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Choosing a Washing Machine Stand

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The Right Stand

On the face of it, choosing a stand for your washing machine seems such an easy thing to do, but once you get down to doing it, the multiple choice available can cause confusion.

The following are the critical questions that you will have to answer before you choose the right stand.

  • What is the purpose of buying the stand?
  • What is the budget for the stand?
  • Do you want wheels for the stand or will a static one do?
  • Do you have a preference for the material?
  • Ease of fixing the stand.

Protecting your Machine


Why is the stand required?

Most washing machines have wheels attached to them. In some cases, rubber legs replace the wheels. Why is there a need for an additional stand then? The following are some of the reasons for choosing to have a stand:

  • Ground Clearance: More ground clearance means a longer machine life. Any liquid spilled or water splashed while washing the floor may corrode the lower parts of the machine. The increased height gives a better chance of avoiding such a spill reaching the inside parts. Some people prefer to keep their washing machines inside the bathroom, giving all the more reason to have this extra height.
  • Wheel provision: Many of the stands have a wheel attached to them. These wheels help in moving the machine for cleaning the floor or any similar requirement.
  • Stability: If the floor where the machine is kept is uneven, some of the stands give the scope of adjusting the height of a specific leg. Such adjustment can be beneficial in reducing machine vibration and in turn a longer life for the equipment. Note that I have mentioned leg here. Some stands have legs as well as wheels.
  • Safeguard from pests: Height also helps in keeping the pests away. So any problem related to the nesting of any insects or lizard is reduced.
  • Water Outlet Need: Some houses have water drains meant for washing machines a bit above the ground; this can have an impact on water draining out of it. Such a problem is handled better with an increase in the height of the machine. Again a stand can do the job.

    Ease of Access: Bending down to load a front loading machine can be painful for those suffering from knee problems, a high pedestal stand can alleviate this problem.

Multi-purpose Stands

These stands have the possibility of being used for other purposes as well. Using them for a refrigerator is the most common use after washing machines. Some of these stands are adjustable and can take the weight; hence this is also possible. But for all practical purposes, these stands can be used for any square cabinet of similar dimensions to increase height and the life of the product.

In some cases, increasing the height of a refrigerator helps in avoiding any accidental injury to one's toes.

Four Types of Stands

The stands available in the market for washing machines are of mainly three types; 1) The adjustable and movable one, 2) the adjustable, non-movable type, 3) the four-piece stand. Each of these types has some distinct advantages and 4) pedestal stand with drawer.

Type 1: The Adjustable and Movable Stand

I recommend this type over others. This type of stands have some advantages. Because of these features, the product is costlier than others:

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  1. It is adjustable, meaning there is no scope for anyone to say this is too small or too big. You can adjust this one to the required size.
  2. Generally, these ones have the added facility of wheels in them, meaning one can move them around.
  3. Height adjustment is possible for each of the four legs. Besides the wheel, additional pins are provided which can be screwed in to hold the ground firmly, thus increasing stability. The screws have rubber tips at the end, which help in this reducing vibration. The same knobs help in adjusting the height of each leg; this helps in ensuring that the machine does not vibrate even on an uneven ground.

Type 2: Stand without Wheels

These type of stands also have adjustable base but do not have casters. Made of plastic and steel, these stands cannot move but generally have all the other adjustments needed.

Without wheel it is slightly lower in cost. If you are aware that you will not move your washing machine often, this can be an ideal solution. Further, the scope of any movement is greatly reduced as there are no wheels.

The Four-Piece Stand

As the name suggests, this stand has four parts. Each of the machine's wheel/leg is placed on top of a piece. The scope of adjusting it to any size is the most significant advantage of this type. It would take a bit more effort to install it but will look the most elegant. Cost-wise it is relatively cheaper and occupies less space in storage.

The stand is generally made of good quality material and lasts. In terms of height, these ones have lesser ground clearance and should be one of the factors to be considered while purchasing. The material, however, looks sturdy and durable.

Additional advantage of this type is that it can even be used to increase the height of a bed or cot.

Pedestal with Drawers

This type of stand has the additional advantage of a drawer as a place to store laundry items. However, it is neither adjustable nor all sizes are available. Meaning one has to be very careful while choosing this.

For front loading models, it offers the added advantage of height. Those with knee problems and having trouble bending down, this will help.

Types of Stands

Look at the different stands in a nutshell


Adjustable and Movable

Fits different sizes / has wheels


Adjustable without Wheels

Fits different sizes / Stable

Cannot be moved around

Four Piece Stand

Occupies lesser space, Elegant

Needs careful setting up

Stand with Pedestal

Height advantage, storage space

All Sizes not available


Final Word

As you can see there are many advantages in purchasing a stand for your machine. You need to only decide what type is best suited. The market has different types available that fit various budgets. Besides the ones highlighted in the article, there are a few more available in the market, but I haven't been too happy with them, hence they are not mentioned here.

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