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Cleaning Pet Urine & Getting Rid Of The Urine Smell


Cleaning Pets Urine...

Cleaning pet urine is difficult.  If you have or had a pet that peed all over the place before, I'm sure you know just as well as I do that strong stench that is left behind when they pee on your carpet or furniture.  Its been about 7 years since I've smelled that smell, and just thinking abouot it brings back the stench as if it has happened today!  Anyway, the purpose of this article is to inform you of the do's and dont's when it comes to cleaning up pet urine.

Never Use This Chemical When Cleaning Pet Urine

First of all, I don't care what kind of surface your pet has urinated on, even if it is a hard surface - do NOT use bleach.  Trust me, it will only make that stench worse.  Ammonia it that strong smell you smell in urine, and guess what?  Mixing it with bleach makes that smell even stronger, and causes a poisionous gas to form that is hazardous and potentially life threatening.


Cleaning Pet Urine With Peroxide

If the carpet has padding underneath, see if you can pull the carpet back to get to the padding. If you can, and the urine is fresh - soak it up with paper towels or regular towels, and then spray a mix of peroxide and water (half of each) or a straight mix of peroxide on both the padding and the carpet. Let it soak for a while, and then after about 5 minutes come back and soak up what you can again.

If there is padding but you cannot get to it, and the urine is still fresh...soak up what you can with a dry towel or paper towel, and then spray peroxide mix as mentioned above, let sit, and then repeat soaking up urine with a dry towel or paper towel.

**Please note that peroxide can lighten materials and carpets so if you are not sure if your material will lighten, check on a hidden spot first, or use another method.

Cleaning Pet Urine With Awesome

Awesome!! This stuff is great! Use it to clean up pet urine diluted per the instructions on the bottle, or even full strength. It wont hurt either way. LA Awesome contains no acid, ammonia, or bleach, plus it's non-flammable. Oh, it's also biodegradable! You could even put it in your carpet cleaner to clean up the urine mess plus the rest of your carpet.

Clean Pet Urine Using An Organic Solution

The downside to using natural products is that they are usually not as "strong" as commercially available products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. So you end up having to use a lot of the natural mix to get the area clean, clean the area repeatedly, or you end up givng up and going for the toxic stuff.

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But finally, some natural products are coming out that seem to pack the power/strength of their arch-chemical enemies! One such product is Stainerizer. It is organic, and safe for your pet. No more worries about you or your pet having a bad reaction due to who knows what.

For More Information on Stainerizer, click > Clean Up Pet Urine & Get Rid Of The Odor- visit the section labeled "Pet Stain Removal"

Baking Soda


Cleaning Pet Urine With Baking Soda And Vinegar

You can clean up your pets urine and get rid of the odor with baking soda and vinegar a couple of different ways.  You can use them together, or you can use them separate.  You can try them separately, one at a time, and if they don't work well enough for you by themselves, combine them using the technique below for combined strength and results:

Here's how you can use the two together to clean up pet urine and get rid of the odor:

Soak up what you can with a paper towel or dry towel first. Lightly mist the area with vinegar(optional). Then apply the baking soda and scrub it in to soak up any remaining urine/moisture. Vacuum that up, and apply more baking soda, and repeat until your area is pretty dry, or as dry as you can get it. Once it is as dry as you can get it, apply a final layer of baking soad and let it sit overnight, or a few hours. Vacuum it up, and the smell should be gone as well.

More Urine Cleaning Products For Pets

Patience and persistence pays off! Once you find out what works specifically for your household, you will be all set! Its best to try natural products first when you are trying to clean pet urine in order to prevent a mix of different chemicals and possible chemical reactions.  Happy cleaning!

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Faith Walking (author) on October 06, 2010:

Thank you, I didn't know about that one!

itakins from Irl on October 04, 2010:

Great article-lemongrass essential oil mixed with alcohol (vodka) and water is really good at sanitizing and getting rid of smells-and it has a nice citrus fragrance.

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