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How to Grow Bromeliads

Bromeliad Photos

This is one of my favorites.   Love the center of the Bromeliad flower here where it has small white bits  in the middle

This is one of my favorites. Love the center of the Bromeliad flower here where it has small white bits in the middle

Purple and green Bromeliad  - this one is a lot brighter than this at most times of the year

Purple and green Bromeliad - this one is a lot brighter than this at most times of the year

Red and lime green Bromeliad

Red and lime green Bromeliad

Vibrant Bromeliad and I have edited this one to bring up the brilliant colors even more

Vibrant Bromeliad and I have edited this one to bring up the brilliant colors even more

This Bromeliad photo is almost completely natural and is a brilliant shiny green

This Bromeliad photo is almost completely natural and is a brilliant shiny green

Bromeliad Growing Tips

I just love Bromeliads.

I love the richness of their fabulous colors, their sturdiness and structural strength. The way the water sits in small pools reflecting light and growing miniature gardens inside the cups in their own secret world.

My sister in law first introduced them to me when she had a bed of them and I admired them each time I went over. She had always had a very green thumb & we all assumed that they only grew so well because of her care and attention.

Once I realised that they were pretty easy care and I could simply relax and enjoy their beauty, I became hooked. As a vegetable gardener used to watching over the plants at almost every stage I was amazed that I could just pop them in and enjoy them and they grew lushly without constant attention and best of all they didn't get lots of bugs and diseases and the variety of different colors and foliage was just amazing. As if this wasn't enough, the leaves and foliage by themselves were fantastic that it was an extra bonus to find they flowered as well !

They are the showiest and easiest plants to grow so long as you have a sheltered spot for them (as I found out after the first frost we had them !) Some people think are completely weird but I am enraptured with them. I can't think of another plant you can just put in a pot and let them go for it. I have even had some just sitting in pots awaiting transplanting without soil or potting mix and they get along fine until I catch up with them.

Bromeliads grow in the wild in deserts, jungles and also mountainous areas so they are quite varied in their requirements and you can be sure there is a Bromeliad for pretty much every area of your garden.

Generally the spikier they are, the hardier they are.

They look fantastic mounted on old driftwood or punga logs or they will also thrive an old tree in a sheltered spot in the garden and can be attached with old stocking or pantyhose or chicken wire until they get established.

  • How to grow Bromeliads: Pretty easy !
  • Put in a pot
  • Add potting mix that is open and free draining. I use half orchid mix and half potting mix and gently push down around the Bromeliad
  • Keep a bit of a watch over the newly potted ones until they get established.
  • Make sure the cups are always full so they don't dry out and keep the water clear
  • Sometimes sluice out the cups to keep clear but remember in the wild they do get nourishment from old leaves and insects dropping into the cups.
  • Don't kill them off with too much water - they like to be free draining
  • They thrive on admiration too !


We looked at frost cloth - quite expensive for more than a few, and enclosing then is not an option as we like to look at them. As a compromise over the winter I have moved them onto the deck and we have devised a super cheap way to help them stay warm. Old wincyette sheets from the local opportunity shop does the trick, they may not look so pretty festooned with sheets but we can just flip the sheets off in the morning and they will get the sun and if it rains the cups will replenish and they look stunning. The only down side is that the hens and roosters and the cat have discovered them on the deck and spend time drinking deeply from the cups ! They must like the water inside them as they prefer it to their drinking bowls.

Protecting Bromeliads from Frost and Cold

ikes ! This morning we woke to discover that it had been almost a frost and we had forgotten to cover the all important Brom's .... because they mostly come from tropical climates some of the leaves get spotted or damaged by the cold. It spoils their beauty but the colors are still magnificent and the spots even add to their charm.

I decided we need some way to help them keep their beautiful colors and help the leaves stay brilliant and blemish free without it costing a fortune over the winter. I could move them to somewhere warm and sunny but I have too many to shift them all inside without moving out of the house ourselves :)

Links to Cool Bromeliad Sites

  • John\'s Bromeliads
    Good collection of bromeliad photos by John who has been growing Bromeliads in Florida for 20 years.
    Huge selection of a range of tropical plants well worth a visit if you are into tropicals and bromeliads
  • Bromeliads "My Collection"
    Great blog site with lots of lovely photographs and informative text on bromeliads, how to care for them and bromeliad growing tips,

Sort after Fab Bromeliad turns up ....

Amazingly opportune gift !!

Amazingly opportune gift !!

Pink and bright lime green bromeliad !!

I was thrilled to get this Bromeliad .. I saw one on an auction site and bid on it ...missed it, then saw another listed by same seller ...I practically camped out on the listing and the price went up and up ....and up !! Still I wanted it :) you know the feeling .......gotta have it .....you guessed it ...one of the other bidders beat me to it at the last second !!! Grrrrrr !

After a bit of a meltdown I was talking to another avid Bromeliads grower who was coming up our way and she said she had a "totally fab" wee Bromeliad for me .....YUP ....it was the pink and lime one !!! JOY, JOY !

Bromeliad group

Bromeliad group

Purple and lime green Bromeliad


Bromeliads make fantastic subjects for art and photogaphy as they have great form, incredible texture and colour. Even better to edit, sketch and paint or to add to your home decor. The colours are incredible and the shine on their leaves reflects light and when edited in any photography program using filters you will be hooked on using them as your latest art it photo Muse. Try it, the only problem is stopping.

Bromeliad Edited in free app called Painnt



Teresa Richardson on February 29, 2012:

I live in arizona. I bought my first bromeliad as a house plant. The only info that came with it was the name but didn't tell me the type. The leaves are large and waxy with red speckles on most of the leaves. I would like to know the species and indoor care. Thank you

Beverly on September 03, 2010:

I just bought my first Bromeliad two weeks ago. Its still beautiful. A lady at the store I bought it from said the mother frogs in the jungles use these plants to protect their babies from jungle preditors by putting them in the leaves. I happened to have a tiny rubber frog with red eyes, and put on one one of the leaves...really cute.

Carol on March 15, 2010:

Bromeliads do like to be potted in orchid mix and don't really like too much fertilizer. I sometimes put a couple of sheep pellets in the bottom of the pot and this seems to have no ill effects and helps them to grow strong and healthy.

Travis on March 09, 2010:

Would Orchid bloom food kill it or help it live

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