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Carpet dyeing experts how to avoid disaster dying it yourself & end up in the toilet

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Carpet dyeing nightmare

What bufoon let so called carpet dyeing experts out to write articles.

It really yanks my chain when I see good people being given crappy advice, which in turn ends up costing you dearly. I read or started to read this article on a so called respected article site and boy did I turn red (the main colour of their site), when I saw this guy vomited up all of what he knew which was virtually nothing about carpet dyeing THEN he has the audacity to ask you to sign up for his email list so he can give you even less knowledge or more warped out stories.

Thank you for taking the time & trusting us your only true colour restoration specialist and carpet dyeing experts. You've made the smart choice not to be mislead on these important points on carpet dyeing as so many people are... by people or business out to make a quick buck on writing bad articles or information on their own sites.

Carpet dye blending

See how the colours blend on the beige carpet.

This dye tests on the below images prove you can get a red on green carpet without turning brown. It also highlights the different depths of shades needed to reach such colours

Carpet dyeing tests & Bleach spots

Carpet dyeing tests to get colour right for Bleach spots zoomed it looks more like a stain due 2 too dark a depth used

Carpet dyeing tests to get colour right for Bleach spots zoomed it looks more like a stain due 2 too dark a depth used

Carpet dyeing tests to get colour right for MILD Bleach spots further away less like a stain

Carpet dyeing tests to get colour right for MILD Bleach spots further away less like a stain

Carpet dyeing tests to get depth & colour right for STRONG Bleach spots Notice the chocolate test pretty well matches except for slightly dark

Carpet dyeing tests to get depth & colour right for STRONG Bleach spots Notice the chocolate test pretty well matches except for slightly dark

Carpet Dyeing Dangers


place a redyed carpet on another carpet to avoid the risk of dye transfer

i HAVE ONLY DONE THIS because I know for certain the carpet I put it on is polypropylene & I can clean it off if any gets on. Even on the bricks you need to wash it off so you don't walk the excess dye onto your own carpet

Carpet dyeing experts to the rescue

★█ █
As with most people I know at some point in time you will want to change your carpet. If it's just the colour and not the texture or look then you should certainly consider carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing is like those facial rejuvenation masks and treatments, it only treats the look and feel of the carpet.

Choosing the right carpet dyeing company is important because the old style carpet dyers are very restricted to the methods and carpet types they can dye. However with carpet dyeing experts Polypropylene, along with acrylic, Polyester, nylon along and wool carpets may be dyed.

Your carpets current specific color doesn't always mean you will have to go a specific shade or derivative of that colour. You can go pink from green and not get brown. You could go purple from orange without getting black. Only with unskilled or the uninformed would get a purple from wanting to dye red over a blue carpet, however if it's dark blue you would get purple.

As one of only a few carpet dyeing experts I can tell you with all honesty your carpet may be one of the carpets which refuse to absorb certain colours, whether it be the whole carpet or parts. This in new carpet is due to the manufacturing process and in used carpets due to wear and tear. With our specialised carpet dyeing experts methods you don't have to go more dark, you can go lighter & brighter and at the opposite end of the spectrum achieve those deeper blacks than most other carpet dye systems.

The two popular carpet dyeing methods are. Spraying the dye on through a wand or lance using a pump for pressure between 60-80 psi and the other through applying the dye whilst scrubbing it in through a scubber machine.

One person suggests using a pump that produces between 150 and 500 pounds of pressure. Then goes on to suggest the method can have some issues with penetration. HEY BOZO OF course it would have issues with penetration, the dye would be being blasted somewhere between the underlay and concrete and not much left on the surface. When we do restoration cleans we only use 150-300 psi.

A rotary scrubber or modified floor polishing machine used correctly will give you the same result only a little easier. This is because it scrubs the dye in for you and you don't have to manually do it. One person suggests an overlapping pattern but I teach a crisscross method to avoid missing patches of carpet. Though the scrubber therefore may be more efficient, but neither are the more effective strategies of the two.

