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Did you know? Amazing uses for salt

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Awesome remedies with salt.

Awesome remedies with salt.

An interesting fact about salt.

Did you know there's actually a SALT Institute?

They have reported over 14,000 different uses for salt. A very versatile mineral indeed.

Swiss Army Knife of minerals.

Ahhhhhh, salt.

Is there really anything else as versatile as this mineral. Since time began, salt has had so many uses, from cleaning wounds to preserving meat.

In ancient times salt was extremely rare, so the cost for it was very very high. Nowadays just go to Walmart and there it is for fairly cheap. Amazing how times have changed, huh?

We all know how good salt tastes on food when seasoned correctly, but did you know just how many ways you can actually use this amazing substance as a simple household remedy?

I was actually astounded to find out all the different ways, and I'm hoping you will too.

In this hub I detail out several ways you can use it according to topic.

Enjoy making your brain bigger!

So many kinds of salt, so many beautiful uses.

So many kinds of salt, so many beautiful uses.

Uses for your health.

We always hear about how salt is so bad for your health, how about when it's good?

Bee stings - Put water on the sting and then pour salt on top. This should help with the pain. I remember this coming in handy when I was a kid and had ventured upon a swarm of angry bees....needless to say, I needed some pain relief.

Mosquito bites - Saltwater is awesome for this. Soak the bite, then apply a mix of crisco (cooking lard) and salt.

Poison Ivy - Yep, if you soak it in hot saltwater, you'll see how nice this remedy is. Great to use if you've been backpacking!

Sore throat - I've used this remedy before myself. Just gargle some warm saltwater and you'll notice some relief. Just don't swallow it!

Want some clean teeth? - Out of toothpaste? You can use a blender to break the salt up. Mix it with 2 parts baking soda to 1 part salt. Put a little water on the mixture and start brushing! You'll get whiter teeth in no time!


To keep you beautiful.

Admittedly, not a lot of guys will be reading this section, but it's definitely beneficial if you want to impress your wives!

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Sore feet - Warm water, throw some salt in, begin soaking. Talk about wow factor. Go ahead, say it with me!

Tired puffed up eyes - Get a pint of water and a teaspoonful of salt. Get yourself some absorbent pads to apply this to your eyes.

Good for a facial - Massage a mixture of equal amounts of olive oil and salt into your skin and then rinse off after just a few minutes.

Me...with an Don't ask.

Me...with an Don't ask.

Can be used as a cleaner.

There are several different types of things you can clean:

Lightening up your cottons and linens - When these begin to yellow, use a mix of salt and baking soda and boil for about an hour. You can also clean your curtains or rugs with a powerful saltwater solution and scrubbing them out.

Wine stains - Right after a spill, use paper towels to get up as much as you possibly can and then quickly pour salt on the spot. Doing this will allow the salt to dry up the rest. If it's a tablecloth, wash in cold water. If it's a rug, wipe up the salt and vacuum.

Blood stains - Okay, so you got in a fight and bloodied your shirt. Not to worry, soak it in cool saltwater, wash warm, then boil afterwards. But only do this on items that are made for really high temps.

Ugly, disgusting sweat stains - Remember those SURE anti-perspirant commercials? Well, if you're one of the people who end up being UNSURE, then add 4 tablespoons of salt to at least a quart of hot water and then rub the fabric with a paper towel or sponge until you become SURE again.

Brass - Mix equal parts flour, salt, and vinegar. Rub the paste on the brass and leave for about an hour, then wipe off. Couldn't be any simpler!

Rust stain - Wet the spots with lemon juice and salt mixture. Spread the object in the sun and let bleaching take place. Then rinse thoroughly and dry. Can also work for mildew stains.

Salt granule.

Salt granule.

Working in the KITCHEN.

We all knew this was coming! I've found many many many great uses for the kitchen personally. Let's see how many you know:

Keep fruit from browning - After peeling your fruit, put it in water that has just a little bit of salt in it. I can't stand the fact that while I'm chewing on an apple, the flipping thing starts turning brown right in my hands so this is a biggie for me.

Freshen up your milk - If you add just a tiny bit of salt to your milk, it will stay fresh longer than it should.

Sticky pans - Sprinkle a little bit of salt on your pan, waffle iron, griddle to help keep your food from sticking. Special note: If it's a griddle, just rub in a small bag of it.

