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Keeping Your Ice Cold Beer Ice Cold.

I’m just somebody who wants to spread some of the things I’ve learned from cooking with and enjoying a good beer. Something fun for all.



A Usual Pint

No doubt this is what people think of when anyone thinks of a pint of beer. A conical glass with a thick base and wider on the top than the bottom. I have heard that this helps keep the beer cool as your hand is holding the section with less beer and so that the amount of beer exposed to the air decreases as time goes by while you’re drinking it. I’m unconvinced of this though. I think it’s because these glasses are cheap and easy to stack up. That’s just my opinion though.

The issue with typical beer glasses is that, unless you toss it back, the beer will inevitably get too warm to be drinkable. Tossing it back can be fun in the right moments, but not everyone may want to do this. Some may want to enjoy the beer with their food, relax with their beer, want to enjoy a cold one on a hot day, maybe you were handed a beer that wasn’t your favorite and the only way to drink it is to have it cold, or maybe you’re chatting with good company and the beer is really just to have something to sip as the night goes on. In any case, you may wish for that beer to stay as cool as possible and standard glassware just doesn’t help with this. This is where an insulated glass would shine.

Stainless Steel Insulated Cup


This is the insulated cup that we‘re all probably most familiar with. If it’s not a coffee cup then it’s probably a water bottle. This will certainly do a great job of not only keeping your hot drinks hot, but also keeping your cold drinks cold. many of us have been amazed at how the ice in our insulated steel bottles are not melted despite hours passing by.

The advantage of this cup is that its steel. Its durable. If you drop it on the ground it might get dented, but it isn’t going to break. The disadvantage to this is that its steel. We like sipping our beer out of glass so we can see the beer and because glass won’t really give off a taste so you can just enjoy the beer. Metal can give a flavor and we want to taste the beer.

Belgian Beer Glass


Beer really should be drank from a glass. Aside from the classic pint glass, there is also the Belgian beer glass. This is one of the best glasses because it has a wide base to hold at least a pint, a smaller diameter mouth to concentrate the aromas of your beer to deliver the maximum amount of flavors in the smell and taste, and it has a small and thick stem so you don’t have to grab the glass and warm the beer with your hand. And frankly, this glass looks cool. It’s fantastic that this glass has been making its way into more bars.

The downside of this glass is similar to that of the standard pint glass. Make no mistake, it’s a step up, but this won’t keep the beer cool for too long.

Insulated Glass Mug


This is a versatile glass that is used primarily for tea and coffee and many probably don’t think of this as being something you would drink beer from, but it works really well if you want to drink a cold beer. The double glass wall traps temperature in the cup itself. So anything hot will stay hot longer and anything cold will stay cold longer. Plus, that pour looks awesome in that glass.

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Science!…Sort of…

To show how well this insulates, here is a small experiment involving melting ice in an insulated glass and a Belgian beer glass. While this may not seem incredibly scientific it does get the point across.


The experiment was conducted using a Belgian beer glass and an insulated glass cup. It began with 5 equally sized ice cubes in each cup. The ice was left to melt and as time passed it became clear how effective the insulated glass was.

After about 30 minutes, the ice in the Belgian beer glass almost entirely melted and the ice in the insulated glass cup melted about a quarter of the ice.


A closeup of the Belgian beer glass shows that this was not able to keep the temperature low. There is barley any ice left.


The insulated glass cup did an exceptional job of keeping the contents cool. Half of the ice is still frozen.


After leaving it for another thirty minutes, the Belgian beer glass was officially a glass of water. The insulated glass cup, however, still had larger chunks of ice floating in it’s melted contents, showing that it can keep things cool for over an hour. That’s impressive and shows why this should be used more for beer drinking. Bars should be incorporating this glass and give customers the option of the glass they drink from depending on what they’re going for.

Insulated Glasses

This is not to say that the Belgian beer glass is a bad glass for enjoying a beer. Not at all! Its one of the best. It simply has a different purpose. Its tullip shape lends it to being a great snifter. The aromas of your beer are concentrated up so you can get all the flavors that beer has to offer. However, maybe you’re not in the mood for this. Maybe it’s a really hot day out and you really just need an ice cold beer. Wouldn’t it be great if that beer stayed ice cold the entire time you were drinking it?

So while it may seem like a strange choice of glassware for beer, the insulated glass cup is the way to go for enjoying a cold one. It’s construction keeps it’s contents at a more regulated temperature.

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