Have you thought about carpet dyeing

Carpet dyeing versus replacement

Carpet the GOOD BAD & UGLY of it

Carpet dyeing GOODReplacing carpet BADUGLY

Carpet dyeing can extend life of carpet

New carpet may not be same quality

You have to move furniture off either way

Dyeing you can usually get the color you want

New carpet may not get the color you want

If you make the wrong choice

Carpet can easily be touched up if need be

If protected can be impossible to repair

Other damage may happen to either

We dye for $15 a meter sq

Can be $1-2000 or more

Either way you need to spend to fix carpet

Carpet dyeing experts show you everything including the toilet

Can you see where we dyed the bleach spots

Can you see where we dyed the bleach spots

How about now we zoomed in no bleach spots

How about now we zoomed in no bleach spots

Toilet carpet dyeing this carpet was 22 when we dyed it in August 1996 now 16 years on it's 38 in 2012

Toilet carpet dyeing this carpet was 22 when we dyed it in August 1996 now 16 years on it's 38 in 2012

carpet dyeing research

When I initially set out to do carpet dyeing I got samples from 3 of the ONLY 5 major worlwide carpet dye manufacters. However you will not want anywhere near the quantity of dye we bought so you will have to rely on finding a reputable business that sells carpet dye. Mind you with all the advertising there aren't many out there.

I studied the technical aspects of these dyes for 6 years & made sure the dyes I was going to buy had the highest ratings for

★ Wetfastness
★ Rubfastness
★ Lightfastness
★ Nylon compatibility
★ Perspiration fastness

The reason most of the compatibility issues was because these are daily issues for most carpets. As for nylon compatibility was because most of the carpets are made of Nylon hence the issue of compatibility. Then I went and picked the four colours to give the most vivid reulsts.

Carpets having a stain resilient or protective coating will only partially dye.

You can possibly now see why it is best for you to have one of our carpet dyeing experts visit you to make sure you get the best job without wrecking your carpet. The reason I say this is because there are more than 5 carpet dye tests we do before even considering dyeing a carpet. Our carpet dyeing experts know the ratio of dye to other chemicals such as neutraliser, reducer, fixation agents and lightfast (UV stabilisation) ingredients to use to how much carpet.

As for touching up the colour or doing bleach spots. No colour match program or system can ever replace what the human eye sees. Since 1975 I have seen numerous disastrous effects of what colour match programs or systems output.

For your own peace of mind look in your local phone book for professionals first. Our carpet dyeing experts are professionals at what we do. BUT if you ever think about dyeing your own carpet just grab a magazine with pictures, some water colour paints and have a go painting a decent picture first. At least by doing this first before eliminating the professionals you are less likely to destroy your carpet. Then if you think you're ready go to your local carpet manufacturer or supllier for some samples to practice or try out on.

Carpets usually have a whole range of history to go along with them and when it comes to dye the carpet will tell you what it has gone through over the years. If you are one of the lucky ones you will find your carpet givves you no headaches when dyeing it giving you a great dye job and outcome.

Your only true colour restoration specialist and carpet dyeing experts can provide you with more valuable carpet dyeing info and advice

Carpet Dyeing Answers Questions Comments

Suz on September 02, 2012:

I found your info interesting and helpful. My problem is, I live in a remote area where there are NO carpet dyers, either pro or novice. So, I am considering dying it myself. The carpet is red, and has faded badly in two small areas from extreme sun exposure. The room is huge (20' x 30'), and the rest of the carpet still looks beautiful and soft, with no stains. At this point, anything would be an improvement on these two faded areas, because it is almost white from the sun. So, can I just buy some fabric spray 'paint' to help the looks of my carpet? I don't know what type of carpet I have.. all I know is, it is the softest carpet I have ever felt, you can lay on the floor and you just want to stroke your fingers through it because it is so silk-like (it cost an arm & a leg when we bought it, haha). Like I said, anything would be an improvement. I appreciate your advice - thank you so much! :)

ausis (author) from Australia on May 16, 2012:

Hi LJ with regards to hot water and dye that would not really work. By the time you get to brush it in, it would do what is known in the trade as snap & the dye would only be on the very top surface of the fibre. It would also go multi colours depending on which of the colours grabbed quicker.

