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Drying Clothes Outside | Portable Clothes Drying Racks | Indoor Racks | Clothes Lines

Amish Folding Clothes Rack

Amish Folding Clothes Rack

Folding Clothes Wall Rack

Folding Clothes Wall Rack

Portable Clothes Line

Portable Clothes Line

Chandler Style Drying Rack

Chandler Style Drying Rack

Laundry Basket Cart

Laundry Basket Cart

Clothes lines and clothes drying racks have been used for centuries and are still being used today. They are great energy savers.

With all the modern day laundry equipment, why would anyone go to the trouble of drying clothes and linens the old fashioned way?

It may be more common than you think, and for many reasons:

  • It saves energy cost
  • It reduces your carbon footprint
  • People like the smell of fresh air dried clothes and linens
  • Delicate fabrics can’t be dried in clothes dryer
  • People living off the grid have no other option
  • Self-sustaining communities such as the Amish only dry clothes outside or inside on racks
  • They are just handy to have around to dry out rain, snow soaked clothes, and garments

Outside clothes lines and racks can be primitive wires or ropes tied to two trees or poles to fancy in ground post with line tighteners or as simple as a fence, a porch rail or a fancy folding rack.

One thing to take into deep consideration before hanging out your best clothes out under a tree is that the birds also like to roost and make their droppings in those trees as well.

For those who have an unfinished basement clothes lines are often ran under the upstairs floor joist, and or pulled from a recoiling receptacle and hooked on the opposite end when needed.

Portable clothes lines are popular for those who are unable to install permanent lines, while the traditional wooden folding laundry drying racks can be used indoors or out.

The wooden folding racks are also very handy for other purposes such as drying herbs and flowers or letting a sleeping bag air out after a camping trip.

One of the most unique outdoor drying racks is the Amish made drying ring. It is a series of metal rings on a chain that hangs up on a single hook like a chandler, it comes with clothes pins.

Let me say this is probably one of the handiest little drying racks that you will find, I actually went back and got a second one because I use mine so much for the little things.

The chandler style drying rack was designed to be a sock drying rack, but I use mine for drying everything from wash rags, to underwear and beyond.

They are perfect for small spaces and outdoor porches and allow good air flow to quickly dry.

Wall hung folding clothes racks are extremely handy in the laundry or mud room for air drying those shrinkable delectate sweaters and other items such as wet gloves from a winter outing in the snow.

There is one downside to all this work and that is hauling laundry basket after laundry basket out with the wet and back in with the dry clothes and linens.

An Amish made aluminum laundry cart comes to the rescue of this back breaking and cumbersome chore of maneuvering in and out of the house. It holds a standard laundry basket and easily maneuvers through the doorways.

The laundry basket cart is also very handy to use to transport clothes from the hamper to the machine or to transfer cloths from the washing machine to a dryer if you just have to use a dryer on a rainy day.

All these items and pictures are courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com and can be purchased at this back-to-basics online store.

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