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The Best Gardening Gloves 2020 - Gloves for Roses and Total Protective Gloves for Garden and Plant Care

Home and garden are my favorite havens and my goal is to help people learn the little things that I've learned.


Gardening gloves and tools have always been significant accessories for our gardening tasks. Without them, we can't produce flowers and attractive foliage that give us joy in our gardens. Gardening requires much patience, effort and of course protection so I never go out to work in my garden without my gardening gloves.

These guards my hands against thorns and blisters which can easily form from handling my gardening tools and from carrying heavy garden buckets almost all day long during weekends.

I keep more than a single pair of gardening gloves for different purposes because when you do lots of gardening, lopping/pruning or doing any landscaping job you need to deal with different tasks so you are going to need gloves with different features.

Here are some types of gardening gloves I do use when keeping my garden with fountains nice and trimmed and I pointed out their advantages.

  • Rubber Gloves – These are very popular for different purposes. They fit well and they’re very flexible. They are often used for wet work.
  • Nitrile Gloves – These gloves are best when handling hard objects such as garden tools or soil with some mud. They’re coated with a material called nitrile that’s rubber-like, yet stronger. They’re also very flexible for added comfort.
  • Cotton Gloves aren’t for dirty work or the soil and dirt will ruin them. They are best for light garden work like trimming, picking up fruits and flowers or even cutting out branches and stems with a machete. They can protect your hands against thorns, from having blisters and from sharp leaves of weeds. They also allow your skin to breathe.
  • Leather Gloves - We need these if we are to deal with sharp or thorny plants. If you need to grab on something sharp, pointed or rough, the leather gloves are excellent hand protectors as these are not easily punctured and are very durable. Especially when dealing with roses with their sharp claw-like thorns, the arm-length leather gloves can save you from the cuts, wounds, and punctures.

By the way, before putting on some gloves and head to your garden, put some lotion on your hands. This will prevent your hands from drying and keep your skin and nails healthy. And oh, don't forget, of course, to wear your gardening hats or sun hats to avoid getting sunburned.

Now here are some of my favorite fancy gardening gloves which I always have when doing my backyard gardening. I’m sure they’ll work great for you too! You may find them on some glove stores but readily available at Amazon.

Best Choice of Garden Gloves to Care For Your Garden Plants and Roses

Time to show and tell you about the perfect garden gloves for total hand protection. These are only CLICK away!

Atlas 370 Garden Club Gloves. Assorted Colors - 4 Pack. Size Large

4 Pack Atlas Glove NT370 Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves - Large (Assorted Colors)

These pairs are cut out for different purposes and are great for daily gardening. They are both durable and light and fit the specification for insulated garden gloves because they are warm on the hands. I just love going out with a pair of these when I’m out tending to my plants and pulling out the weeds.

The white part that covers the palms is made of nitrile which effectively protects palms and fingertips from friction, thorns, and other peeves. It also provides an outstanding grip for handling even wet and oily work. It’s just like rubber but better.

These gloves have just the right thickness to allow you to feel and to allow you to move your fingers freely. The colored part is nylon knit-work which makes these gloves more comfortable to wear. These gloves are also machine washable so they’re easy to clean.

G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves, 3-Pairs Green/Red/Blue per Pack

G & F 1852-3 WomenSoftJerseyGarden Gloves, 3-Pairs Green/Red/Blue per Pack

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These gloves are as comfy as they look and are 100 percent made of cotton. I love using a pair of these especially when beautifying my landscape. Their fabrics keep my hands warm in cool weather and allow my skin to breathe in warm days.

These gloves also fit perfectly and allow me to feel what I’m holding. They are so perfect for handling gardening tools like trimming tools and also when using digging tools such as hoes, pick and shovels. They have a lot of PVC dots all over their palms too that make it easier to hold tools.

These dots provide a better grip to prevent slipping. Their knit wrist fits snugly and keeps the dirt out to prevent the uncomfortable feeling of having dirt on your hands. Keep a pair of these with your gardening tools for comfortable protection for your little gardening work.

