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Decorating A Cowboy Western Boys Bedroom - Ideas

My lil cowboys

My lil cowboys

Decorating For Lil Cowboys by Candace Green

As a mom of two boys that are just in love with cowboy/western things, I have been learning about their dream cowboy room.

I was working on them a dream cowboy room, when we unexpectedly had to move 9 hours away. So the plans are in the making again as we fix up our new house.

  • COLORS: On the room I previously mentioned, I wanted to make the room not so Old West, but Santa Fe because my boys were young and liked bright things. Also it is easier for the toys that are not cowboy themed to not look so out of place as it would with the brown tones. I used Benjamin Moore's Mexicali Turquoise 662 --- looks great with oranges, reds, chocolate brown, yellow and black. The rustic browns, tans, off-blacks and creams make great cowboy colors as well, especially for the Old West look. Tip: It pays to use good quality paint; saves time and money. Taking the time to tape off the trim is time consuming, but makes your paint job look much more professional.
  • Your Child's Photos: Take a picture of your child in his/her western clothes and hat then go to and edit your photo with black & white, sepia tone or another vintage color tone. This saves lots of money, yet you get all the touches you're looking for. After you have it printed somewhere like Walgreen's or Wal-Mart then find a rustic frame. A black frame looks nice as well as weathered wood made into a frame -- fits the theme. Now you have some personal art to add to your rooms décor .
My cowboys dreaming:)

My cowboys dreaming:)

  • Choosing Art: Keeping a variety is better than doing the standard wall to wall picture and accent thing. Be CREATIVE; sometimes a homemade inexpensive idea can be added to make the room look more custom.
  • Try writing the child's name with rope. If you want to secure your formation better turn it into a framed piece of art.
  • If you use a picture that has real grown up cowboys; this will be good for their imagination. You'll probably see them stare at it allot. My boys have a huge, real, black & white photo picture of cowboys with their horses. They love to act like that's them when they get big.
  • Mural Art: A mural on one side of the room is a great art option. If you don't paint and don't want to hire it done, try a wallpaper mural. My mom has a western room in her home with a back mural of cowboys rounding cattle, she trimmed it out with old weathered barn boards and curled rope around to accent it. This is also a great backdrop for their little imaginations.


  • Allot of people when doing a cowboy themed room think that the bedspread and curtains should have horses or some sort of western print all over. That can look nice, but sometimes it draws your eye from the rest of the room. If everything is monotonous and matches perfect it gets boring and uniform. It's best to make it look like things were collected over time where the eye will want to scan the whole room for interesting elements. By using more solid contrasting color bedding, the room will tend to look more put together in a design perspective; not a bed in a bag look. However there is Western print bedspreads that are awesome, it's just worth getting the one's that are good quality and not overly busy.Quilts are nice in cowboy rooms for an authentic look with some design choices.
  • BEDS: Obviously since the bed is the purpose for the room, it needs to be a focal point. If you want to go all out you can buy or create your own covered wagon bed (that's one of my boys dream beds). Also if you know a good carpenter you can create an Old West hidden bed. The outside looks like an Old West building, then they can go through the swinging doors to their bunks. If you just want a budget friendly, simple bed; go with rustic wood. You want the bed to look like it's earthy and has been around a while. Loft beds make fun beds for young cowboys too. Also you can go with the black lacquer stain, then sand it down in a few spots to make it look more rustic. (My husband did this for my boys dressers). Rustic is nice for boys, because they're so rough.

Lighting is an important element in the room. This lamp can be made from an old boot.

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Lettering on the wall is a fun way to show design and personalize a room


Cowboys sharing a room:)


Western Decor

You can go to party supplier websites and get some neat props and cowboy-theme items inexpensively for your boys cowboy room.



Candace Green (author) from OKLAHOMA on March 20, 2013:

Benjamin Moore's Mexicali Turquoise 662. You can go to the website for Benjamin Moore and find the perfect coordinating colors. Thanks :)

Mary on January 20, 2013:

I love the color combination. What are the colors? Thanks!!!

Candace Green (author) from OKLAHOMA on January 22, 2012:

Thank you all:) I do cherish every day I have with my precious kids:)

Marla J Neogra from Parkersburg, West Virginia on January 21, 2012:

I love the picture of your lil cowboys. Mine are grown but I can still see them with their matching cowboy boot, bouncing off the walls with not a care in the world. Enjoy these years while you can. on January 20, 2012:

I want the adorable little cowboys in the picture!! You have great ideas too!!

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