These dye batch needs to have a levelling penetration chemical as well as the right dye for the fibre. Plus being kept at a temperature above 50 oC, if the carpet is polyester above 200 oC.

All this takes quite a bit of work & $ to set up as you could tell then you need the skill to get it right. That is why the are only half a dozen or so carpet dyers in Australia & only one true colour restorer, which is me.

L J on May 15, 2012:

Very interesting advise. I have bedroom carpet that is in perfect condition except for the ugly stains. I really want to dye it. It's not that big of a room. Can I use a spray bottle with hot water and dye in it, then spray an area and with a brush, lightly scrub it n the carpet? I am sure it would take longer but would it be ok?

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ausis (author) from Australia on March 24, 2012:

Firstly we never recommend using bleach. We do however have a fabric safe bleach we use under controlled circumstances ONLY for the hardest to remove SPOTS. The dyeing method we use generally removes 98.8-99.5% of the spots people call stains.

You probably don't need to dye as dark as you think due to that fact you could use a lighter version of the Grey or Brown Wolverine in the first 2 photos. In the orange & green sampler see how there is a milk chocolate looking colour on the right... That could be as dark as you need it just depends on if you want to hide future dirt and stain-age.

You could ask the colourist for a patterned effect much like a chocolate looking leopard. This is how one of the damaged carpets we did once before turned out, due to all sorts of chemicals had attacked the fibre making it more porous in spots so it went darker.

Hope this helps you out

Thanks for leaving a comment. :)

Laura on March 24, 2012:

What about a carpet that has terrible stains everywhere? Should the stains be bleached out first or will dye cover them and blend them in. I have a carpet that is just awful. I'm thinking of dying is the darkest color of stain that is on it. lol.. What is the best way to go about that?

ausis (author) from Australia on March 11, 2012:

I sort of know what you mean I used to get freaked out when the slightest thing went wrong, when I first started dyeing back round 1991. After a while though I got used to things happening & fixing themselves.

Just like I did you can have some real fun when you dye carpets. I did one that looked a bit like a toffee apple & tennis ball combined. If I can find them I might put the other photos up here or on my other carpet dye hub.

BTW Thanks for leaving a comment. :)


b. Malin on March 11, 2012:

Hi Ausis, the last house we bought (thank goodness) had Pergo Flooring and all we needed were a few nice Area Rugs. Actually the Bedrooms did have carpeting. We wound up replacing the Small Den one. I did find all your Information quite useful if we ever decided to dye our Bedroom...But I'm still not so sure I would try. But Thank You!

ausis (author) from Australia on January 26, 2012:

Let me clarify omething here before all the so called experts come out & start. IF you go to the doctor and want plastic surgery or something he doesn't do, he will recommend against it. unless he does it of course and that's why the other carpet dyers say you can't or shouldn't dye Polypropylene, along with acrylic, Polyester, toys or other things they can't do.

When I say with carpet dyeing experts Polypropylene, along with acrylic, Polyester, nylon along and wool carpets may be dyed.

As with anything the job will turn out fine if tested properly the system is followed & the people doing the work know what they're doing. Don't be put off just keep asking round till you find someone who can do it for you.

ausis (author) from Australia on January 26, 2012:

Thanks Sue so much for your comment don't worry you're not alone almost 98 people out of every100 tell us that. Then they experience the difference & they're stunned. If you do it I hope it works out for you.

Sueswan on January 26, 2012:

Hi ausis

Very useful information. I have carpet but I never thought about dyeing it.

Voted up and interesting.

Take care

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