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Do Your Home Windows Need a Replacement? Here’s How You Can Tell

Are you one of those people who built a home for yourself 25 years ago and then forgot about it? If yes, there's a high chance that your house windows are due for an upgrade. While your windows might not seem too rickety, they might be the cause of high energy bills, unpleasant noise during high winds, air drafts, and in some cases, security threats and danger. So, it's crucial to know when the time for your next window renovation has arrived.

One of the tell-tale signs for house window repair is, of course, their appearance. If your house windows have started to show their age, it's time for them to be replaced. But if they appear relatively new, the task becomes a little bit tricky.

Here are a few methods to find out if your house windows need a replacement:

Look at the bills!

Have you noticed an increase in your bills lately?

If you are unable to find the cause of your increased heating and cooling bills, you need to look at how well your windows are working to keep the heat and cold out. The older your windows are, the more likely they will cause leaks and drafts, leading to wastage of energy from furnaces and condensers. So, if you see inflating bills, you need to take a look at your windows closely. If they are the cause, you need to have them replaced.

Check for drafts.

If you find air drafts near your windows, it’s time to have them replaced. But how would you detect them?

If people are avoiding going near your windows during a raving party, you have your answer!

But on a serious note, you can always check the spot next to your windows on a cold winter day. If it is colder than the rest of the room you are in, the air-tight seal between the frame and glass is most likely damaged. Therefore, glass replacement should be the way to go.

You can also touch the glass to see how it feels. If the glass appears cold to touch, you have a problem. If it feels like the rest of the room, there are no drafts.

The easiest way to know for sure is by using a flame source, a candle, a gas lighter, or an incense stick. With a small flame, stand in front of your window and observe. If it flickers, it means the air from your damaged windows is the reason.

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Another way is by observing your windows in a pitch-black room. Small holes allow the outside light to filter through, showing the places air drafts can enter the house.

Look for Window "Sweat."

Condensation on windows can be completely normal, or it may be due to a serious issue.

If the condensation is appearing on a few specific windows, check if it is on the inside. Condensation on the inside of the windows is the result of moisture coming in through the holes. This moisture collects on the window panes first and leads to condensation.

Windows with a failing glaze can also show condensation or fog built-up in some weather conditions, particularly when it is cold outside. This condensation appears in-between your window panes and indicates that the insulating gas has escaped.

In both of these cases, you need to call the professionals for a window replacement as it’s better to get new windows than to try and salvage your old ones.

Opening Your Windows Should Not Be a Chore!

If your windows get stuck easily, require too much force to open, or are jammed, it’s time to have them replaced.

Windows with a metal frame can be too noisy to open or close. Similarly, wooden frames can swell due to moisture and humidity. Such windows can get stuck completely, or it may be a chore to open them. If any of these issues arise, you know what to do –to consult a professional!

You Hear Everything from Outside.

Poor soundproofing can destroy the peace and quiet of your house. Newer windows come with a better sound insulation property. If you stand next to your windows and can hear the sound of a car coming up, it's time for you to upgrade.

Although your windows might be in perfect condition, your study will surely be a mess with so much noise entering your house. Energy-efficient windows absorb the sound waves before they get in your house.

Windows are an important part of the appearance of your house. Your house might still look nice, but if your windows are too outdated, you have lost your curb appeal. With new and efficient windows, you can have a visual impact while saving energy, having a peaceful environment, and a comfortable temperature inside.

But remember, detecting the need for renovation or replacement is only the first step of the task. To perform the replacement, you need trained and highly skilled professionals. This is where Swift Glazing comes in. With our 24-hour service, competitive prices, and our expertise in a host of glass-related services, including fitting, repair and replacement, we can offer complete satisfaction to our clients. So, don't hesitate to call today!

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