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Cool Bedroom Ideas


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Tired of your boring old bedrooms? Although bedding can often seem the most boring of rooms, they are also a haven and easy to change. So let’s help you with cool bedrooms ideas. Here are some quick tips and facelift ideas for bedrooms for making them feel fresh and new again.

Tired of your boring old bedrooms?

Change the walls

This may seem fairly obvious but it is surprising how many of us keep on with the same old thing. A fresh coat of paint in a new color can do wonders for your mood and make your bedroom look really cool. While light and neutral colors are often the best way to go so you can easily change other things in the room, consider having a feature wall to give a boost of contrast. Color choices have a lot to do with space perception too. Cool bedrooms color recede (making a room look larger) while warm colors advance (for a cozier feel).

Change your window dressings

The curtains or blinds you use in a bedroom can change the mood dramatically. Do you want to go bright and breezy, soft and romantic, cute and girly or maybe country style? Don’t forget the kids’ rooms either. If you are changing window dressings in children’s bedrooms involve them in the choice as much as you can.

Change the bedding

This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to give a new look. Go for a different color and style in duvet colors and think about contrast as well as harmonizing colors.

Change the furniture

A new set of bedroom furniture or touch up paint or stain on old furniture is really a cool idea for bedrooms. Again think about creating a mood, old fashioned and romantic maybe or clean and minimalist. New chair covers can look great too. If you don’t have chairs in the bedroom get at least one! Bean bags are a great option for kids and teens too. Changing where your furniture is in the room can make a difference too.

Think about texture as well as color

A variety of textures adds as much life to a room as the color does. Cushion covers, duvets, blinds, wall hangings, wallpaper, all of these things can add variety and contrast to your décor.

Bedrooms for babies

Newborn babies don’t have great eyesight and it takes time for them to learn to focus. Forget the soft pastels; you are giving nothing for your baby to hone in on. Really newborn babies learn to focus in on the pattern. Black and white, with maybe a splash of red mobiles and pictures, are ideal for newborns. As your baby grows to go for bright colors, lots of pattern, textures, and pictures.

Bedrooms for kids

Children like to have a space of their own and to be able to be creative. Bright colors are usually preferred, but each child is different. Do try to include somewhere for your kids to sit in their room other than just the bed. A big space for a blackboard or whiteboard on the wall is a great idea. Fix a large sheet of the soft board to one wall too, where your kids can pin up their own artwork, or posters. Cover it with bright colored material or black to look attractive where it is uncovered. This is great for their self-esteem and gives them a sense of pride and ownership. Keep furniture tough and easy to clean.

These facelift ideas for bedrooms can make any boring bedroom a cool place to hang out, where you would love to spend more of your time in the coming months. Implement them properly and enjoy your cool bedroom.

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