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DIY Pyramid Cloudbuster

An Alternative to the William-Reich Inspired Cloudbuster

DIY Purviance Pyramid with PVC Pipe

DIY Purviance Pyramid with PVC Pipe

Weather patterns are changing worldwide and Bangalore is no exception. Borewells are running dry and the cost of a water had increased in the past two months. Some say that in three years Bangalore will have no potable water at all.

And so began my quest for a way to make rain. I checked out the many videos on YouTube on DIY cloudbusters. Most of these use copper pipes about six feet in length and at least an inch in diameter so they can house a quartz crystal. But copper is expensive. I did come across an article which mentions using any metal pipe in lieu of copper and at least a couple of YouTube videos do show PVC pipes being used.

During my research I came across the Purviance Pyramid invented by Ross Purviance (Ross Purvine) who claims that it busts chem trails, saves bees from dying and stabilises the weather. He asserts that bees have stopped dying in Los Angeles since May 2012, a claim which is vouchsafed by Douglas. Purviance also claims that a single pyramid just about 29 inches tall affects an area spanning over 50 km. He appears as ''watermouthoh' on YouTube and demonstrates step-by-step the process of making this orgonised pyramid. Once done, he mounts the pyramid on the back of his bike and travels around the city, taking breaks as he watches the skies transform. Patent is pending on the Purviance Pyramid.

Purviance advises that one take the pyramid around early in the morning. He says it should be moved around an area of five miles. I am not too sure about that. While moving the pyramid about will benefit larger areas, it ought to work even when stationary.

Note: Two days after installing my Purviance Pyramid on the terrace there is rain today and more expected tomorrow. However, only time will tell whether it works to balance the weather.

Orgonite on Apex of Pyramid

Orgonite on Apex of Pyramid

The Wonders of Orgonite

The concept of Orgonite which generates orgone energy was invented by the Austrian Karl Hans Welzh in 1991. However, orgone energy itself was discovered way before that. The ancient Chinese called it ’chi’, the Hindus called it ‘Prana’. Wilhem Reich described it as ‘cosmic life energy’ and built cloudbusters using metal and water. He claimed these machines created rain. Purvine studied Reich and Karl and created cloudbusters using copper pipes and orgonite. Reich's cloudbusters were dangerous devices which could lead to paralysis if not correctly handled.

In the orgonite, the pressure of the resin on metal creates positive energy which balances the chi in and outside our bodies. These days crystals are added to the metal to enhance the energy as in the Purviance pyramid the patent for which is pending.

I created quite a few orgonite pieces myself and tested them with a pendulum as well as with water, freezing the orgonite inside a plastic container of water. I discovered this method of testing on the internet. It is highly effective. The ice humped up over the orgonite. More on orgonite in another article.

Orgonite is believed to shield one from EMF radiation and enhance health as well as spirit.

You can see for yourself how the Orgonise Africa movement transformed weather patterns in that country. There are no more droughts or other natural disasters in the areas where orgonite has been installed.

People all over the world are burying orgonite tower busters near cell phone towers to transmute the radiation. It’s an awakening that gives one hope for the planet. They are dissolving chem trails and purifying the atmosphere. The only drawback with orgonite seems to be that due to its absorbing power, these get saturated and stop working after a year or so and need to be cleansed by putting them out in the sun. Therefore it is advised that orgonite not be buried but be open to the sky.

However, there is a way to get around that problem:shungite.

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The Powdered Shungite I Use in Orgonite

The Powdered Shungite I Use in Orgonite

Shungite- the ‘Stone of Life’

I am deeply impressed by the qualities of shungite – 98% carbon. All life is based on carbon. This two billion-year-old mineral is believed to be meteoric in origin. The finest quality of shungite is found in in Russia although it is also found in India and Canada. This ‘Miracle Stone’as it is also called has been used in Russia since its healing powers were discovered in the 16th century. In the Shunga village, the lake Onega sits on a vast bed of shungite stone. People living around it drink the water straight from the lake. It has many healing properties and according to former remote viewer Nancy Hopkins of the Cosmic Reality Radio Show, shungite accesses the quantum field from where all things are created and to which all things return. Shaped like a hexagonal soccer ball, the C60 fullerene in shungite is the most symmetrical large molecule we know of.

I have personal experience with this stone that has impressed me. For one thing, it is a great healer. The fullerene molecule spins at an incredible 20,000 times a second. Simply put, the positive clockwise spin transmutes all negative anti-clockwise spin to positive. Therefore it is not absorbing but rather transmuting and is as a result perfect for making orgonite. Nancy Hopkins suggests placing shungite on fuse boxes so that you reduce your power bills, on cars so the fuel consumption decreases, on refrigerators to keep contents fresh longer, in water to energise your body and boost immunity. The list of uses seems endless and more are being discovered everyday. I wear a shungite pendant which healed a tooth problem in just three days. Simply placing the stone on my swollen jaw (dentists advised two root canals on two molars!) reduced the pain to zero so I could have a good night’s sleep. And in the following two days fifteen minute treatments did away with the inflammation completely so I could chew on that side again. I did not use any medicine apart from colour therapy and shungite.

The Czar Peter the Great had a spa constructed to avail the healing powers of shungite and had his solders carry shungite nuggets in their canteens. There is a room built entirely with shungite in Paris. However, until the end of the 20th century, it was mainly used in construction.

