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The Best Portable Washing Machine, Small In Size And Capacity - Best For Apartments And Small Spaces

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Buying A Small Portable Washing Machine

If you live in an apartment, cabin, condos, or where the living space is really tight with no hookups. You may want to consider the benefits of having a small washing machine. They are really small in size, therefore easy to store, and can be very functional to handling your daily laundry needs. Like baby clothes, jeans, t-shirts, pillow covers, sheets, bath towels, to underwear, lingerie.. you name it.

Even, if you prefer not to use nearby Laundromat and spending lot of time to go there regularly, a portable washing machine is a good investment. There are no quarters, no paying money every time, and no other users of the unit. These mini washing machines are affordable, easy to use, small in size, and can wash clothes as clean as a regular washer.

In fact they can take care 90% to 95% of your day to day laundry needs. Being a small washing machine they are very easy to move. Hook them up with a kitchen sink faucet, they’ll just work fine. Even, take them with you when going out for a vacation, or a camping trip. They’ll be handy to fulfill your laundry needs there. Some of them operate manually; so no electricity is required to use them, that save your utility bill too.

3 Things You Want To Consider When Buying The Best Small Washing Machine

Things you’ll want to consider include:

1. What size?

Sizes do matter. Before buying a portable washing machine, you may want to consider, the overall size of the machine. What size machine would suits your needs? Measure the depth, width, and height of the space where you intend to keep the machine. Keep the measurements at hand when shopping.

One of the primary advantages of the mini washing machines is, they are fairly easy to store, in fact it can be stored into a cabinet, or closet between uses. Many models even feature wheels, making them extremely portable. However, on the downside these mini washers can wash a limited amount of laundry at one time.

2. What Capacity?

Washing machine capacity is generally measured in pounds or kilograms. For instance, a washing machine capacity is 5lbs. Therefore, you can wash a load that weight about 5lbs at one time. If you are unsure about, how much your laundry loads usually weights, pack a load into a normal trash bag, and weight it on your bathroom scale.

Make sure you pack one load that contains heavier items like jeans. It will help you to determine how many pair of jeans would be a too much load for your washing machine.

3. Ease Of Use?

Of course, you don’t want to end up buying a washing machine, that is really complicated to use, and very hard to set up everything to run the machine. So you may want consider how easy they are to use? Can you set up the machine by yourself? Or, do you need any professional help to set it up?

Though these type of portable washers are very easy to set up, and extremely easy to operate. Hooking them up is super easy with kitchen sink or bathtub faucet. And they are ready to go.

For the most part, it is not hard to choose the best portable mini washing machine, but before you pay the price, you want to make sure that you checked all the features that you need.

5.5lbs Capacity Panda Small Washing Machine - Perfect For Small Apartment

This may be small in size with 5.5lbs capacity, but its compact size support pretty powerful performance. It measures 14.2 inch width, 14 inch depth, and 19.3 inch height. This is an ideal mini washer for small spaces. Even the washer is fairly lightweight, total weight is just about 6kg, and it comes with a carrying handle, so moving it, is not difficult.

The maximum load capacity of this washer is 5.5lbs that is almost 2.49kg. So at one time you can wash up to a maximum load that weights about 2.49kg. This a great mini washing machine with ample power to handle normal items like jeans, sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, etc. Everything thing comes out very clean, and it uses very little detergent.

And, this mini washer is extremely easy to use. Just fill the bucket with ample water, add laundry and detergent, close the lid. Plug it in and set the timer. That’s it. Yes, it is that easy to operate this mini washer.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a mini washer that can fit into a small space, and just work fine on a kitchen counter top, with ample power to wash some normal day to day laundry. Then look no further.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

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6lbs Capacity Haier Small Portable Washing Machine - Great For Apartments And Small Spaces

This mini washer is little bigger in size than the previous mini washer, though its size is perfect to fit into a small space. It measures approximately 23inch by 23inch by 36inch. And it comes with smooth-rolling casters so when it is not in use, it’s not that difficult to store it into a closet. Total weight of this machine is almost 58 pound.

Being a mini washing machine, the capacity of this mini washer is maximum 6 pound at one time. So this can handle almost all the normal items from undergarments, to a pair of jeans, to a pair of shirts, and more. Though it is small in size, but it performs like a regular big washer. The clothes come out very clean and well spun out so they dry quickly.

In fact, it comes with sink adopter, and that fits to almost any kitchen sink faucet. Setting up the machine is not that tough. And the controls are easy to understand.


7 lbs Capacity Panda Washing Machine And Dryer

This twin tub mini washing machine is a good choice if you are looking for a mini washing machine with dryer. The measurement of this machine is approximately 23 inch by 14.5 inch by 26 inch. And the weight of the unit is just about 28 pounds. This extremely easy to store, and move. This mini washing machine is just perfect for apartments, condos, and caravans dwellers. Even it is perfect for using in short trips, picnics, and more.

The maximum load it can handle in one time is up to 7 pound for washing. Being a mini washer and dryer it can rinse the clothes too at the same time, but the spinner capacity is about half of the washing capacity of this machine that is about 3.5lbs at one time.

It comes with everything to set up the machine. And it is easy to set them up. The inlet hose and outlet hose are easy to set up. However, if the inlet hose does not match with your faucet, just use a bucket and fill into the washing tub directly, and that will work fine. The controls are uncomplicated to understand and easy to operate.


Woderwash - A Non-electric Portable Washing Machine

In case if you are looking for a mini washing machine that works with no electricity, the Wonderwash portable washing machine is the perfect choice. It can wash up to a load of 5lbs at one time, perfect for washing small items like baby clothes, diapers, kitchen towels, etc.

Just fill the laundry, add water and detergent, close the lid, and start turning the handle like thing for 2 to 3 minutes, that is extremely easy, and of course, far better than washing by hand. It is super easy to store this machine, measures 18 by 14 by 14 inches, and the unit weight is just about 5.7 pound.


Best Portable Clothing Dryer

Do You Own A Small Washing Machine? All Comments Are Welcome

Marie on October 18, 2015:

The panda mini washer is outstanding. Pays for itself. Had it for a year now and I'm still very happy wth it

Marie on November 27, 2014:

Cool article!

Tolovaj on February 19, 2014:

Small washing machine can be a life saver for people who need washing on regular basis (i. e. families with kids) but their 'main' washing machine is broken. Sometimes a repair takes more than a week and with a small alternative you can wait. Without that, buying a new machine (even if the old has valid guarantee) is sometimes the only option.

Thanks for the reviews!

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