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Declutter Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

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Here are a few of my own suggestions that I hope will help you simplify gift-giving this season.


1) Trash, Treasure or Donate

The first step is to make three piles in one area of your house, preferably close to the door so you can easily move them to either the trash or transfer the items to your car to take them to the nearest donation center.

Go around your house or apartment and start putting items in trash bags that you do not use anymore and they are too worn out for the donation bin. Such items may be broken vases, broken toys, clothing that is torn and worn out that maybe you can use as rags to clean your house, but then toss them. Do not be afraid to throw things out, this is a common form of anxiety, as if it's a sin to throw things out. It is not, it is a smart way to organize your home and keep the energy moving. You do not want stale, old and stagnate energy in any part of your home.

For items that have monetary or sentimental value, decide if you want to display one or two pieces on a side table or fireplace mantel and store the rest in bubble wrap and plastic containers with lids and labels so you do not have to keep searching for items that you have carefully stored away in a closet or cabinets.

2) Start a To-Do List

To keep your place clutter-free, you need to start and maintain a weekly to-do list. This would be a list of items that need to be done, that are time-sensitive and can be a minor as picking up the mail, taking clothes to the laundry, as well as listing specific items you need to purchase at the store.

It is important to stick to specific items, do not just write down that you need to go to the store. Write down exactly the items you need to purchase that week. This will ensure you are not buying things you do not need and just have to find a spot for in your house, which leads to a cluttered house.

If your clothing iron is broken, throw it in the garbage and write down you need a new iron. Do not purchase any more towel bins or clothespins or anything else, just purchase the iron. Then, check if off your weekly list.

Keep this routine going and you will see massive changes in your house and the clutter will begin to disappear and your stress level will decrease.

3) Use Baskets for Organization

Store any loose items in wire or wicket baskets. For example, when you pick up your mail, toss it into a wire basket on a side table near your front door or in your office. Designate a specific time each day to go through that basket and throw out anything you don't need. Bills can be kept in the basket until the end of the month for payment, or move them to your desk in a "bills only" basket. Each month, that basket should be empty, with any paperwork filed away in filing cabinets or filing boxes. Normally, paperwork you want to keep should be kept in metal or plastic boxes and you can even place the individual papers in plastic covers for safekeeping.

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Toss any kids or pet toys in wicker baskets in designated areas of the house or in your child's room. It's easy to pick them up at the end of each day and toss them in baskets. You can purchase baskets with lids to keep items out of sight and it will contribute to a clean and clutter-free home.

Keep books, notepads or mail in wire baskets for a clean appearance.

Keep books, notepads or mail in wire baskets for a clean appearance.

4) Keep Surfaces Clean

If your house still looks a bit messy, it could be because you are storing too many items on tabletops, mantels and kitchen tables. Keeping surfaces clutter-free without too many items on them, will help speed up your daily or weekly cleaning schedule. You do not have to adopt a minimalist style, but just have a few items on display to create interest and store the rest in plastic bins in a closet or cabinets. You can rotate seasonal items so you always have something new to enjoy and you may decide you no longer want certain items, so collect those and plan on taking a trip to a donation center if the items are not broken or stained.

Keep surfaces clutter-free and easy to clean by placing only one or two items on display.

Keep surfaces clutter-free and easy to clean by placing only one or two items on display.

5) Organize Each Area of Your Space

As you begin to get into a pattern of keeping things moving in and out of your house, you will begin to see how each part of your space is being used, and how you feel the most comfortable in that space.

For example, if you are always at the kitchen table drinking coffee and opening mail, then place a wire basket on your kitchen table for incoming mail. Sort it each day and any bills that are to be paid can be moved to your desk area where your computer is for paying bills online.

The same goes for each area of your house. If you like to read sitting on the couch, place a few books on a side table with a lamp. No need for anything else on that table. If you have papers or old magazines, keep those in a wicker basket with a lid on it until you can sort through them. You don't have to keep the whole magazine, just tear out the pages you want to keep and toss the magazine in the trash. Then you can file that paperwork in your filing cabinet or box and make sure and throw out anything that is not needed.

Keep items moving in your house and try to never touch anything more than once. If you open up your mail, file it or toss it immediately. The same for your kitchen. After dinner is finished, clean and dry those dishes and put them away. Clean surfaces so that nothing is left out to clutter up your kitchen countertops.

Put everything in its place and you will enjoy a clutter-free life which will create a relaxing atmosphere so you can free up your mind, reduce stress, and start creating the life you want to enjoy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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