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Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

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How to Improve Curb Appeal

The first thing buyers judge your property on is its curb appeal. First impressions are difficult to overcome. If your lawn is overgrown or your stairs are falling apart, a buyer gets a negative impression before they even step foot indoors. To increase your home's selling potential, you want to establish a welcoming atmosphere for buyers. Some simple upgrades can boost your home's look.

Revamping your front door

Your doorway is the gateway to your home. Ideally, your door should make a statement about the interior. For example, shipped paint or a dirt door gives the impression that your home is outdated and falling apart.

Repaint your front door in a color that catches the eye or purchase a new one to improve your home aesthetic. Adding a wreath or decoration to the front door will help cultivate a welcoming vibe.

Repaint trim

A simple way to draw more attention to your home is to give you trim a new coat of paint. It will add a vibrancy to your home and give the impression that your home upkeep has been a priority.

House number visibility

If your house numbers are missing or damaged, pick up some new numbers to give your home a more polished look. You want your house number to be easily seen from the street so potential buyers can easily find your home.

Potted plants guard

To make your front door stand out and add some color to your home, place a potted plant or tree on each side of the doorway. These plants will help draw attention to the entrance of your home.

Emphasize your walkway

A walkway with curb appeal looks inviting, unique, and well-tended. Consider removing broken cement blocks and replacing them with pavers or outdoor tile. You could even update your walkway with a coat of paint to give it more attention.

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Add lighting along your path to give your path visibility at night. Another way to highlight your pathway is by creating a flower bed along each side of the walkway; however, these flower beds need to be kept free of weeds.

Lighting fixtures and hardware

Do not overlook the lighting fixture above your door. If it is in poor condition, consider replacing it with something that stands out and washes your entrance way in an abundance of light.

Update any dingy locks or handles to give your door and clean, polished look.

Mailbox makeover

Buy a new mailbox that matches your home's aesthetic or paint your old, tired one. Make sure it stands out and does not fade into the background of your home. Providing a beautiful focal point will help give your home better curb appeal.

Unclutter the front porch or step

Make sure your front step or porch does not have any broken boards or chipped paint. Update it with a fresh coat of paint or stain. Remove any stored equipment or household items.

If you have room, consider setting up a cozy seating area. Outdoor sitting areas give your home more curb appeal and help potential buyers see themselves enjoying outdoor living spaces.

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