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Different Types of LED Decorative Lights For Home & Holiday Decor

Home Decorative Light


LED Lights Replace Traditional Bulbs

The switch to the use of LED bulbs marks our consciousness of energy saving, eco-friendliness and still artistic need of lighting. When we go to shop LED bulbs, we have a lot of choice in aspects of shapes, sizes, colors. Though LED lights cost a bit more than traditional bulbs, they can last longer and are accepted as an ideal long term investment in lighting. For a light fixture to be well matched by a LED light bulb, we need to consider what kind of lighting effect we want. This is sometimes much easier to realize for the LED lights have more changes in color and come in various designs.

LED Light Bulbs Advantageous Over Traditional Lights

LEDs are one type of technology in lighting. The lights come in different colors and strengths, and can be used for different purposes, from basic household lighting, indicator lights on electronic devices, to decorative lighting. LED lighting costs much more than other lights. But they are still worth investment. LED lights are more durable and more energy efficient without any hazardous materials. The lights can have a rather long life span. People prefer the incandescent lights for the color, but still in most cases, LEDs are more advantageous.

Different Types of Home Lighting

We love to decorate our rooms to create a cozy and romantic living space. There are different types of lighting for home decor, from ambient light, decorative lighting, task light to accent lighting. Ambient lighting is general light for overall glow, yet the light should not be sharp or too conspicuous. As for task lighting, it is usually used for specific task, such as illuminating artistic items at home, lighting for work or reading. Accent lighting is used for highlighting certain objects or areas. Then the decorative lighting, is a kind of design element, more for decoration than illumination. For a well lit room with cozy and inviting atmosphere or for a festival vibe, we need the decorative lights.

Accent Light For Home Decor


Ambient Light For Home Decor


Task Light


Holiday Decorative Light


LED Decorative Lights for Flexible Decoration

Each of important occasions such as night activities in the garden, birthday party, Christmas, we can see lights in different colors and styles. To make the atmosphere welcoming, we need to use decorative lighting. There are LED decorative lighting, and regular decorative lights. LED lights use less energy, thus have very minimal effect on the electricity bill. LED decorative lights are hands down more durable. Nothing says festival vibe in some holidays of Christmas like the look of a brightly-lit pine tree or a festive house adorned with beautiful lights and decorations. Besides, LED decorative lights are used beyond holidays, but for home decoration.

Four Types of LED Decorative Lights

LED decorative lights come in different designs. Different types of LED lights may serve different decorative function in different occasions. Let’s have a look at four basic types of LED decorative lights.

20 LED Micro Led String Lights

Decorative LED String Light

The string lights are commonly used to highlight Christmas trees. But if you love DIY, you will know they are flexible lights in that the copper wire can be formed in various shapes to make various designs. We can put the mini string lights to used bottle or use the string lights to decorate our bike. Usually, for decoration, we need more mini lights.

36 LED Big Blossom Flower Bonsai Light

LED Blossom Bonsai Light

It is usually in the form of a bonsai, and can be a cherry blossom or other flowers. If you love bonsai yet have no time to raise them, this is right choice. The branches of the bonsai light can be bendable and adjustable into different shapes. It is battery operated, so it is safe to put into kids room. Of course, it is also great for creating romantic and sweet atmosphere in living room, office, hotel.

12 LED Rose Branch Light


Decorative LED Branch Lights

The branch light is somewhat similar to bonsai light, in that the LEDs is added to some branches. You can get some dried natural willow twig branch and add some mini LED lights if you are good at DIY. They are suitable for room decoration. Combined with other lighting, they will create inviting glow.

200 LED Brown Star Light Tree

LED Tree Light

The LED tree light is artificial tree, accented by LED lights. Usually, the colors of the lights can be changeable. The led tree light can be put in kids room to create special festival atmosphere. Kids will love the whole year holiday vibe. It can also be placed in garden for night glow.


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