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Bidet Toilets - The Hygienic Alternative that Cured my Fissures

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Not Just a Toilet that Shoots Water

My Toilet Seat Bidet

My Toilet Seat Bidet

Toilet Seat Bidets - So Many Benefits

A toilet seat bidet is the perfect addition to any western style toilet. After a simple 15 minute installation you too will discover the pleasures of using water to wash your private parts instead of harsh, rough paper.

The real benefits though will be both to your nether regions and to the environment. You know you are onto a good thing when Dr Oz is quoted as saying "besides Pilates, the best thing you can do for your bottom is to install a bidet". Why? Well as someone who has had piles and an anal fissure, I can assure you that toilet paper contributed to the pain I was suffering.

An anal fissure is a deep split in the rectum and the last thing you want to be doing is repeatedly dragging a piece of paper across it. I'll leave out the details for the squeamish, but to give you an idea, think of the last time you got a paper cut. That's what using toilet paper on a fissure is like, except that area is so much more sensitive than your fingers.

As for saving the environment, the average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper a day. When you multiply that by the hundreds of millions of people in the country and then think about the 30-50 gallons of water it takes to make just one roll, you suddenly see the environmental disaster that toilet paper is. To compound this environmental damage add in the fact that supplying the paper for the average wiping Americans lifetime will result in the cutting down of 348 trees.

For the sake of your bottom, for the sake of the environment and for the sake of hygiene you should get yourself a toilet seat bidet today.

Great Toilet Seat Bidets for your Bathroom

Americans, Bidets and 57 Good Reasons to use one

A Correctly Installed Brass Splitter

A Bidet Toilet Seat Brass Splitter correctly installed.

A Bidet Toilet Seat Brass Splitter correctly installed.

Installing a Toilet Seat Bidet

Installing a toilet seat bidet really is only a fifteen minute job that can be done by anyone who can hold a spanner. Every kit will come with a simple set of instructions, but just in case you are wondering how it is done, this is how I installed mine.

- Turn off the tap that feeds the water to the cistern

- Flush the cistern till it is empty

- Using your spanner or monkey wrench, disconnect the pipe between the tap and the cistern

- Connect the brass splitter onto the tap

- Reconnect the pipe to the cistern and brass splitter

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- Remove your toilet seat

- Lay the bidet on the top of the toilet and thread the two prongs of the seat through it

- Tighten the toilet seat and bidet onto the toilet

- Connect the hose between the brass splitter and the bidet mechanism

- Turn on the water tap and check for leaks

You are now all ready to enjoy the benefits of your toilet seat bidet.

The following video is how a qualified tradesman makes hard work of this simple installation, but he can laugh as he was on an hourly rate!

Perfect Priced Bidet

How to Install a Toilet Seat Bidet

5 Reasons you Should get a Bidet

1. Let's be honest, if you managed to get some faeces on your hand you wouldn't be happy to just get a piece of paper and wipe it off, yet that is exactly what you are doing when you use toilet paper. I know if it happened to me I would be straight to the sink and have my hand under running water (with soap included of course!). So why is it acceptable on you bottom?

2. Are you or is someone in your family suffering from arthritis or rheumatism? Then you will know exactly how difficult it can be to reach around and do a proper cleaning job after using the toilet. With a bidet you take away any of the anxiety about properly cleaning yourself and make toilet time a breeze. As someone who has suffered from a bad back in the past I know exactly how difficult such a simple task as bottom cleaning can be.

3. Haemorrhoids and anal fissures are some of the most painful inflictions you can have in one of the most sensitive areas of your body. I tried every cream and potion when I had a fissure brought about through dense stool and an excessive protein heavy diet. My epiphany came when I spent a month in Japan and started using the spectacular bidets they have there. Within those 4 weeks my fissure healed up completely. No longer suffer the pain of toilet paper on your open wound, get a bidet.

4. Every month women of the world experience the same human condition which leaves them feeling uncomfortable or unclean. A quick wash with a bidet removes these feeling and makes them feel fresh and confident again. Also a bidet replaces the need for women to use paper for all their toilet needs. Just supply a small towel to dry the area.

5. As we get older, many of us end up relying on others to help with bottom cleaning as we can't reach the effected area properly. A bidet restores dignity and cleanliness to the elderly or infirm.

How NOT to use a Bidet

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