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Embracing Nature for Designing

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Bring nature indoors

Did you ever see those Interior design magazines in the doctor's waiting room and see a beautiful design you love. Something that you wished you could recreate? We all don't have the talent, time or money to do pull these design off. You can still create and design any room with some tips and planning. Pick your 1st room to

design and think about what you want to change. Your favorite colors, pattern and even furniture you would like to add. Start small with one change as you can afford to purchase the item. Adding a touch of nature using plants or flowers is a must. Start with adding a decorated potted plant at your doorstep or porch. This is a cheap way to add a special touch and color. With the large variety of plants, large and small, a touch of green is a winner. Potted flowers can definitely be on your list for outdoors and indoors for a pop of color.


Nature's splash of color

In any season, nature offers us a variety of bight colors year round for use in decorating. I love to use medium or large leafy green plants and mix with a couple floral plants. Adding your favorite color or using your color scheme to add punch to the room. The fall season brings us shades of neutral colors in brown, mauve, copper, orange and yellow. These fall colors blend easily into your room design.

Pick two colors that complement each other that you want to use, such as black and brown. A stylish black love seat that you can find at a gently used furniture store.

A floor rug and pillows all are coordinated within those two colors. Don't be afraid to try different patterns, textures and colors that you love. I would suggest in choosing that you go to a couple stores and just browse. Trust in your sense of creativity and style, which is totally individual. Decorative pots, large and small are another accent of interest along with you beautiful plant. Decorative potted plants are available in variety of color and designs. If you don't find your potted color, you can paint the pot any color you like. When I am designing a room, I try to empty it out if possible, if needed. Sometimes you keep furniture pieces that may be old and just add a couple new items. You would be surprised how you can change a room that needs some pizzazz. One of the main reason we decorate a room is, we are bored with the colors and design. You may need to freshen it up with new brighter colors. I enjoy having at least 1 floor plant and at least 2 other green plants in each room. In addition, every room has either 1 or 2 floral arrangements or potted flowers.


Lots of pots

Decorated pots are not the only way to display your plants, hanging plants are very popular as well. One of the things people like about hanging plants is that they don't take up a lot of space. Apartment dwellers love hanging plants and even gardens. Hanging plants allows you to have a couple of plants or flowers, when you don't have enough space. For most hanging plants, you just need a nail to hang them. On the wall is perfect, with possible hanging adjustments done. Most have a curved top area shaped like a hook to hang. I've tried using thick rope and tied the rope through and knotted it off in a loop. I was able to hang the plant easier flush against the wall depending on the size of the plant. I decorated with 4 flower plants hung on the wall. This is a fun way to add plants or hanging flowers without needing surface space.

If you are ready to dive in and get real creative, you can easily make your own hangers for your plants. All you need is lots of thick rope and a glue gun. The next step would be to cut the rope in long stands and glue thru and together at the top.

let it dry hanging up overnight and insert your favorite plant. Shelving you plants on the wall is another option in adding plants and flowers in your designs.


Creative shelves

Displaying pots can be a challenge, when physical shape isn't happening. Hanging

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pots are 1 option with limited space to set a pot down. Shelves is another option

that can be placed on a wall. Most wall surfaces will allow for at least 4 shelves. You

can spread them out about 7 inches in each direction. I love to use corner shelves too. They help you make use of every space to have a shelf. Plants come in small

sizes and even little mini plants to fit your shelves.


Pillows, pillows

O.k. Let's talk pillows.. Not only. A few colored pillows and a couple lamps can freshen

up a room for under $100. Prices start at low as $5 and up. I suggest buying in pairs, but it's your creation. Keeping in mind your 2 main design colors, the choices are endless. I shop at a lot of second-hand store, there are great deals there for furniture and pillows. Pillows are like accessories for your room to blend add extra touches. Try a color that you have never used before. This is what creating is all about ! Try diff-

rent colors and patterns. What I love about pillows aside from the comfort is, use

in your living room or bedroom. Some beautiful pillow designs are covered with bling, colorful jewels and bold patterns. In my design, especially on a couch or love seat, no

design is complete with adding at least 4 pillows.


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