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Decorating A Cowboy-Themed Boy's Room On A Budget

Decorating Themes For Boy Bedrooms

Little girl rooms are such fun to decorate, all pink and pretty and ruffly, so simple to find a cute theme to decorate around...anything from princesses to Hello Kitty to ballerinas. Adorable girl bedroom sets abound in baby stores and on-line. However, little boy bedrooms are not so simple and seem to revolve around a very limited set of themes....cars, dinosaurs, jungle, and sports. Plus, if you're decorating a small boy's room who is really too young to have developed any interests in that regard just yet, it can get tricky if you want to choose a theme that will grow with your child. You can't guarantee that your child will be interested in sports just because he's a boy or he's going to automatically love dinosaurs....hey, the big scary things could give him nightmares! However, a Western theme can be fun and grow with your child, as long as you make the major decisions like wall color and furnishings using some neutral elements as the building blocks. And you can do it inexpensively with a few simple DIY projects, if you're handy with scissors, an iron, a glue gun, or craft glue, and Sharpie markers. Combine that with a trip to your local decorating store like Hobby Lobby (using coupons and shopping the clearance aisles, of course!), a little perusing on E-Bay, and you could have a Western themed room for your cowpoke that would rival any interior decorator's work!

Cowboy Room Accessories

Check The Clearance Aisles For Treasures!


Some Fun DIY Western Decorating Projects

Try using neutrals as the background for your wall color, a chamois tan, denim blue or even a chocolate brown. Although most people generally don't think of using a deep color like chocolate brown on bedroom walls, you'd be surprised how warm and cozy it will make the room seem, plus give it the Western, almost leather look you want. And again, we're talking about a boy here, so it will hide a multitude of karate kicks, dirty hand and fingerprints! Now that you have all those brown, tan or blue walls, what are you going to do with them? A simple project is to get some thick rope, mine was hanging out in the garage already, but you can easily get a length very inexpensively at Lowe's or Home Deport, some sort of anchoring focal point like this cool metal star I got on the markdown aisle at Hobby Lobby, a few nails, and some cheap cowboy hats (maybe donated by friends or in the toy department at Wal-mart). Choose how high you want them to hang, you might want to "hang 'em high," since you're going to make some kind of large loops with the rope, mark a horizontal line on your wall with chalk which is easily removable as a guide and start your design. Hang your anchoring object like the metal star first, then knot the end of the rope to prevent unraveling,and tuck the know behind the star to hide it. Start looping the rope in intervals to look like a lariat or lasso, nailing with long thin nails as you go to hold the loops in place. once you have the rope looking the way you want, you can nail the cowboy hats at different points along the rope. Quick, cheap, and it takes up a heck of a lot of wall space! You could even tie bandannas along the rope instead of nailing up the cowboy hats to make this project even cheaper.

Lasso Decor


Easy Window Treatments

I will admit I cheated a little on the DIY aspect of a few items, only because when I added up the cost of materials and time spent, I realized that what I could buy was a great deal and exactly what I wanted. Because the little boy whose room I was designing is very young, he needed a full crib set with bumper pad, comforter, diaper stacker, the whole nine yards. Although I have made a full crib set a time or two, when I found an entire nine piece set in my chosen theme for only $99 on E-Bay, I had to jump on it! That included a pillow, dust ruffle, two curtain toppers, a crib sheet, toys organizer, diaper stacker, comforter, and crib bumper and if you've ever sewn your own crib bumper, you know that price was definitely worth it! When it came, I was so pleased, because it was adorable and it was great quality.

E-Bay Topper With Handmade Banner


Easy DIY Burlap Wall Or Curtain Banner

Never one to leave well-enough alone and because I also had a roll of 14" wide burlap left over from another project, I really wanted to add that burlap in as a textural element and add a little fun and whimsy to the room. Word of warning: burlap is cheap ($2.97 a yard, but also ravelly, so before you go cutting into it, invest in either Fabric Tac or clear nail polish (a cheater solution which is a favorite of mine!) to put along the edges after you cut them. Clear nail polish is actually great and is something that most everyone has on hand and really seal the edges together nicely. I cut rectangles for my banner approximately 6" x 8", you can do them whatever size you like, brushed the edges with the clear nail polish and let them dry. I then looked at pictures of Western fonts online as my inspiration and hand drew the letters with a extra fat sharpie markers. I spelled out "Howdy", but you could choose any fun word you want, even your child's name. Once the letters were dry, I hot glued them onto a piece of twine at regular intervals, tied them to the curtain rod across the window, and "Yeehaw!" a cool burlap Western banner in less than an hour! I also used some short lengths of the burlap as runners on the night stands to give them textural elements as well. I just cut them to length and hot glued the hems on the short ends to prevent ravelling..

