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Briggs & Stratton P4500 - Product Review

Inverter Generator in shed

Inverter Generator in shed

The Briggs & Stratton P4500 is a powerful quietly-powered inverter generator. This machine provides a seamless transition of electrical supply to sensitive electronics such as smartphones and laptops.

Product Features/Description

Operational Requirements

This product is very easily operated by means of the three-step system. You are simply required to turn the fuel valve to the On position. This is followed by the activation phase and waiting for the green button to launch the start sequence. No reading of complex manuals; trying to grasp how the machine works that can possibly result in downtime. This is a perfect plugin and work option.

Superb Design

The Briggs & Stratton comprises a design that is light in weight. Therefore the user can easily transport it to different locations. The design allows the unit to be stored with minimal effort. The compact design means that there are no large unsightly objects. The risk of tripping over wires while on your vacation is also minimized and the day can carry on as usual.

Advanced Detection Capabilities

One unique feature of this inverter generator is bringing the generator to rest when damaging levels of carbon monoxide build up in its area of operation. This affords both the machine and the user adequate protection.

Protective Shell

The protective shell guards all the internal components and subsequently also reduces noise levels dramatically. With a design so ingenious, one could not wish for more, especially in the instance of home, holiday, or recreational use. These features will ensure the machine’s longevity as they are not exposed to possible outside elements and put at risk.

High-Informational Display Panel

The machine’s information panel provides much-needed information on the display. This includes information such as run time, the level of fuel capacity the device currently has, and lastly, the power usage. All the information the user will need to ensure the machine runs at an optimum level.

Outlets and Run Time

Comprising of four 120V, 20A outlets. One 120V, 30A RV outlet, and two USB ports are also part of the machine’s design. This means you can run or charge a multitude of different devices all at the same time.

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Reduced Noise Levels

Briggs & Stratton enhanced the generator for optimal use and the capability to run at full capacity and give off lower noise levels compared to its competitors. This makes it an ideal option for even office use as there is very little disruption caused during its operational process.

Telescopic Handle

A telescopic handle has been incorporated into the design. This ensures that the inverter generator can be steered from one point to the next without overexerting oneself. The last thing you want is to push or pull a heavy piece of machinery around and experiencing more downtime. This unit is indeed a time-saver of note!

Long Run Time

The majority of the reviewers reported that their generator runs for long hours. Some users stated that they have used the generator for a total of 14 hours a day for as little as $6. This makes this a cost-effective option for everyone. This generator is perfectly suited for areas that are renowned to have regular power outages due to the reliability factor involved.


  • Ready for use in a few short seconds.
  • Automatic capability in managing speed.
  • Inverter technology ensures steady supply to sensitive electronics.
  • Advanced detection capability for CO build up in the operational area.
  • Easily stored and transported.


  • Not parallel compatible.
  • One customer reported a faulty machine upon delivery.


This inverter generator is ideal to use in your home, office, and even for recreational purposes. It comes with a sleek design, meaning that the machine can be stored away easily after use.

The machine is easily operated with a three-step initiative. It has all the makings of a user-friendly machine for any type of user to operate with ease. Its unique capability to run multiple devices simultaneously makes this a big drawing card for any family unit to consider purchasing. The design can even be described as being aesthetically pleasing, with no protruding, unsightly wires.

You will never have to look for another inverted generator again after a Briggs & Stratton!

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