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Decorating Ideas For A Baby Boy Nursery

Decorating The Baby Nursery

You're having a baby! Congratulations! And it's a boy, that's great! Now comes the hard part, decorating the nursery for a baby boy, because it's an unfortunate fact of life that there are far more decorating ideas and cute baby room décor for girls than there are for boys. It's just not fair! The color choices are so limited and nice crib sets are so expensive! Creating an adorable nursery for a baby boy is difficult with selections so limited, but with some creativity, it can be done!


Nursery Colors

If you're fortunate enough to have an extra room in your house for a baby, that's great, you've got a relatively blank slate. However, when you go to look for inspiration at the stores for boy rooms,'s a little less than inspiring. The colors are usually primary crayonbox colors, the moss green and brown combination, or the blue & brown combination...not a lot of variation on those colors. And the themes are usually sports, the jungle, Noah's ark or cars, trucks or boats. Some of these might grow with the baby as he gets older, but if anything, he will probably get tired of them before he ever outgrows them.


Nursery Essentials

What do you really need for a baby room? Do you really need to go all out and buy that expensive eight piece furniture set you saw at Babies R' Us? Maybe not. The essentials: You must have a crib and in some cases, a secondhand one won't do. That's due to safety regulations for cribs changing over the years. Cribs have evolved a good bit over the years and crib slats must now be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart to prevent head entrapment. Equally important is the crib mattress. Crib mattresses fit tightly now, so tightly that when changing the sheet it's not unlike wrestling an alligator, but again, it's for safety sake and due to entrapment issues. Paint can also be an issue. Lead-based paint was often used on baby items back in the day and is a safety hazard, so it could be a problem as well. So that antique crib you had your heart set on might not fit the bill!

Convert-A-Cribs & Changing Tables

If there's one big place you splurge in your baby nursery, do it on the crib. Besides making sure you have a safe crib manufactured after 1999, convert-a-cribs are awesome, because they'll save you some money in the long run. Convert-a-cribs can be transformed right from a crib into a toddler bed and then into a twin bed, saving a lot of money on transition beds as your baby grows. If you get sick of the finish, you can always paint!

Although changing tables, that can convert are nice, they are expensive! Chances are after the first eight months or so, you probably won't be putting Mr. Rambunctious on the changing table to change him, because he will be in full scramble mode trying to get off! You'll find yourself changing him any place BUT the changing table! A regular dresser with a wide top and one of the very nice changing table pads they make now will work for the short period of time you will use it.


Rocking Chairs for the Nursery

If there is one essential besides the crib for the baby nursery, it's a comfy rocking chair. It will become your best friend during colic, teething, colds, and other nights when sleep is just a fleeting memory of something you enjoyed before the bouncing baby boy entered your life. Lots of parents are choosing glider rockers over traditional rockers because they are safer, but chances are, if you are in the rocker rocking, the baby is in your arms. A regular rocking chair probably poses more of a safety issue for the family cat than the baby! Glider rockers are great, but can pose their own safety concerns because of the moving parts, so be sure all moving parts are covered and the rocking mechanisms are protected from tiny fingers. Sit in the rocker in the store and try it out for comfort. Lean to the sides as if you were picking up a dropped bottle or happens! You don't want a chair that is likely to tip over! Also, make sure the covers are the snap on kind, so they can be removed and washed easily.

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DIY Decorating For The Nursery

Now you have your furniture essentials, you can turn your attention to those blank walls. as tempting as it is to choose some outrageous colors or to paint the ceiling to look like a circus tent, DON'T! You want something that is going to grow with your little boy, not something that's going to require a complete room re-do in two or three years. Choose some neutral colors for your background and update with accessories, NOT crazy color combinations. Some really great wall decorations that are on the market now are removable wall decals that you can put on the wall temporarily and take off when you are changing the theme of your baby's room. If you choose a color combo that you just can't seem to find anything to go with, get a friend who sews to make your comforter set and curtains for you and personalize it with monogramming.

DIY Wall Words: Just Choose A Verse!


Wall Decals For The Nursery


Using Letters And Monograms In Baby's Room

Letter and monograms are popular everywhere right now, especially in the nursery. Not only are they attractive and decorative, they also expose the baby to letters early, giving him or her a head start to reading later on. There are tons of decorative letter and monogramming projects for the nursery including painting or using scrapbook paper to cover the baby's initial or entire name and hanging it on the wall. You could also design a monogram for the baby and have a print shop make it into a wall decal for you. Comforters, diaper stackers, and blankets can be machine embroidered...the list is endless.


Painted Wooden Letters...An Easy DIY Project For The Nursery


Wooden Letter Covered In Scrapbook Paper


Monogram Wall Decal


Toy Storage For The Nursery

It's also very tempting when decorating a child's room to buy a toy box.  Don't give in to the temptation; toy boxes are simply giant garbage cans for broken toys and will teach your child nothing about being organized or putting things away in any kind of orderly fashion. An open shelf with clear bins where the child can see what is in each container or colorful canvas bins with tags picturing the items that go in them attached to the handle are best for toy storage.  You do want you baby boy to learn to be self-sufficient and not always thinking someone is going to pick up after him, don't you?

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