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Butterfly Pea Flowers For Tea BlueChai - Deep Blue Colored Flowers For Gardens

Beautiful blue butterfly pea flower

Beautiful blue butterfly pea flower

Natural Blue Flowers For Gardens

Blue butterfly pea flowers also known as clitoria ternatea flowers are beautiful ornamental flowers produced in climbers or vines. They are naturally dark or deep blue colored flowers found amid greenery which means they are beautiful little blue flowers always surrounded by green leaves.

Blue Butterfly pea flowers are also wonderful herbs with many medicinal uses and amazing health benefits. As I mentioned above, the scientific name for the beautiful flowering plant is Clitoria ternatea.

The naturally blue pea flowers are used to make herbal tea or chai popularly known as bluechai in many Asian countries. You can read more about bluechai in this article as you scroll down towards the end of the page.

Another type of Clitoria Ternate plants produce similar, beautiful white butterfly pea flowers, but here we are just focusing on the blue flowers.

The beautiful blue flowers are produced in climbing plants that are native to tropical and subtropical regions. However, they are introduced to other parts of the world as well, like America and Australia.

I love these little flowers for their beauty, as they look so bright and colourful with the beautiful deep blue colour. Blue coloured flowers are quite rare compared to popular colors like red, white, orange and yellow, but still there are some nice ornamental plants that produce blue flowers. Out of them, my favourite is the blue butterfly pea flowers which are also known as clitoria flowers. The blue is so bright and beautiful and it compliments nicely with the green colour of the leaves.

As they are climbers, they can be easily grown and arranged in many ways to look special in your garden. And the fact that these are herbs with many medicinal uses and amazing health benefits make them even more special and important.

We call these blue flowers by the name 'sankhupushpam', as they are known in Malayalam language.

The blue butterfly pea flowers are edible herbs with many uses. However, the use of the herb should be only based on the advise of a certified doctor with regards to any treatment using herbs. The information in this article is not meant to be used for any treatments without the advise of a doctor. This article is written only for sharing information.

Traditional Medicinal Uses

All parts of the plants including the flowers, leaves, stems and even roots have valuable medicinal uses and have been used in traditional ayurvedic medicines in India from ancient times itself.

They have many number of medicinal uses but they are especially known for their medicinal properties including the abilities to fight against memory loss, hair loss, stress and depression. The flowers can also help improve the health of eyes and heart.

Other than the use in treating memory related illnesses, one main use with traditional Indian medicines is the use of the plant leaves in treating certain snake venoms.

Possible Herbal Medicine To Treat Alzheimer's disease

Some new studies are focusing on the possibilities of the flowers' ability to fight against Alzheimer's disease. These are already well known herbs which are used as memory enhancers, and the possibility of the herb to fight against Alzheimer's disease is being researched.

Traditional Uses Of Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers In Food

In many Asian countries, blue butterfly pea flowers are used in cooking. They are added to a special rice dish in Malaysia and they are used to make colourful healthy drinks that have also got medicinal value. In traditional Chinese and Indian recipes, you can find these flowers being used.

They add deep blue color to drinks and food recipes, along with flavour and health benefits.

The flowers are very much edible and the blue color is a natural dye for food, so don't hesitate to add them to your food if you want to add deep blue color to your drinks or foods. They show their beautiful deep blue color especially when added to water and white foods like cooked rice or even pasta.

If you want to fade the bright blue and add a purple tint, you can also add few lemon juice drops along with the blue butterfly pea flower extract.

An important use of the blue butterfly pea flowers in the traditional Asian cuisines is the blue herbal tea that has amazing health benefits.

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Bluechai Tea From Amazon

Blue butterfly Pea Flowers Herbal Tea - Bluechai

The deep blue coloured tea popularly known as the bluechai in many Asian countries is made of dried blue butterfly pea flower petals. As these flowers are herbs, they have many medicinal uses. One of the most easiest ways to have them in your food is by drinking the healthy and beautiful looking tea.

The tea is actually very colourful and very unique looking, it will definitely stand out from other drinks. If you love to explore the possibilities of herbal teas, the natural blue tea made from the beautiful blue flowers is something you don't want to miss.

However, as I mentioned earlier, this is a herb and so if you have any illness or allergies you may want to check with your doctor before using this herbal tea. It is best to use anything in moderation. So if you plan to use the blue tea known as bluechai, it is best to start using this in moderation and see how it works for you.

Also, just like the use of any other herbs, pregnant and nursing mothers might need to avoid this for a while.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers Make Edible Natural Blue Dye

The flowers are deep blue in colour, and so they produce edible colours that you can use to dye your food or your hair.

When used in drinks or foods, they can impart bright blue colour to the dish which makes them look so colourful and stunning. These drinks are healthy too as they are rich in antioxidants from the flowers.

The natural colour from the flowers is also used as a natural dye to colour the hair. If you want to color the golden blonde hair in deep and bright blue, you can use the dye from these flowers. If fresh flowers are not available, you can get the dried flowers from amazon, and then boil the flowers in water to get the blue dye. If you boil the flowers for more time, the dye will turn purple in color which can also use to dye your hair in purple color.

In brief, these beautiful blue garden flowers are good for your memory, good for your hair and good for making colourful and tasty drinks that have medicinal values too. Grow them in your garden (or indoors) for the lovely blue flowers which will make your home look truly beautiful and exotic!

Growing the blue butterfly pea flower plants in your garden

You can grow these beautiful flowering plants in your home for a beautiful looking garden. Actually they don't need much care. These are less maintenance plants that grow quickly and easily in tropical regions. The propagation is through seeds, which are formed in tiny seed pods.

You can plant the seeds or new plants in pots, or just sow the seeds in well prepared moist soil. Make sure you water them regularly until new plants are grown and they are well rooted in the soil. Once they start to grow fast, you don't have to water daily.

Once the plants start flowering, you can get beautiful blue flowers almost daily. The flowers fade in a day, but they flower everyday so they are truly beautiful and simple ornamental plants perfect for all gardens.

The plants grow well in neutral soils and they can actually help improve the fertility of the soil. However, it is important to notice that these plants can be grown only in US agricultural zones 10 to 11, and they usually need good exposure to sun. You may try to grow them indoors to protect them from the harsh weather, but make sure you keep the pots near windows where they get good light.

We have these plants in my parents' home where they get flowers everyday. The flowers are also considered sacred according to Hindu beliefs, so people also use them for rituals and worshipping in temples.


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