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Decorating Ideas for a Futuristic Sci-Fi Themed Bedroom

Do you look at the sleek and optimized worlds of the new Star Trek movies, the Mass Effect games, or even cartoons like The Jetsons and wish you could bring just a little bit of that futuristic flair into your life? Why not do just that by streamlining your bedroom with some awesome sci-fi decorations? There is a surprisingly large selection of sci-fi décor out there, and this article is going to be looking at some of my personal favorites. Let's take a look...

First, You'll Need Some Sci-fi Bedding

When choosing bedding for your sci-fi bedroom, you want to go for plain, simple, and sleek colors, preferably with a bit of a shine to them. Silver bedding like the set above looks particularly good, as does a bright white set of bedding. Shiny satin and silk are good materials to work with. You don't want anything with strong patterns - the future is simple, and the stark and smooth furniture and minimalist colors will do most of the work for you.

If you want a little more color than that without sacrificing minimalism and the sci-fi aesthetic, I would recommend going for a bedding set like the one on the right. There are many duvets and pillows out there that use real outer space shots from the Hubble Telescope and the like as their pattern, and the one on the right is one of my favorite shots, a colorful serene photo of a nebula.

Pair this bedding with plain white sheets if you want the best look.

Why not paint your bedframe to match the sci-fi theme? This is a handy little trick that works for all of your old furniture and can save you a fair bit of money when it comes to finding appropriate furniture to fit the theme. Just arm yourself with a paint brush and some metallic silver paint, find a space in which to get messy, and go wild!

Now for some Futuristic Wall Decor

In terms of colors, you want your walls to be white if possible. I recommend using a paint with pearl finish, such as the Dulux Pearl range, to give the room a sort of unreal shimmer which will make it seem more futuristic. If white isn't possible, very light grays and silvers can also work.

Once the walls are painted, you will need to add some decorations! Remember to keep these minimal, as any clutter will take away from the sci-fi aesthetic. A fun piece of décor you can use is the wall mural above - it's like having a huge window in your room looking out into the world of tomorrow.


Wall decorations in futuristic settings tend to be purely functional - you don't see many paintings or posters about. However, outside of a movie set design, it is difficult to have bare walls in a bedroom without the room looking depressingly empty. I do definitely therefore recommend having some wall hangings, but keep them minimal and spread apart. To keep with the functional theme, you might go for a scifi-style clock like the one on the right.

Did Someone Say Bubble Chairs?


The real meat of any sci-fi bedroom is the furniture - the weird and wonderful chairs and tables that our future selves will be using. Bubble and egg chairs are a fantastic choice, and I'm especially a fan of the hanging chair above. It's about as close as we're going to get any time soon to an actual hover chair (bearing in mind that I am still waiting for my flying cars and jet packs, science!).

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When choosing your furniture, stick to silver metals and glass surfaces and bases to really tap into the futuristic feel. Avoid wooden furniture at all cost! Everything needs to be as smooth and shiny as possible. The glass console table on the right is a good example of the sort of thing we are looking for.

Add Some Sci-Fi Lighting to Light Up the Room

When choosing lighting for your room, you probably want to stick to LED lighting, as regular lighting casts a yellow glow that really detracts from the sleek white look of a futuristic sci-fi bedroom. LED lighting can be quite harsh however, so it is important to arrange it so that it isn't ever shining directly in your eyes, or to buy softer LED lights. The perfect way to do this is to follow the video tutorial above and create some beautiful light shelves.

Personalize Your Bedroom with some Futuristic Accessories


As I said when discussing wall décor, while you have to stay minimalist when decorating a sci-fi futuristic bedroom, you can't be too minimalist, or the room will seem empty and even a touch claustrophobic. As such, you should feel free to add lots of little bedroom accessories to personalize the place with your very own unique style. Plasma balls are always a cool accessory to have. I had loads of them when I was a kid, and they make a fun procrastination tool as well as a piece of decor.


The accessorizing stage is the perfect time to break out all of your sci-fi fandoms too. Why not decorate your shelves and cabinets with some figurines of characters from your favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows?

A great place to start is my page on gifts for a Doctor Who Fan.


Science themed toys make great décor for a futuristic themed bedroom - there's an air of mystery and modernity that only science can really capture. Westminster has a series called the 'Art in Motion' series, with Newton's cradles, 3D depictions of planets and moons and all sorts of other bits and pieces that are fun, educational, and look pretty cool to boot.

DIY Sci-Fi Bedroom Decor

If you are a dab hand at arts and crafts and want to try a bit of DIY, you can have a lot of fun creating your own bedroom décor, and often save a lot of money in the process. Above is a tutorial for making an amazing 'illusion' or 'infinity mirror', a cool trick where an otherwise ordinary mirror looks like it contains an infinite tunnel of lights. It matches the theme perfectly, and is reasonably easy to make. There are actually multiple ways of making this type of mirror that produce different light patterns within the mirror. If you are interested in making one, I highly recommend you check out some of the other Youtube tutorials out there - there are a lot of them!


Thank you for stopping by this article on futuristic sci-fi décor! I hope you found some great decorating ideas for your dream bedroom and have a lot of fun setting it all up. If you are still looking for the perfect theme for your bedroom, be sure to check out some of my other themed bedroom decorating articles, available below.


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