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With all of the design and colors in plants and in lighting, sprucing up a room is easy and inexpensive to do. There is always a room or corner of your house that could use some brightening up! You may not know what to buy or how to decorate, but you look around and know the room is dull. Using plants and lighting in different areas of a room can totally change the look and feel of a room.


Plants come in so many design and colors that you are sure to find a wide variety to use throughout your home to add beauty. From large tropical plants to small ferns and even flowering plants, all are inexpensive and low maintainance. Before selecting what kind of plants you want, you need to research a few basics on plants. If you have kids and pets in the home, you need to know which plants can be poisonous to touch or ingest. There are plenty of sites to help you determine what plants are poisonous or not.


Once you have determined what plants are safe for your house. You need to determine how much you want to spend on plants. Say you want to try a couple plants in your living room and bedroom. Go online and look at different plants and prices. Once you narrow down the plants you like, you should research the care of the plants you selected.

For instance, if you like the Spider plants, this plant may require alot of sunlight. This is not a good place. So knowing what rooms get the most or least sunlight is important to know also. You also need to consider where the plants will be placed. Will the plant be on the floor in a pot or will you choose smaller plants and use plant stand or ceiling hanger ? For help with placement, look online under home decorating for images of rooms with plants. Once you have done all this and determined what plants fit you, go for the purchase. Keep in mind, that you will need different size pots, a bag of potting soil and small-sized gardening tools. Start slowly with just 2 plants for a couple of months, and see if they live. Next get a couple more. Remember that plants not only provide natural beauty, but act as an air purifier!

The more plants the better!


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Lighting inside your home can transform any room instantly. With the addition of plants, lighting is an excellent accent. A good source of light in a dark space is invaluable. I'm sure you can find a couple spots in your home. Above shelves, in closets and hallways are favorite spots, for light. With new technology and designs in light fixtures, the possibilities are endless. Most lighting can be acheived with easy installation. There are even light fixtures that not only light but also heat during the winter. The lighting fixtures included in this hub, are just a few of my favorite looks.

Knowing what your budget is, before purchasing and shopping around are key to get the best prices. Remember to ask or find out how to install the lighting before you purchase. If you have kids or pets, remember to place lighting and wires where they can't be touched or chewed on!

Here are some of my favorite sites to purchase lighting:


Create the Look

Once you have a few plants that you like and don't kill, purchase lighting next and start experimenting with placement. One light fixture on the wall behind a plant can make a room come alive! I have included some images of my favorite lighting and samples of room placement ideas. Now is the perfect time to try this with the dreary winter weather upon us.  A leafy green plant or a flowering plant brings a certain elegance and warmth.

Try placing big plants on the floor in decorative pots in a corner or against the wall with some light near it. Decorative vases, and colored stones help complete the look. The satisfaction your completed look will bring you is immeasurable!  So begin to transform your home, one room at a time.

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