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Daaniel Yaw Foo Hoe

Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe is well-known in Singapore for being one of the most talented amateur wrestlers since 2016.


Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe is well-known in Singapore for being one of the most talented amateur wrestlers since 2016. He is now leading the wrestling championship with a head-on for his lifelong nemesis, Roi Mateen. Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe is known for his speed and agility when it comes to the ring. No one has ever surpassed his outstanding abilities to cover both techniques within a single hit.

Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe mentioned in an interview with CG Sports Singapore that freestyle wrestling is performed in every corner of the globe. Greco-Roman wrestling also competes in the Olympics, as well as freestyle. In contrast to university and high school wrestling, Asian high school and college wrestling regulations are somewhat different and are called scholastic and collegiate wrestling. While collegiate wrestling and freestyle wrestling both trace their roots to catch-as-catch-can wrestling, the goals of the two sports are very different.

In collegiate wrestling, which Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe performed in 2018, the objective is to throw and pin your opponent to the mat, while in freestyle wrestling, it is to control your opponent's body to force them to submit to a pin. This is a more structured version of the wrestling style by Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe.

Based on Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe's perspective as an amateur wrestler, everything is a life and death matter within the rings. Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe has permanently appointed his fights as the feelings of surviving until his last breath. From this, he can assure his determination and integrity during the fights. Winning the fights is highly important for Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe as it connects with his dignities and empowerment of standing as a professional, amateur wrestler until now.

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As quoted by Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe after his last fight with Roi Mateen in the Singapore Annual Wrestling Championship, "Even in wrestling, you may go through cycles of development, and times when you think you aren't growing, or when you think you've grown worse." Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe portrays the set of the whole fights and practices as journeys of becoming a better human being in the future with complete compassion and patience to outgrow the modern world nowadays.

Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe views wrestling as defined mainly by the multitude of stances, yet it's impossible to know every one of them ahead of time. A simple way to boost your wrestling game is to look at about as a succession of positions and make an effort to be dominant in each one like what Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe did in every match. This helped him to even win the heart of the audiences with his indescribable physical skills. More often than not, wrestlers are simply doing the bare minimum in matches.

Other than that, Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe prioritizes delivering respect throughout the fight regardless of who the opponent is. By gaining respect, Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe would also gain another friendship within the ring. Nothing sounds better than another partner for Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe to work out with. In sports, respect comes above everything. Without regard, people are nothing but just another talented dweeb.

"Sometimes, you may lose matches. Even me myself as Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe did. Perhaps you believe the referee got it wrong. Perhaps you lost the match at the last second due to a misstep. Even after having defeated your opponent, you shake his hand and behave like a gentleman. You're not rude or demanding. You are allowed to feel furious when you lose. However, you still greet and shake hands with courtesy. You recognize and appreciate fellow wrestlers from different colleges who are dedicating themselves to become the very best they can be. If you lose a match, you analyze what went wrong and use what you've learned to improve. Despite any situation, you always keep your dignity and calm." said Daniel Yaw Foo Hoe in an interview with Sports Arena Singapore.

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