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Confused Between Bond Cleaning and End of lease cleaning and Their Inclusions

If you're a tenant planning to relocate, you've encountered the phrase end-of-lease cleaning or bond cleaning service in Sydney. If you are not familiar with the terms of these cleaning services and what it entails, you are in the perfect spot. We will explain what these terms meant and how they help while shifting to a new home or apartment.


Cleaning your rental home yourself isn't the best option. To simplify the task of bond cleaners, clean your home using these easy guidelines.

Generally, tenants move to other places several times and often live in rented homes if they are shifting for work to promote their careers.

Shifting most likely invites many other tasks like moving furniture, and luggage, searching for a new home, etc. It makes you busy handling these chores, and you might not get enough time to clean the apartment by the end of the lease. Hiring a professional end-of-lease cleaning service can save your energy and offer you a hassle-free cleaning service. Cleaners are aware of the time it takes and how challenging the tasks are and have likely encountered a few issues.

Most tenants need a professional cleaning service in order to get their bonds back. Some homeowners hire professionals to clean their homes before showing them to new tenants. If you deposit security to your landlord, it becomes mandatory to clean your rental home; otherwise, the landlord might refuse to refund the bond. Here comes the role of end-of-lease and bond cleaning.

What is End-of-lease Cleaning Sydney?

As the name suggests, it is the extensive cleaning and sanitization process of the rented property when the tenant leaves the house at the end of the lease. The tenant needs to clean the premises as the refund depends upon it.

It is the security deposit the owner demands from the renter to pay at the beginning of the lease. The bond is then submitted to the Department of Fair Trading in New South Wales and taken back by the department after the lease period.

Typically, tenants must receive complete security back. However, the landlord or property manager may get the bond back if you do not maintain the property well.
Cleaning Bonds are tricky in NSW. Recovering your entire property management bond can be a difficult process due to the cleanliness of the bond, which means you need professional vacation services like us. Bond Cleaners in Sydney take over your entire end-of-lease cleaning process and restore your rental home in a sparkly flawless condition to empower you to retrieve your full bond refund money from your proprietor.


While wear and tear happen when you use your property regularly, damages caused to property or dirty surfaces could result in losing the bond. So, end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney is one of the most crucial tasks as the lease expires.

The fear of losing the deposit can make people anxious and nervous about the final inspection, where the property manager analyses how the property is in good condition.

This is the reason people in Sydney depend on professional cleaning services at the end of a lease to avoid the exhausting task of receiving the bond back.

From sanitizing the kitchen to disinfecting bathrooms and spot-cleaning the carpets, every task can be performed by the end-of-lease cleaners. They offer you a trusted bond back guarantee.

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What is Bond Cleaning? What is the Difference Between the End of Lease Clean?

Cleaning at the end of the lease and bond cleaning are frequently employed interchangeably and shouldn't be confused because they're the same. When a tenant starts renting a house, the tenant is required to pay a bond which is a security deposit to the owner. The bond is returned to the tenant after they decide to end their lease. You can get your bond back with the assistance of professional end-of-lease cleaners.

In law, tenants have to be able to clean their properties before receiving their money back. An agent for real estate will verify for themselves that the property is cleaned and returned to its original condition.


In general, if the house is maintained properly tenants will receive their bond in full. And if the property owner or the agent for real estate notices that the property hasn't been kept clean, as per the standards, there is a high chance that the bond will be removed, or you may be unable to claim your bond.

End-of-lease cleaning isn't your typical routine cleaning. It requires more time and effort that is targeted at specific areas of the property that aren't usually clean during normal cleaning.

What Does a Cleaner Do When They End-of-lease Clean?

While it is feasible to bond clean your home at your own pace, it is not recommended. This time will require you to focus on other things like finding another location to stay at or hiring movers to shift your furniture. It is always recommended to contact expert bond cleaners in Sydney since they have the experience and the tools needed to finish the job. So, get your full bond back from your owners with the help of experienced cleaners.

In a move-out cleaning, professional bond cleaners look through every nook and crevice that require attention to ensure that your bond is returned fully. The landlord will thoroughly inspect the situation of the property before returning your deposit. Only professional cleaners can offer you the bond back guarantee.

What Does the End-of-lease Cleaning Include?

When you get everything packed, you should have the final cleaning done. The last day of the rent cleaning checklist will show you how much work can be done for your property. List a few cleaning services your final cleaning service could include:

End-of-lease Cleaning Checklist:

  • Vacuum Closet Space
  • Vacuum Carpet steam cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Mop Floor
  • Clean and Polish Inside Windows, Balcony
  • Wipe Down & Scrub Window Sills
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Scrub & Cleaning of Skirting Boards
  • Cleaning of Mirrors, cupboards, and drawers
  • Spot Cleaning Walls
  • Thorough Cleaning of All Window Tracks
  • Wiping Down Light Switches
  • Cleaning Inside Cupboards or Drawers

Additional Services:

  • Steam Clean
  • Garage Cleaning
  • Clean Mirrors, sliding door frames, light fittings
  • Vacate Cleaning
  • Full House Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Clean the End of Lease Walls?

Mix dishwasher and warm water in a large bowl containing hot water. Soak a sponge in it and gently squeeze it out. Rub the gloss paint onto the floor and then go to the right side. However, you can opt for expert cleaners as they are trained to deep clean any spots, put extra attention to detail, and leave the property clean and polished. Many companies offer cleaning services in Sydney that are reliable to hire for end-of-lease cleaning.

How Much Does End-of-leasing Cleaning Cost?

Bond cleaning prices vary depending upon the location, the amount of cleaning required, and the location of your house. The cost of cleaning varies depending on the size of the apartment and location. You may have an additional $150 charge if your apartment is empty with no carpet cleaning. The cost is $50 or $40.

What do End of Lease Cleaners Clean?

Final lease cleaning Check-list - Dust and vacuum carpeting and upholstery. Cleaning of furniture. Sparkling clean glass surfaces and mirrors. Vacuum cleaning on hard surfaces. Use dust and a soft surface wipe.

How does Bond Cleans Work?

Bonds are often referred to as ending leasing and leaving. Cleaning Bonds are a cleaning of your unit unless required by the law to get your monies back.

How Much Do Cleaners Charge an Hour in Sydney?

Cleaning companies from Sydney to Western Australia charge similar prices at about $30 / hour per person. The average cleaning cost is about $31/hour in Sydney. Meanwhile, South Australian cleaners pay an average of $350 to $440per day.

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