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Empowerment of Women Farmers on Solar Irrigation Pumps

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The situation in rural India is dire, hopeless, and helpless for most married women once their farmer husbands’ common causes of committing suicides are inadequate harvest caused by drought leading to their inability to pay off loans. The aftermath of a husband’s suicide for a wife is that her relations throw her out of their abode. Thereafter the hapless widow is left with no option but to struggle for years for survival and fight a protracted legal duel against her relations through a court case to regain ownership of the land which belongs to the family.

However, the ensuing legal battle isn’t over just yet even after obtaining the right of cultivating farmland jointly owned by the family. Farming for women is anything but easy and among the backbreaking tasks is irrigation. In most cases to run the solar pumps, the much-needed electricity supply is available only post-midnight and in most cases, there isn’t anyone other than the women who are compelled to go to their field at that odd hour however risky that may be. Even the power supply at midnight is erratic in some cases hindering irrigation and cultivation.

With erratic power supply, irrigation is incomplete with half the land parched in most cases. Faced with hostile and vindictive in-laws who would stop at nothing but to see to it that their widowed sisters-in-law are stripped of their entitlements the spirited women are equally adamant at paying back in own coin so to speak. In other words, these women are not quitters.

The vast majority of these indomitable women installed an off-grid standalone solar pump at their farmland under governmental support aiming at deploying numerous solar farming off-grid pumps. With these pumps installed the women are expecting a far better harvest. These women have no other income source except tilling their land and an uninterrupted electricity supply is crucial to a sustainable harvest.

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Owing to the installation of the off-grid solar water pumps most women are free of worries and are even tilling several crops as well as exploring organic agriculture as well. The solar pumps are a boon for these women as the two scarce things, power supply and water are now abundantly available. The wells are amply full with water and pumping is possible any time in the daytime. The solar water pumps have resulted in the freedom of women in tilling their farmland any way they want and growing anything they want which has led to a window of opportunity for economic growth for an entire family.

In any given season varieties of crops can be cultivated which may not have been possible earlier due to droughts consecutively for years. Even with ample water supply frequent power cuts are a hindrance to the irrigation of farmer’s crops. As farmers recollect times when there was an overabundance of water in the wells, but ironically crops in the farmland were wilting as the water pumps did not run due to power cuts.

Now, however, circumstances have changed and farmers are hopeful about saving money for their kid’s future as the forecast is that the harvest would be plentiful with a consistent power supply with the solar water pumps.

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With government backing and intervention, farmers are hopeful that applying for the installation of solar water pumps can be seamlessly done. Most women who are clueless about applying online also cannot afford an online application.

An online application is heaped in technicalities that a woman farmer has to overcome before she can avail the scheme of a solar water pump. As local farmers produce organic crops, there is a market exclusively for the produce.

No longer do farmers have to be subjected to neither the whims of nature, nor the power grid with the advent of solar water pumps. Huge areas of farmland have been badly affected by acute drought year after year, while there has been a deluge as well for as many years. Power cuts exacerbated farmers’ woes. However, with solar water pumps farming is once again lucrative as the key requirements of the power supply and water are satisfied.

The effeminized power supply

Amid the revolutionization of farming with the solar water pumps, not all government programs benefit farmers across the board. In many cases, women farmers, in particular, did not get solar pumps at all.

Women typically are the least priority of any government or family program. There have been instances of family disputes resulting n farmers not applying for solar water pumps. Nonetheless, the fact is, solar water pumps will empower women in earning a livelihood they can be proud of by tilling their piece of farmland

In some parts, while the women get involved in farming, the menfolk work in cities. In an economic survey, a point was made about the increasing feminization of farming is reflected in women undertaking several roles or donning different hats as it were, including laborers, entrepreneurs, and cultivators. It is the responsibility of women in rural areas to ensure management integration and use the diversity of resources found in nature to fulfill household requirements daily.

Therefore, women, farmers ought to be able to better access resources including training, technology, credit, water, and land, warranting critically analyzing the Indian scenario. Hordes of women are battling it out with determination and grit. The womenfolk have remained undeterred and continued farming to sustain their livelihood and that of their children. Granted, all women farmers have not been able to avail themselves of solar water pumps yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel so to speak amid their arduous lives.

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