Fixing over salted soup - This isn't a salt remedy, rather it's a way to remove excess salt from your soup. Cut up one or two raw potatoes and drop them into the pot. It actually sucks up the extra saltiness.

Coffee pot bitterness - I'm sure most people forget to clean these, but the buildup over time is disgusting. Use about 4 tablespoons of salt and run it through your coffee maker as normal. Then run regular water through the coffee maker. Good as new.

Boiling eggs - Add some salt to your boiling water and you'll notice it'll be a lot simpler to peel the eggs.

Boiling water - Adding a few pinches of salt to boiling water won't speed up the boiling process per se, but it will boil at a higher temperature so your food will cook quicker. Also, on a side note, have you ever heard that a watched pot never boils? Where'd that come from?

Removing grease from a pan - I hate greased up pans....I especially hate cleaning them. If you add a little salt and wipe it with a paper towel when you clean it, it will come out with a quickness.

Egg tester - Speaking of eggs, add two spoonfuls of salt to a cup of water and then drop an egg in. If it's fresh it won't float. Rotten eggs will.

No Mold Cheese - This is a biggie for you cheese lovers. If you want to make your cheese last longer, then wrap a saltwater damp paper towel or cloth around your cheese before storing it.

Stopping a Grease fire - Instead of using water, throw salt on top of it. It will choke the flames out.

Over cooked coffee - I hate burnt coffee...that's one reason I stay away from Starbucks these days. If you hate it too, throw a pinch of salt into your cup of burnt coffee, it will take away some of that horrible bitterness.

Keep that drain clean - We recently had a drain buildup so bad it took a few days to clear it, so throw yourself some salt brine down the drain at least once a month to help clear the grease and smell out.

Clean fridge - I know this is a huge one for some people. Just scrub your fridge with salt and soda water mix. It will clean it up in a jiffy!


Miscellaneous uses.

Here's some off the wall random uses for salt as well. You may yet find something beneficial to you. Or maybe you won't and this list is wasted here. You make the call:

Repel ANT invaders - Alright troops, listen up! Our enemy is the size of a pinhead and likes to sneak food off in the middle of the night from our picnic baskets. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to cut off the enemy food supply. How? Use your sodium chloride grenades and sprinkle them on window sills, doorways, and any other places you notice the enemy coming through. This will make them think twice about messing with you again! Hoorah!

Freshly cut flowers - I need to remember this one for my wife. Add a tiny bit of salt to the vase of water you keep your flowers in, they'll last quite a bit longer.

Dripping candles - I hate it when candles drip everywhere. If you're like me then, soak your new candles in saltwater for at least 4 or 5 hours. Dry them and then light em up when you're ready. Look Ma, no drip!

Chimney cleaning - I hate having to hire a chimney sweep. To keep this from having to happen for a long time, throw a handful of salt on your fireplace when you have a fire going. It will help to loosen soot and grime in the chimney over time.

Keeps windows from icing up - You want to keep your car or house windows from frosting up in cold weather, just rub some saltwater over the windows and dry them well.

Final thoughts.

Well guys, I hope this helps you out in your day to day lives. If you've got any extra additions as I know you will, please throw em out there!

Kasman will return with another hub soon!

Thanks so much for reading!

The Did You Know series.


Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on January 03, 2015:

Thanks so much glass visage. I am blown away at all of the amazing benefits myself. Funny enough, I remember when I was in Brazil a few years ago, there was a lady with us who suffered from psoriasis. She stood out on the beach with the ocean water touching the infected parts of her could actually see some healing from the salt and the results on her legs. Powerful stuff. Thanks for your comment and I apprciate you dropping in.

glassvisage from Northern California on January 01, 2015:

This is amazing! I knew only a few if these uses like gargling for sore throats, but had no idea that it was so helpful with cleaning and keeping food fresh :)

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on December 06, 2014:

Glad you approve. Yes, I also cut back on my sodium intake as well particularly for the fact that you retain excess water because of it. But other than that, I think the practical benefits are amazing. Thanks a lot for coming by.

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on December 06, 2014:

I love salt! I don't use eat it as much as I use it for other things. Such as my neti pot to clean my sinuses, that's kosher salt, not regular table salt. I rinse, gargle and brush with it when needed. I mix it with water to make a paste and exfoliate my hands. Salt is a gift! A cheap one too! :)

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 17, 2013:

Thank you Louise Lately. I'm glad to know salt has helped you with that. I have a friend of mine who has a bad skin disease on her legs. She lives near the beach and lets the saltwater hit her legs because it helps to heal the skin around the sores. Good stuff all around. Thanks for the votes and shares!