Burlap Nightstand Runner


Add No Sew Fabric Panels

However, even though it came with two window toppers, I wanted more than just a topper look with blinds in the room, especially since I had scored a whole bolt of fleecy, furry cow print material at a fabric store that was going out of business for practically nothing. So I made some window panels out of a length of the fabric which was 54" wide. I measured the height of my window from where I wanted the curtain to hang to the point at the floor where I wanted it to drop and added 1 1/2 inches for the hem at the bottom and 2 1/2 inches for the rod pocket at the top. I measured a line with a yardstick and cut straight across. I cut the fabric long ways down the middle, so I had two panels and hemmed it along the long edges with my sewing machine. Fabric glue will work just as well for this if you're a non-sewer or a great iron-on tape called Stitch Witchery, just follow the package instructions. Turn under 1/2 inches on the raw edges of the bottom and top and press with your iron. Then turn up an inch on the bottom and 2 inches on the top and using your Stitch Witchery or fabric glue, make your hems. You now have a nice hem and a rod pocket at the top for your curtain rod to go through. You can use a cheapie metal rod to go through the rod pocket since it won't be seen.

Easy No Sew Curtain Panels


DIY Door Initial or Monogram

This is such an adorable addition to a child's room and gives the child a sense of place ("Hey, that's my room!) and teaches him the alphabet, I had to do it! Buy a wooden letter from Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart (about $1.97 or $1.00 if you hit the 50%off sale!), place it face down on the fabric or scrapbooking paper you want to cover it with and trace around it. With some cheapie acrylic paint or if you have wall paint remaining, paint the edges of the letter with a small paint brush. Let dry, then glue the fabric or scrapbook paper to the front of the letter. Embellish with buttons, wooden shapes, ribbon or raffia, hot glue a ribbon or twine hanger to the back and hang on your child's door. I had a package of natural color wooden stars leftover from Halloween and using a fine point sharpie marker, added the words and stitching lines, then hot glued the star on with a raffia bow behind. So inexpensive and eaten up with cuteness!

Adorable Monogram Door Decoration


Adding A Monogram Or Name To The Wall

On the same principal as the door initial, I also spelled out my little guy's whole name, using the same wooden letters and cow fabric. I added a wooden star (7 stars for $1.97 at Wal-Mart) to each letter and wrote a Western word or phrase on each one. When each letter was complete, I turned them over backward and using twine, I hot glued a long string for hanging to the backs of the letters. Two nails on each side of the twine and I had an adorable name strung across the wall over the little buckaroo's bed,


Adding Fun Accessories On The Cheap

I'm a big fan of using what you have, so I immediately scarfed up my older son's Woody and Jessie from "Toy Story" to add to the mix. I love re-purposing toys as décor and these were too cute not to add! I also hit a sale on a fantastic metal nightlight on E-Bay in the shape of a cowboy boot for $12 and a switch plate for 50% off at Hobby Lobby (about $2.50). I also used a coonskin cap I had picked up while visiting Mt. Rushmore just for fun and a couple of pieces of Western metal décor found on the clearance at Hobby Lobby. I love it when they go to 75% off! You may call this overkill, but since I had leftover fabric from the curtain panels, I even took the electrical outlets off the walls, covered them in Tacky Glue, then put the cow fabric on them, cutting carefully around the holes for the actual outlets. I also had an old pressboard low shelf in my garage that I covered with leftover cow fabric as well and it made a great area for the little man's crayons, cars, and other toys,

Reusing Old Toys As Decor


Inexpensive Western-Themed Accessories


Room Makeover In A Weekend...Or Two...

These projects are super simple and can be easily accomplished over a long weekend or two. You could pack your little guy off to Grandma's and he could come home to his room, transformed! Even though my little guy is not even two yet, you should have seen his eyes when he saw the room. Somehow he seemed to know that I had done it and it was all for him...he hasn't stopped playing in it since and is fascinated by his nightlight and loves to try to "read: the letters on the wall behind his bed. As he ages, I'll take down the cutesier elements, but the wall color and the window topper can remain, as well as most of the furniture. I'll probably add a cool Southwestern looking rug or a vintage stagecoach or covered wagon lamp at a later date, but those are not essential, just nice to have's. Even with the bedding, fabric, and wall paint, I spent less than $200 using a lot of items that I already had or re-purposing items in fun new ways, proof that you don't have to spend a bundle to have a fun designer look room that your child will love and appreciate!

E-Bay For Affordable Accessories



DIYweddingplanner (author) from South Carolina, USA on March 10, 2012:

Thanks, Denise. I had fun doing it and will have to post some more pics when I get his toddler bed up. He got a giant rocking horse for Christmas that fits right in!

Denise Handlon from North Carolina on March 09, 2012:

Wow! What a very cool room! Both my grandsons are into cowboy stuff (boots/hat) sandwiched between the army play and cars. I'm going to have to give Cara the heads up on this one for my youngest grandson.

Great ideas and what a transformation of a room. Rated it way UP and awesome.

DIYweddingplanner (author) from South Carolina, USA on January 06, 2012:

Thanks, Tess, now on to the polka dot room!

Tess45 from South Carolina on January 06, 2012:

Having personally seen the room, I can honestly say it's awesome and it looks like some highend designer did it.