Atlas Nitrile Gardening and Work Gloves, Cornflower Blue, Medium

Atlas Nitrile Gardening and Work Gloves, Cornflower Blue, Medium

In picking the right gloves for specific gardening tasks, there is usually the dilemma of which gloves to pick. This pair of thin gardening gloves can allow you to feel what you are handling while the thick ones can effectively protect your hands from getting pricked by thorns and sharp branches.

Often, people pick gloves that are quite thin so they can feel what they’re doing, like picking weeds, harvesting vegetables or fruits and so on. However, gloves like these, especially the rubber type, often get easily punctured. That’s why some people choose thicker protective gardening gloves like leather although these compromise the “feel” just to be protected from cuts, thorns, and blisters.

The Atlas Nitrile Gardening and Work Gloves have better features than leather and rubber and I always have a pair of these because they are thick enough to protect my hand against sharp plant parts and yet thin enough to fit like a second skin and allow my fingers to feel what I am holding.

The open mesh also allows my hands to breathe and this adds more comfort compared to rubber gloves that are inconvenient when my hands start to get sweaty.

Magid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves - Womens Medium

Magid TE195T-M Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves - Women's Medium

When it comes to taking care of roses, I recommend these pair of long-sleeved leather rose pruning gloves for your rose care. As we all know, roses are the prettiest flower plants you can have in your garden.

However, their stems are also riddled with sharp thorns that can hurt your hand. Thorn scratches are annoying and painful peeves. These rose gloves combine superior protection and comfort to your fingers and hand and can also protect your lower arm because for sure you will be digging deeper into the roses’ bushes just to get a flower stem.

These best rose gardening gloves are equipped with synthetic leather pads at the palms for protection against those nasty little thorns and they also have reinforced fingertips and knuckle guards.

These leather gardening gloves ladies can reach up to the elbows so the arms are covered and protected from thick growths while working. They also fit snugly and allow flexibility and comfort. Enjoy growing beautiful roses sans the injuries with these gloves.

Youngstown Glove Co. 04-3800-30-M Women's Garden Glove Performance Glove Medium, Burgundy

Youngstown Glove Co. 04-3800-30-M Women's Garden Glove Performance Glove Medium, Burgundy

This pair of women's warm gardening gloves are sought after for their versatility, durability, and comfort it can handle a whole lot of gardening chores. They are made of soft, synthetic suede that won’t stiffen or shrink after washing.

The burgundy-colored part that covers the back of the hand is stretchy so the gloves fit more snugly and comfortably. This also allows for more flexibility so you don’t feel awkward working even with maximum protection.

The gloves also feature guards for the knuckles and fingernails so you’re protected from knuckle injuries and cracked nails. The black part that covers the underside is thick enough to protect your hands from weeds, thorns, and sharp leaves. They are also fitted with neoprene cuffs that also support the wrist part and can keep away dirt.

Other than giving you hand protection, these pairs will look nice on you. For men with small hands, these can also be their reliable men's gloves for landscaping.


Women's Garden Gloves, 6 Pair Pack, assorted colors. Women's Medium

For women who regularly weed out their plants and hedges but want tough and comfortable gardening gloves on their hands, these women's small gardening gloves up to xl gardening gloves on the assorted pack will surely satisfy them like those who have good reviews for these.

Made of 100% nylon with Nitrile coating for tough and no-slip handling with tools, you won't get your soft hand harmed by sharp weeds and these amazing gloves will feel like your second skin. The Nitrile coating will serve as your hands' protective coating while the Nylon materials make them tougher and can last for many months of use.

For women with medium-sized hands, these gloves always come in handy they are even comfy to use with any gardening tasks. Order it and it comes in 6 pairs and colors come in purple, green and pink. Advice to make them last longer? These are washable gardening gloves and even a dish-washing detergent can clean them up with enough hand-washing.