Louise Lately from London, UK on June 16, 2013:

Very useful hub! I gargle salt & water to get rid of mouth ulcers (it hurts like - ) but it's quite effective:) voted up and sharing - a great read.

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 14, 2013:

Amazing the wealth of ideas and remedies a simple mineral can employ. Thanks so much for dropping in and voting alocsin!

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on June 13, 2013:

Actually, I didn't know most of these facts about salt and I'll try them out. As usual, I love the pic with you in it. Voting this Up and Interesting.

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 13, 2013:

Thanks a lot for dropping Vishakha! I'm glad to know you enjoyed this and found it informative, I had a lot of fun writing it! Have a great one!

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 13, 2013:

Chef, you're hilarious. I"m not normally an apron kind of guy but the situation called for it, especially when you're cleaning dishes for 50 people or more. I may do one on pepper next, thanks alot for the idea! Have a great one my friend and thanks for your votes.

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 13, 2013:

Thank you so much for dropping in and your kind comments vellur.

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 13, 2013:

Thank you Heidi, I'm definitely having a lot of fun with these reference articles. I get to learn a lot in the process. And thanks for not asking, lol!

Andrew Spacey from Sheffield, UK on June 13, 2013:

Beautiful apron shot - you're a natural - but the hub is also full of very useful ideas. Salt of the earth.

Perhaps pepper next?

Votes for this sodium chloridey hub.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on June 12, 2013:

Thanks for sharing this hub, useful and informative.

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on June 11, 2013:

Wow! What a great reference. And I won't ask about the apron pic. :) Great hub!

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 11, 2013:

Thank you so much for stopping by epbooks. I appreciate your comments and I'm glad to know you learned something from it! I hope you're able to benefit from it for sure!

Elizabeth Parker from Las Vegas, NV on June 11, 2013:

Very interesting! I knew a few of these, but there were many that I haven't heard of and will certainly put to good use. Thanks for sharing!

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 11, 2013:

By the way Bravewarrior, I checked on your details about it being a mineral and I will be editing accordingly. Thanks again darlin.

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 11, 2013:

Thanks Bravewarrior! Good catch on the details. Keep me accountable! I love how you're involved in adding to what's in the hubs for that's the purpose. I want feedback! I want to know if I'm wrong at times. I appreciate you filling me in. God bless and thanks for verifying one of the uses!

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 11, 2013:

Thanks alot MsDora. I am definitely going to be using many of these remedies from now on at some point. I'm excited to see how many more useful remedy hubs I write soon because it would definitely save people money! Thanks for the votes!

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 11, 2013:

Thanks alot Avail! My voice is definitely developing and I'm thankful that you enjoy what you're hearing lately! God bless.

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 11, 2013:

Everyone is loving the apron pic! I appreciate you dropping in Flourish. I am very thankful you're learning from it. I'm very much into useful household remedies lately so this is a big plus for me too!

Kas (author) from Bartlett, Tennessee on June 11, 2013:

Thanks alot Bill. I took that picture in New Zealand, I was on kitchen duty at the time!

I appreciate your kind words as I'm mainly writing helpful usage hubs lately. So I don't think about my writing style as much in this as much. Glad you enjoy it.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on June 11, 2013:

Great hub, Kas. Note: salt is a mineral, not a spice. I use salt to clean cast iron skillets if there is food stuck on. Just sprinkle course salt (Kosher works well) in the pan and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Take a paper towel and mush it around until all the specks come loose. Then rinse in hot water!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on June 11, 2013:

No kidding? This is a great Uses of Salt reference guide. Glad to know these facts. Voted Up and Useful.

Jennifer Arnett from California on June 10, 2013:

I agree with billybuc, that apron is awesome. 14,000 uses? Now that would be a long hub.

You writing is fantastic and you're developing a very unique voice with every hub. Great hub layout!

FlourishAnyway from USA on June 10, 2013:

Awesome! I learned so much with this, Kasman. You are a wealth of information, and I really enjoyed the apron photo.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 10, 2013:

you and the apron....classic!

I'm short on time but I loved this hub, mainly because I love salt. :)...No, that's not right...I loved this hub because I love your writing. There, that's better. :)

blessings buddy


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