Making Orgonite Using Araldite Resin

Making Orgonite Using Araldite Resin

How I Made my Purviance Pyramid

Purvine makes his pyramids from copper pipe and no doubt copper makes them much more powerful. However, at the time, I could not get copper and decided to use a one foot tall pyramid I had constructed some time ago with PVC pipe.

The Power of the Pyramid

The shape of the pyramid is the secret to its power. The power of healing orgone. So, in the absence of the availability of copper, using this PVC frame pyramid made sense. Adding a whole lot of orgonite to it would anyway enhance the energy. I dowsed the energy with dowsing rods as well as the pendulum and sensed an amazing amount of energy.

Materials Required For the Pyramid

  1. PVC frame pyramid about one to two feet tall
  2. Several tubes of Araldite resin and hardener. I also used a little epoxy liquid resin I ordered from Amazon. Of course it is ideal to use the latter for the entire project if possible as the liquid is easier to manipulate whereas the Araldite is creamy and a little difficult to manage.
  3. Steel wool or bits of metal. Some say metal shavings from a key maker are not effective. I used about a dozen steel wool kitchen scrubbers.
  4. Scissors to chop up the steel wool and a blade
  5. 5 small plastic containers
  6. Container to mix the resin
  7. Spoon or spatula for mixing the resin
  8. Glue to make the plastic containers adhere to the PVC pipes of the pyramid. Initially I made the mistake of getting a large can of Araldite Resin Adhesive not realising that the stuff would not harden sufficiently and create the pressure required on the crystals and metal. It was a disaster. The liquid epoxy resin was not enough. I filled four plastic containers halfway with it. And then added this resin adhesive on top of those after they dried a bit. But even overnight the resin had not hardened and only felt like rubber. I had to remove all of this white creamy stuff along with the metal and crystal that I had added to the resin. Which meant that the precious shungite powder I had added would be lost. Luckily I had some let over.
  9. Shungite nuggets or powder. A little goes a long way. As Hopkins says, all you need is a pinch. Size does not matter with shungite. Which is a good thing because it is expensive, especially the elite shungite. Powder is way cheaper. I got mine as a bottle water filter from Amazon. Just about Rs. 200. I dismantled the plastic filter, removed the compacted rod, had it tested for conductivity and seeing that it had the shungite energy, powdered it.
  10. Plastic casings used for camouflaging wiring
  11. Rags to wipe sticky hands.
  12. Thinner to remove the resin from your hands. I had black scratched hands for the next couple of days despite the thinner and the oils I used to try and remove the stains.
  13. Proper gloves. A must. My surgical gloves (the standard gloves are too large) did not last being too thin and I had to use bare hands.
  14. Newspaper sheets to place beneath the pyramid and the plastic casing orgonite as the resin does spill over.
  15. Marker
  16. Quartz crystal pieces and powder. I broke up an old crystal ball. You can get quartz crystal from Amazon India.
Quartz Crystal and Steel Wool for Making Orgonite

Quartz Crystal and Steel Wool for Making Orgonite

Method of Constructing the Cloudbusing Purviance Pyramid

Construct the pyramid outdoors as the fumes from the resin are unhealthy.

  1. Place the plastic containers beneath the four angles of the pyramid. Make cuts downwards to fit the pipes and push the pipe down gently so the corner of the pyramid sits inside the container. The four corners of the pyramid should sit inside the containers so this can be tricky. If these don’t fit snugly (and mine didn’t) the resin will leak out and you’ll have a bigger mess (which I did). Draw a circle on the fifth container with the marker where the container sits atop the apex. Purvine does step before putting his pyramids together which makes this step easier, but I already had a pyramidhop I could use. I made cuts in the containers so the corners of the pyramid could be placed inside them. Try and ensure that the pipes fit snugly.
  2. Fill the bottom of the fifth container on the apex with the glue and leave overnight so that it hardens to a rubbery consistency. Make sure you put enough wherever you made those cuts in the plastic.
  3. Put in a layer of chopped steel wool or bits of metals. You can get waste metal pieces from a lathe machine shop free. Add some quartz crystal powder and pieces. You don’t need the powder if you have pieces but adding powder is fine.
  4. Then pour in the resin you have mixed well. Instructions are given on the packaging. Use equal amounts of metal and crystal and resin. I noticed the liquid epoxy resin generates quite a bit of heat as it begins to harden, so be careful. Mix everything well with the spoon so that the resin completely coats the metal and crystals. Leave to harden for an hour.
  5. Once hardened, add a second layer of steel wool pieces and crystals. Add a pinch of shungite powder. Pour in resin and mix well as before. The resin should completely cover the crystals and metal. Make sure the corners of the pyramid are glued in. Leave to dry.
  6. Prepare the casing strip orgonites. These will only take a single layer of course. Put in the steel wool, crystals and shungite powder and add the resin. Allow to dry.
  7. Place these orgonite strips on the four vertical PVC pipes of the pyramid and secure them with thread.

Place the Purviance Pyramid in your garden or on your terrace. Ideally, fix it atop your car or harness it to the rear of your bike and travel around the city in a radius of 5 miles early in the mornings before sunrise. And watch the skies transform and the honeybees return.

Orgonite Strips

Orgonite Strips

© 2019 Anita Saran

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