Magid TE194T-L Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves - Mens Large

Who says real men don't need leather garden gloves when handling prickly plants? Anyone who usually encounters thorny plants should have good protection for their hands and this professional long arm gardening gloves will surely provide the best protection.

As the product advertisement says it's puncture-resistant, this glove is made of tough synthetic leather with padded palm and reinforced fingertips so it will surely serve its purpose.

These are the best examples of a rose gardener's protective heavy-duty gloves - super strong, durable and comfortable to use. It has an elbow-length gauntlet to protect your forearms and knuckle guards to safeguard your knuckles when pruning inside the rose bushes.

You can also use them when handling other thorny branches like the wild berries but if these have very long thorns, it is advised that you put on additional leather gloves inside just to be safe. Men have various hand sizes but for sure fit, order your pair of men's gloves one size larger.


#1 Grill Gloves Withstand Heat up to 662°F

I chanced upon this unbelievable gloves that have superb features and belong to the best-rated gloves used for domestic use though it's not for gardening purposes. This pair of heat resistant gloves is actually for cooking, oven and grilling use and can withstand very high heat because of its Meta-aramid fiber that is also used in the clothing of firefighters, astronauts, military and on body armors.

In short, this will surely protect your hands when you need it like during barbecuing, oven cooking or whenever you have to deal with very hot vessels manually. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear and totally flame resistant and has thermal liners inside to doubly protect your skin.

It is also pliable but won't melt even when moving hot racks. Plus it is very easy to wear like ordinary gloves and with its silicon texturing on all its fingers, you have superb grip in everything you hold. With just enough fit on your hands, there is free circulation of air that prevents sweating even when you are in a heated environment. So try to keep this inside your kitchen especially if you love to bake or grill.

You want to see more of these amazing oven and grill gloves which I have chosen to provide you wide array of choices, follow the link.


HandMaster Bella Men's Landscape High-Performance Glove, Medium

Love landscaping your lawn or backyard? Is gardening your home hobby? Then you need this High-Performance Garden Leather Gloves from Handmaster. Why it’s a high performance? Because this one is a real deal when it comes to high-quality hand protection.

Made of goatskin at the palm so you are assured it will last long, very comfortable while the back is made of four-way spandex so it will rightly fit into your hand. For a secured hold and wrist protection, that's the purpose of the neoprene material with Velcro strap.

Another unique feature is its embossed fingertip so whatever you hold even small tools, you hold it securely. The thumb part is also sewn with terrycloth so even if you move your thumb as you work, the material won't scrape your skin. These landscaping heavy-duty gloves were designed for men who want durable but comfortable leather gloves.

Breathable, elegant and durable, you will feel you have a good pair of high-performing gloves on your hands. Give this as a gift to a friend and this will surely be appreciated. Size medium for men so it may also fit women's large hands.


Bionic Women's Classic Gardening Gloves

These gloves are called bionic gardening gloves because they are designed and made to be super tough for women’s use. Made of soft Cabretta leather for maximum protection, these super durable gloves feel like your second skin you can even feel weeds, roots, and dirt against its leather. It also suits perfectly as your winter gardening gloves.

With anatomical relief pads for lighter but secure grip feel, the knuckles are also holed up and sewn along motion zones so that as you constantly grab on to something, your knuckles don’t get blistered as you may experience with most leather gloves.

In between the fingers are also breathable web zones so you don’t have restrictive hand movements and your skin can also breathe.

For the wrist, there is the Velcro form-fitting neoprene for secured support and to keep off debris and dirt in getting inside and for protecting your wrist against sharp objects as you weed or prune your plants.

These gloves also have added padding at the palms so you are assured you don’t get hand sores even with constant use. Develop by an orthopedic hand surgeon to reduce hand fatigue while increasing grip strength and promoting hand’s natural movement, these scientifically designed ladies garden gloves are recommended for all women who love gardening but only want tough protection for their hands.

For best fit, check the link to know your hand’s size.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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