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Best And Easiest Method To Grow Wheatgrass At Home


Do you Know About the Healing Power of Grasses?

Have you ever thought about eating grass??

Vast areas of the earth are covered by grass. We walk over it, lie down on it, mow it sometimes but eat it?

The thought itself seems absurd, right?

But you will be surprised to know that grasses have been used for healing around the world since ancient times. Especially during the war times, some of them were used to heal the injuries of the soldiers. It helped staunch bleeding & heal wounds due to its antiseptic properties and Wheatgrass proved to be the fastest & easiest variety to grow among all the beneficial grasses.So, learning how to grow wheatgrass seeds is the first step towards your healing journey.

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Sound Sleep
Most of our body’s cells are re-energized during sleep. Wheatgrass & other live foods help reduce your sleep time while making its the quality better. The more heavy and cooked food you consume, the more restless & disturbed your sleep will be. At the same time, light food will give your body plenty of time to renew itself and help you get a deep sleep.

Best Source of Living Chlorophyll
Of all the valuable compounds in Wheatgrass, chlorophyll is the most important. The most concentrated form of sun power transfers the sun’s life force to your body. Chlorophyll helps protect the body from carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and is an excellent blood cleanser.

Boosts Immune System
The immune system determines the body’s ability to fight illness. By improving the immune system’s health with strengthening the immune system, wheatgrass juice and other raw foods can help ward off infection and diseases.

Protection from Pollution & Harmful Radiations
Consumption of healthy food and internal cleansing of the body is your choice and in your control. But what about the external factors affecting your health that are not in your control?
The polluted air that is unfit to breathe, the acidic and polluted water & the nutritionally
deficient topsoil in which you grow your food.
How will you protect yourself from them?
Wheatgrass will help you here too:)

How to Grow Wheatgrass at home?

Supplies Needed

  • A well-lit location (with indirect bright sunlight)
  • Organic Wheatgrass seeds
  • Microgreen Growing Trays (preferably a bottom watering set of trays)
  • Cocopeat or any other good soilless potting medium
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Steps To Grow Wheatgrass

  • Take around 50-60 grams of wheatgrass seeds and rinse them to remove any dust. Now soak the seeds in water & let them sit overnight (8-12 hours). The following day, drain the water & let the seeds sprout in a jar at a 45-degree angle or in a muslin cloth for another 12 hours.
  • Now take a tray with drainage holes and place it in another tray without holes. Fill it smoothly and evenly with organic cocopeat mix.
  • Charge the sprouted seeds with Supreme Soul’s loveful and pure vibrations and spread them evenly in the tray. Make sure the seeds don’t overlap each other
  • Sprinkle the tray with water making it damp (not swampy) & cover it with another tray & keep it aside for two days. Keep checking the tray 2-3 times a day during summers. If the topsoil seems dry, sprinkle a little water over it.
  • After two days, remove the cover and place the tray in a well-lit location near a window, where it gets bright indirect sunlight & start bottom watering it. To bottom water the microgreens, keep the tray with no holes underneath the microgreens tray and fill it with water allowing the soil and roots to soak the water from the bottom up.
  • After 5-6 days, your grass will be 7″ tall and ready to harvest. To harvest, cut it as close to the roots as possible because many nutrients are concentrated close to the soil. You can store it in a refrigerator for up to 7 days.

How to Make Wheatgrass Juice?

After learning how to grow wheatgrass indoors, you must be curious to know the ways to incorporate it into your daily diet to derive its benefits Since Wheatgrass is so fibrous, it’s best to consume it as a juice. The quantity of juice obtained mostly depends on the length of the grass and its moisture content. You can use an electric wheatgrass juicer or a grinder to juice it.

In your juicer, cut a bunch of grass, tip it down into the hole of the juicer & juice it. You can run the pulp twice or thrice through the juicer to get the maximum juice possible from it.

If using a grinder, put the cut grass in the grinder, add a little water, and blend. Squeeze the mashed pulp through a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag to extract the juice. Use and juice the Wheatgrass immediately after you cut it.

Points to Remember

1. Consume the juice within 20 minutes; after that, it starts to go bad and will be completely spoiled in 12 hours.

2. Have it always empty stomach or nearly empty stomach

3. Slowly sip the small quantities of juice to get used to its taste and effect

4. Take a day off from drinking it once in a while; this rest period will enable your body to readjust to the changes it has made, making the juice even more effective the next day.

5. For maximum benefit of its enzyme life forces, juice the Wheatgrass immediately after you cut it and drink or use it right after you juice it.

6. For beginners, it is recommended to consume 30 ml juice empty stomach in the morning and 30 ml any other time of the day when your stomach is nearly empty (like early afternoon).

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