simple Camera

There is a need for security in today’s world. Once it was only about businesses big or small, but now it’s just as true for homeowners. Home security has become a big business and so there are tons of video cameras that can show views with wide angle lenses and that can tilt and pan and do all kinds of things wirelessly. But what has seemed to have been forgotten is that deterrence is also a function of home security — it’s one thing to capture someone who is where they shouldn’t be as it happens to see in real time or later, but that doesn’t address the problem that the person is there in the first place. What’s needed is a way for that home security device to “attack” the person who is moving forward into the area where the homeowner has placed their home security. And it would be even better if that device’s attack is both legal and effective and doesn’t involve any costs whatsoever. All this sounds like a job for Eufy’s Floodlight Cam 2 Pro.


What The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro Has

This unit consists of two components — one being a 360 degree video camera and the other being a 3 panel floodlight. The floodlight is the obvious deterrent that we’re talking about, because anyone knows the disorientation and confusion that occurs when you have been hit by the beam of a flashlight after standing in the dark for more than a few minutes. Only in this case the “flashlight” consists of two high-beam floodlights that combined put out 3000 Lumens. Trust us, that is bright, bright, bright. Further specifications for the floodlights are that the intensity can be changed from minor to full on, color temperature can be configured for different times of day. As to color temperature, which can be altered and so going from a warm that is orange to a cool that is bluish — this is best suited for different times of day but for many leaving at neutral daylight setting being mid-day sun will be best as this light is fairly neutral in color and doesn’t play any tricks on the eyes And before we forget, yes the Eufy is designed for outdoor use (although that doesn’t mean it can’t being used indoors) and so is resistant to the elements. That doesn’t preclude it being mounted under an eve or so against the house in such a way that there is some protection against rain, etc.

Now working in tandem with the floodlights at night — because the floodlights can be turned off — is the video camera. Now as must be obvious, the camera attached to the light panels has to be able to cover a wide area and be able to pan and tilt in order to follow what can be considered as an intruder: 60 degree pan and tilting and a 360 degree horizontal aspect. As is also obvious, there needs to be enough detail for recognizing when looking at the video, along with the camera’s AI needing quality resolution for locking in on the subject. So you get a 2K Full HD resolution with motion tracking built-in, along with night vision that does color as well.


How To Wire

Now before we get to how the camera/floodlights spring into action, it’s important to note that this device must be mounted to a wall or surface for use — but even more importantly it has to be hard wired to an electrical source; it can’t be plugged into an outlet because there’s no plug. Instead there are wires on its back which must first be connected to a set of live electrical wires. So there are a number of things that must be taken into account and done in order for this to be powered and so functional.

The location that it is going to be put will have to be prepped prior to it being mounted so as to have electrical wires protruding out to it. This means that wiring must be routed to it and that is not something that most homeowners can do, no matter their level of DIY. Just as in most cases where turning off the electricity is the first obvious step, in this case having a certified electrician come and take care of getting that wire to the needed location is pretty much a must. Again be warned — ELECTRICITY IS DANGEROUS! Do not attempt to do anything like this yourself unless you have broad and specific knowledge and experience. The idea is not to be hurt in any way.

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So once the wiring is available, and the circuit breakers popped so that there is no live current, the wiring is attached to the wiring of this unit. This is then followed by physically mounting it onto the wall in the normal manner — although prudence says to first restore electricity in order to test that the wiring together is delivering power, then cutting the power, doing the mounting and then restoring power. We now have a powered security system ready to go, only that is not true because it needs to be connected to the wireless home network — which needs to be 2.4 GHz because this frequency has a long range and in most cases the unit will be at the back of the house with the router/Wi-Fi transmitter inside but not necessarily right up close to the back of the house.


The App Does It

To get the Eufy up and running, you use the Eufy app (iOS/Android) so as to connect it to the home network (the unit has a USB plug for powering it for this purpose). Keep in mind that there are no fees involved and that also means no cloud service for storing videos “seen” by the camera. Instead what is being recorded goes to app, which does massive control, from monitoring and settings about motion sensitivity, light intensity, etc. So at its most basic, a person is mucking around your backyard and approach the back door or a window with bad intent, but the 2K Full HD Floodlight Camera has been mounted so as to be cognizant of this. Once the person “trips” the motion sensor, both floodlight and camera spring into action: the light serving to drive the intruder away and the camera serving to record what is happening because it has AI motion tracking to keep an “eye” on the person now being viewed.

In testing the motion tracking works fine, especially when movement is lateral, even when a subject is farther away than 15 feet. And of course the intensity of the floodlight illuminates fine. The image transmitted to the app is detailed and even when in black and white it’s clear and not mushy.


Eufy’s Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is an all-in-one system that most homeowners will find useful for protecting their home. Further details can be found at

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