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Boilermate II - Boiler Repair - No Hot Water.

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Boilermate II.

Your Boilermate II is now probably many years old as I update this article in 2021 and you realize that it isn't as efficient as it first was. Boiler repair is needed. In fact it is showing definite signs of old age and you wonder if it is time to replace it. It may be that it is costing you money in repairs.

Don't despair, it can be fixed in many cases, but parts are becoming more scarce or so the engineers I spoke to would tell me.

Is the temperature of hot water from your taps getting cooler and may even be non existent. Does your central heating work though ?

Chances are it will be the 'Oventrop' mixer valve which comes fitted to your Boilermate II which is failing and needs to be replaced.

This is an easy fix for anyone with basic do it yourself knowledge / skills and can be done for reasonable cost. If you are not competent then you must pass it on to someone who is qualified to do the work.

Oventrop Brawa Mixer.

Attribution: PCH Supplies

Attribution: PCH Supplies

No hot water?

This always happens when the weather is coldest or at a time of year when to call out an engineer just isn't possible. If it does happen in the middle of a cold snap you might struggle to get an engineer to you in a hurry. Plumbing and heating engineers are in demand all year round and even more so in winter.

Don't worry, with the help of this guide, e-bay and a bit of D.I.Y knowledge your hot water could be restored quickly and cheaply if you know what to do.

To restore your hot water to optimum temperature is not as hard as you may think. No hot water will be a thing of the past. Above all you will be happy in the knowledge that you attempted it yourself although I am not suggesting you tackle anything that you don't feel comfortable or knowledgeable at doing.

I know because all the repairs on my Boilermate II were done by ME.

Is this your Boilermate II mate?

Boilermate II with front panel removed.

Boilermate II with front panel removed.

Diagnose Your Boilermate Problems.

How old is your Boilermate II?

No problem. My Boilermate II was 15 years old when I first wrote this article and was still going strong along with the original boiler. Yes there had been problems, but, nothing I had not been able to handle. Over those years I have watched neighbours pay £1000's in repairs as well as replacement systems. Not me and the same could be for you.

Take your time is my advice to get the diagnosis right so you don't waste money in buying parts that you don't actually need.

if in doubt though call someone out.

So you have no hot water.

Over a period of time my hot water temperature went from scalding hot to non existent. It was all because the Brawa Mixer Valve connected to the system had disintegrated inside the body and wasn't mixing hot and cold.

I bought a hardly used item on e-bay for less than £70 and it cured the problem first time.

Inside the body when I removed it was a mass of broken plastic which was blocking the hot water coming in.

As soon as I replaced it the system was restored back to normal.

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Tools you required.

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Spanners
  • Jointing compound

As you can see the tools that are required are very basic and is very likely that you will already have these in your home. All good so far.

When in doubt,

call someone out,

is my best advice.

— Steve Mitchell.

Replacing your Mixer valve.

Follow the guide and you won't go wrong.

#1 Turn off your water supply at the stop tap and Boilermate system at the electricity supply.

#2 Drain any water left in your taps.

#3 Undo the nuts on your faulty mixer and carefully remove without damaging pipes around it.

#4 Cover threads on your replacement mixer with joining compound and fix in place.

#5 Tighten all nuts back up.

#6 Turn water supply back on and electricity.

#7 Check for any leaks.


If your hot water hasn't been restored then my advice would be to go back to Google which is probably how you got to this point or contact a professionally trained person to diagnose the problem.

Setting the correct temperature.

Once you are happy with the fact that you now have hot water again you may find that your water temperature needs turning up or down.

On the top of your mixer valve you will see a green or white adjustment knob which can be seen in the picture above. To set the temperature all you need to do is turn the knob up or down by 1/4 of a turn at a time until the required safe temperature is obtained.

Before I changed the mixer there was no way I could regulate the temperature for the hot tap. It was scalding hot all of the time. What a relief it was when this was sorted.

Noise from control panel.

It might be that your problem hasn't been solved by changing the mixer valve. If you have been experiencing a buzzing noise from the area around the control panel that seems to happen at night when the system is not being used, you may have a circuit board issue that could be to blame.

The likely issue is the pump delay timer as you will see in the video below. This would always happen on mine in the middle of the night and in the summer as is suggested in the video. The PCB is responsible for checking the pump is still working and so not to seize in times of rest. It just meant that the PCB was faulty and needed replacing.

Faulty pump delay timer PCB.

When in doubt,

call someone out,

is my best advice.

— Steve Mitchell

Just a quick thank you to Murray Martin for a cracking new video which he has only just produced in February 2021. This suggests that there are still Boilermate II around and is one of the reasons I have decided to update this article.

If you are in need of a professional to help you sort out the problem with your boiler then I would suggest making contact possibly with Murray for him to give you an idea of the problem and help with a diagnosis.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for reading and staying with me until the end of this article. If you have found this helpful, please feel free to make a comment at the bottom. If you have any suggestions how I could have made your experience better then please let me know.

Good luck with your boiler repair and I hope you can have a few more years service from your Boilermate II.

Please feel free to stay on my author profile page and have a good look around. If time is limited I would suggest that you may like to bookmark my page and come back later.

I always try to provide and add value to my content for the enjoyment of my readers. My articles are written with you in mind and are published so that they may be of help to many people. If you found this article through your searches of Google or other search engines then that means I am doing my job properly and that makes me happy.

Once again thank you for reading.

Cheers for now.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Steve Mitchell


Steve Mitchell (author) from Cambridgeshire on January 18, 2014:

Hi Paul, yes you are quite right. Setting the water temperature can be done by turning the knob at the top only 1/4 turn at a time. Small adjustments are needed to get the right setting for you. Once a safe temperature is obtained you shouldn't need to alter it as the summer / winter settings on the Boilermate II will take care of this.

Paul Waymont on January 18, 2014:

Hi Steve, very helpful article. thankyou. just one question - once you have reinstalled the valve do you have to "set" the green knob on top of the valve, and if so, how would you do this? Is it common sense? :) thanks again. Paul.

Steve Mitchell (author) from Cambridgeshire on January 18, 2014:

Tirelesstraveler, the boilermate is the storage tank for your hot water made by the boiler which makes instant hot water.

Judy Specht from California on January 17, 2014:

Is a boilermate the same as a water heater?

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