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Bunk Beds With Slides For Boys And Girls, Loft beds, Cheap Bunk Beds Sale


Amazing cheap bunk beds with slides for kids are perfect for young children. Bunk beds with slides for children are a unique item of bedroom furniture which adds a playground to a bed space.

Girls bunk beds with a slide carry a princess theme. Princess beds are excellent for a growing imagination and aids in getting young children off to bed early. The loft beds come with pastel colors of yellow, purple, violet and of course, pink.

Boys bunk beds with slides have a larger theme base. For the budding army cadets there is the army style barracks, for space adventurers Buzz Light Year awaits them in their dreamland. For a more traditional approach, there are always the plain cheap bunk beds with a slide, offering neutral colors to blend with all other furnishings and décor.

Twin Bunk Beds With Slides

Twin bunk beds or loft beds with a slide offer awesome opportunities for imagination and bonding between two brothers or sisters. The durability and strength of all bunk beds advertised on this page, have been duly tested and pass all regulations regarding health and safety, and all carry a money back guarantee and full warranty.


The amazing Powell Princess Bunk Bed with a slide promises to amaze the girls and leave them in shear delight. This gorgeous bunk bed allows sisters to share in the adventures through their own imagination.

All the linens are easily washable on low temperatures. This beautiful bed gives each child privacy with curtains for the bottom area and an old Western Stagecoach style tent for the top bunk.

Each section has see through windows to allow the princess to see her subjects delivering food and drinks to herself and her friends.

The bed arrives flat packed with instructions for easy assembly and a hot-line number in case of any problems during self assembly.

Windsor Low Loft Tent Bed


This single bunk bed has the WOW! factor. Articulate in design with ample play room underneath. Superb for any young girl.

Enclosed on all four sides for privacy and for playing at Princess in her own castle.

Bedtime will never be the same again, but getting them out of bed maybe slightly more difficult.

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Boys Twin Bunk Beds

A fantastic Cavalry / Cowboys and Indians style fort bunk bed. Its' an adventure playground rolled up into a bed.

This superb loft bed with a slide will provide many hours of fun for your boys and their friends.

Designed to imitate a real fort, this is a perfect opportunity to let the kids play in their room with little disturbance for the parents.

See through fold down windows add to the 3d excitement of this fantastic loft bed with a slide. All covers are easily washable, which is needed for younger children.

This metal framed bunk bed is a new adventure everyday.

Army Style Bunk Beds With Slide.


This totally awesome army themed bunk bed with a slide is about adventurous as they come. Every boy will be gobsmacked when they receive one of these fantastic kids beds.

Cheap bunk beds with slides like this model, helps give a restful nights sleep and hours of fun.

The fatigued colored tent gives extra room inside and under the top bunk, giving exceptional space for a second bunk or to be used as a HQ.

The budding General will spend hours commanding his troops from this awesome and realistic army command post, until its' time for bed.

Colorful Loft Bed For Youngsters


This amazing and cute colorful bed is ideal for the younger children. Designed with safety in mind, this sturdy bed is excellent for little boisterous children.

Ample playing space undeneath the top bunk bed, with extra tent space provided by an easily washable play tent. This loft bed is fantastic as a first bunk bed with a slide for younger children.


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we want to have a slide on are bunkbed

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Interesting designs of kids' bunk beds. Haven't seen such before. Thank you for sharing. Any kid will definitely love to have such a bed.