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Decluttering Your Home

In this fast paced busy day and age, it’s really easy to run out of time to do daily tasks for your home. After a long day from work, or with a family of kids, it’s easy to find yourself exhausted and not capable of having enough energy to maintain your home. It can also seem like every time you clean your house, the next day everything is back to normal and you just find yourself with endless frustration over the situation. Or perhaps that isn’t it at all. Perhaps you have too many possessions and you’re running out of room for them all.

Clutter is something that every home owner wants to avoid, but the task is not as easy as it may seem. Keeping your organization intact can be a daunting task when there are so many other important things to do with your time and energy. After a while, you realize that you’re one “I’ll do it later” away from a knock on your door from the housing authorities, wanting to let you know that your house might have unlivable conditions. Maybe that’s a bit extreme and unrealistic for your situation, but that doesn’t erase the worry or the need for clean. What do you do at the point when you realize that your house is a bigger mess every time that you try to put off cleaning it and no matter how many times you try to say that you will get to your mess later, you never do? It’s time to face the clutter in your house and realize that you can defeat this enemy.

Or maybe you’re looking to take preemptive strikes to make sure that you never have to worry about that. There are many reasons that a normally tidy person might be staring the possibility of a cluttered future in the eye. Maybe you’ve got someone new moving into your home, or you’ve just started a new hobby that you know will take up more space than you have available.

Whatever the reason you’re looking into reducing clutter, there are plenty of quick tips and pieces of advice that might help you. Of course, saying you’re going to do something and doing it are two completely different things. Finding time out of your busy schedule to clean is something that not everyone has the luxury of being able to do, and once you clean, it’s hard to keep your newly cleaned home the same fresh state that you just put it in if you haven’t taken the proper organizational measures. The mundane task of cleaning daily is something that most people want to forget about. There’s always the concept of ‘Spring Cleaning’, which helps many people by giving them the excuse of a new season to finally deal with the mess around their house. No matter what your own personal reason for searching out a clutter-free future, you definitely don’t want to have your friends start mentioning that your house should be on the TV show Hoarders. How do you finally defeat the demon mess that has undoubtedly tried to make a home for itself out of your house? How do you stop yourself from binge shopping and adding to a collection of things that you’re never going to use and just take up space in your house? Hopefully after reading this, you’ll gain more insight on how to keep your life and home clutter free.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out where you belong on the clutter ladder; are you encroaching on hoarder status or are you just looking for a few tips to prevent that? Knowing where you stand and how much help you need to overcome your clutter worries.


For An Already Cluttered Home – Cleaning Up The Mess

Have you been looking around your house lately and realizing that you really have a giant cluttered mess of a home? If you’ve already got a mess to tackle, then that should be your first priority. Any kind of organization is good organization, so try to separate your mess into more manageable piles. The messier your house is, the more likely that it’s going to seem like an epic undertaking, so work on it piece by piece. Focus on one area in your home at a time, and set goals so that it doesn’t seem like it is so much effort and work.

Do: Remain optimistic and tackle the journey to a clean your home room by room. It’s always easier to deal with big projects when you divide them into smaller projects. Buy some organizational tools to help you along the way and don’t lose sight of hope.

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Don’t: Overspend on anything. You don’t want to buy too many organizational tools, like totes or boxes, because whatever you don’t use will become clutter and that just contradicts your purpose.

Once you’ve chosen the area that you’re going to focus on, try to organize what you’re looking at. Keep a bin for donations and a bag for trash handy, that way you can take care of it all at the same time instead of just moving things around. You can package anything up that you won’t be needing on a daily basis and store it out of site, that way it doesn’t clutter up the space that you have available for things that you will need every day. Keep it as organized as possible, so that when you have to go searching for something that you’ve put away, you know where to go to find it. Labeling things can make it that much easier, though it’s not a requirement.

When you’re down to looking at just the things that you want to keep out, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Take care of the easy stuff first. If you have books, get them organized on a bookshelf. If you have collectibles that you’d like to show off, get them set up wherever it is that you want to show them. Once you’ve got all the trash, items for donation, and the obvious stuff put away, you should be left with random little odds and ends. Usually, these odds and ends are things that you should think twice about. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself if you’re looking at things that you really need to have in your home. If the answer is no, donate them or throw them away. If the answer is yes, then you have to find somewhere to house these things.

Once you’ve finished off one section of your home, you can move on to another until you’ve got one full clean room. Congratulate yourself, because you should never lose sight of the fact that it’s a big step and a long undertaking. You’re doing this for yourself, so it’s worth the effort, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself a few pats on the back along the way.

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