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Creating a Backyard with a Resort Feel

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I created a backyard leisure area using my own hammock, outdoor furniture, and a fire pit so a she shed can be added as well.


The first item of business is why would a person want to go to a resort in the first place?

That is an easy one to answer to relax and unwind, put the everyday stress behind you.

Given our current situation with COVID-19 confining us to our homes for some time the likely hood we will be visiting a resort any time soon may be wishful thinking.

However, not all is doom and gloom if you can’t go to the resort then bring the resort setting to your backyard.

The resort experience

Usually, things that you see at a lot of resorts are swimming pools or spas with people holding their favorite beverage, pictures of hammocks, and people around a fire pit at night enjoying the evening.

Some are even experiencing fine dining with a gas fire pit in the middle of their table, how romantic is that?

Imagine letting the warmth of the flames wash over you as you experience fine dining or maybe just some cheeseburgers from the grill.

Another item that is often on display in the resort brochures is fancy lounge chairs or dining sets that are provided for one thing only and that is to help you relax.

Now maybe you don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard but you can still create a relaxing oasis with some strategically placed backyard items.

Let’s look at these one at a time and for every item, we will offer a budget solution.


Using a hammock for relaxation and resort setting.

This is an inexpensive option that almost anyone can afford and there are options if you have a small footprint that you are working with.

You can make the hammock or hammocks the focal point of your backyard if you don’t have anything else that would accomplish that task.

When you exit your door into the backyard or patio area the first thing you want to see is the hammock inviting you to relax and enjoy.

Strategically place planter boxes with flowers to add color or fragrance and you have an ideal area to relax and decompress.

The hammock chair

Maybe you don’t have a sprawling backyard area or a swimming pool, but not to worry the hammock chair is your best option.

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It will provide the same level of relaxation as a standard hammock but will require a much smaller footprint.

If you are lacking a support structure all you need is to invest in a hammock chair stand and voila you have your relaxing hammock.

The budget solution for a hammock

This is an easy one because there are a plethora of budget hammocks; you can get an excellent hammock for less than fifty dollars.

If you need a support structure the ideal solution is investing in a hammock and stand combination you will without a doubt get the best value for your buck!


Selecting the right outdoor furniture.

This can be huge if you have the room and entertain a lot then having patio furniture is a must, whether it is a complete outdoor dining set or a couple of outdoor benches.

One classic to consider is the Adirondack chair it has been a summertime favorite for years and comes in all types of designs and colors.

When you are planning your furniture investment it is a good idea to create an area that will be the backyard centerpiece and one item that is ideal for this task is the backyard fire pit.

The poly lumber outdoor furniture

There are several different types of outdoor furniture that are made of plastic, wood, metal, and poly lumber.

What is poly lumber?

It is virgin and recycled plastic that is molded into all types of products that are ideal for outdoors like patio decks, railings, and outdoor furniture.

It is designed to last for a very long time and will not peel, rot, crack, or mold.

The budget solution for outdoor furniture

Very much like the hammocks, there are bargain outdoor furniture options no matter what items you may need.

The best value is getting an outdoor furniture set rather than one piece at a time, also there are a lot of different materials to choose from that will lower the price as well.


The backyard fire pit solution.

The fire pit draws people to it like moths to a flame, plus it is the ideal focal point for the perfect backyard resort-like setting.

Imagine when you exit your patio door and you see a wood-burning fire pit with inviting comfortable outdoor chairs in a circle around the pit.

Off to a side, you see your favorite hammock that completes your ideal outdoor living space, a place to relax every evening or whenever you desire.

The wood-burning fire pit

As the name implies this type of pit requires some firewood, many people enjoy the warmth and crackling sound of wood burning.

One huge advantage of a wood-burning fire pit is they are relatively economical to own, of course, there are handcrafted steel fire pits that are truly works of art but also units that are less than a hundred dollars.

The gas burning fire pit

The gas burning fire pits are usually cost far more than the wood-burning models but they can be considered outdoor decor.

Some units are beautiful pieces of work that will make any outdoor living space pop and would be the ideal centerpiece for your resort-like setting.

The budget solution for a fire pit

With the fire pit you have several different options:

The portable wood burning fire pit would be the ideal affordable solution, again there is a huge selection of different models to choose from.

Your local home improvement store will offer bargains on the portable fire pit, especially in the late winter to early spring.

The DIY fire pit option is excellent for someone that has a strict budget but has mad DIY skills, with some decorative rocks or stones from your local home improvement store you can create a one of a kind pit.

The very simple solution would be an in-ground fire pit, it is just as the name implies a pit dug in the ground in a circular fashion with decorative rocks or stones around it.


Putting your backyard resort like area all together.

If you are lucky and own a swimming pool then putting together your resort feel is very easy the swimming pool is the center of attraction.

However, it would be nice to have several patio loungers poolside for sunning and relaxing once you exit the pool.

Then next to the pool area you can feature some nice Adirondack chairs with a nice wood burning fire pit in the middle.

To complete the arrangement all you need is a hammock or two that is close enough but not too close to the fire pit to feel its warmth.

No swimming pool? No problem, just complete your own area using the items above in any arrangement you choose.

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Steven (author) from Las Vegas on June 02, 2020:

I have gone through 2 in less than 3 years... they get a lot of use. :)

FlourishAnyway from USA on June 02, 2020:

I love the hammock idea. As we stay home more it’s more important than ever to make it an inviting space.

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