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Chandeliers- Age of This Ageless Beauty

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Versailles Candlestick Chandelier

A History of Chandeliers - Age of this ageless beauty

Chandeliers are associated with elegance and beauty. This home décor item can bring a touch of class to a well-decorated and renovate home. Thanks to Hollywood for showing massive chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of the big lavishing house, their trend is on peak these days. They have become so common that we can spot them in almost every building. However, the concept of chandeliers is not very fresh.

Origin of chandelier

This ageless beauty dates back to 1736. The world chandelier originated from the French word ‘chandelle’ which means candle. The very first chandelier was designed in the shape of a cross which was hung from the ceiling to support candles made from animal fat.

How did chandeliers become a status of class?

We all know that chandeliers are symbols of class and grace. But the question why? There are so many other home décor items and none of them stands close to the chandelier.

Back in the days when chandeliers were only affordable to wealthy merchants and high-class people, these home décor items were only used to be found in palaces and grand homes. They were not accessible as well as affordable to everyone which made them a status symbol. Its influence on the class and standard of home is still the same.

The evolution of chandeliers

By the 17th century, the tables started to turn. It was a revolutionary era for chandeliers. Artisans knew that chandeliers have a huge and expensive market. That’s why bringing something new would be highly beneficial. So they started adding new elements. With the usage of metal, mirror pieces, crystals and many other decorative things, chandeliers began to evolve.

The extra touch of beauty was added by Murano glass-makers in Italy who came up with the idea of soda glass. This glass was a lightweight glass that was easy to shape. Hence, rather than using flat pieces of glass, artisans started using this soda glass by giving them the shape of beautiful flowers and leaves.

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The royalty of chandeliers

Chandeliers became popular all over Europe before gaining popularity in the rest of the world. These home décor items found a new home in royal palaces. In fact, whenever we see large chandeliers, the first image that comes to mind is of the royal palaces of England.

The modern era of chandeliers

The modern era of chandeliers has everything we can ever imagine. From the traditional to modern designs, we can huge variety of chandeliers. Today, we have electric bulbs as the source of chandelier lights which was once used to be candles.

There are more sophisticated and practical designs that can fit every place. The chandeliers in today’s world still reflect class and grace as they used to back in the day. The only difference is that they are affordable to more people. There are chandeliers for every place. In fact, today we have bathroom chandeliers. What more we could ask for?

Talking about the colour, we can find entirely black chandeliers these days. These bold yet elegant chandeliers are perfect for every place and are used in many households.

The modern chandeliers are nothing but a commendable variety of chandeliers. With their minimal and class design, these modern chandeliers have become a new benchmark of beauty.

Final words

The chandeliers are the definition of ageless beauty. These home décor items never fail to elevate the beauty of your house. It is the right time to bring home a classy chandelier that will take the breath away of everyone who looks at it. This beauty will make you want to stay home all day and appreciate its beauty.

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