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Caring for Plants While Away

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My system can work on both indoor and outdoor plants. I have a big screen room so I do not have to worry about any of the wild animals.

This is time consuming but I think everything in life needs some TLC

I go through all my plants and have some I keep outside and some I keep in the screen room while I am away. I will group the plants together and have a big bucket of water near each group. Depending on the size of the plants, that tells me what thickness of the rope I need.

I will fill big buckets of water near each group of plants and will soak the ropes in the bucket. I usually let them soak for a couple of hours to make sure they are totally wet.

I make a hole in the soil of each plant and stick the end of the rope that is already soaking in the bucket of water into the soil of the plant in the pot. As long as the rope is thick enough and long enough, the rope will remain wet and keep the plant watered until I get back.

The things to remember is to get big buckets for the water and thick enough rope that will keep them wet.

If I am going away for a long period of time, I have a neighbor fill up my buckets a couple of times until we get back.

I have never lost a plant due to being dried up.

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