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Best Alarm Clock for Tweens

Vivian is a mom who practices what she preaches and has learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to parenting.

All kids enter the developmental stage when they suddenly become embarrassed by the Hello Kitty or Storm Trooper alarm clock in their bedrooms. Once delighted by their Paw Patrol or unicorn clocks, your kids now stash them in the drawer when friends are coming over to hang. Parents sigh at how quickly the time between childhood and adolescence was bridged in the blink of an eye.

What’s the next step? We’ve searched the Internet for the best clock, and we found it. It’s the GoLIFEuP alarm clock radio with sunset and sunrise simulation. It’s the clock guaranteed to be a hit with your kids, and one they will be proud for their friends to see. The features are so cool, you might want one for yourself.


Colors and Brightness Levels

The best alarm clock for tweens allows them to select from seven different colors to match their turbulent hormonal moods—green, blue, red, orange, turquoise, purple, and warm white (which looks like yellow). Can’t decide which color to choose? Lucky for you, the clock can be set to cycle through all seven of them. No need to be decisive. The warm white color can be adjusted to ten different brightness levels, depending on how much your kids still struggle with fear of the dark.

In fact, on the brightest level, you may distract airplanes from the runway and have them land on your roof, so keeping the blinds closed is a smart move if your kids like a lot of light.

Sunrise and Sunset Simulation

This is our favorite feature. If your kids like to read a little before going to sleep, or if they still get spooked by a dark room, they can engage the sunset simulation. The clock will start at 100% brightness and gradually fade according to the 15, 30, or 60-minute setting your kids select. Likewise, assuming the alarm is set, the clock will gradually increase in brightness 30 minutes before the alarm sounds, helping their bodies gradually come back to wakefulness rather than be jolted from slumber while it’s still dark.

Soothing Alarm Sounds

Some people prefer the traditional beep of an alarm clock, but if that sound engenders P.T.S.D. (post traumatic sound detonation) for your kids, they have six additional options. They can choose from morning pure music, birds singing, violin, ocean waves, forest, or their favorite FM radio station.

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Great LED Display

The LED display is very large and can be seen from any point in the room, and possibly outer space, even without glasses. The red numbering even penetrates groggy eyes filled with crusty matter.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Unlike some complicated devices, this clock offers a ton of features, all of which are very straightforward to use. With a simple tap, the front touchscreen will set the alarm, increase or decrease the brightness levels, program the clock, and initiate the sunset simulation. Perfectly sized buttons on the top of the clock turn on the radio, set the alarm sound, control the volume, program the light setting, and engage the snooze.

Other Features

This clock is very lightweight. It measures 6.69 inches high and 3.34 inches wide—perfect for a night stand. It also comes with a cable that plugs into the clock, and the other end has a USB port that comes with an adapter to plug into the wall. The internal battery guarantees you don’t lose your personal settings during a power outage, but it must be plugged into the wall outlet to work.

The Perfect Gift for Tweens

The manufacturer promotes this clock as a unisex item great for adults, kids, and tweens, but we find it is better suited to tween and teen girls. You might think an alarm clock is a ho-hum item to buy someone for a gift, and you would be right if the clock was something your granny would like. This clock, however, has reached the lofty heights of “Amazon’s Choice” online, which may be harder to attain than approval of your Google AdSense application for your personal blog. This clock really pops, taking the ambiance of your tween’s bedroom to the next level. Your ears will ring painfully from their sincere squeals of delight.

Get Them Up and Moving

If you are a parent who struggles rousing your kids in the morning for school, a fun alarm clock makes all the difference. Kids are more receptive to an alarm clock than a nagging parent. Learning to get themselves up independently is also a hallmark of maturity, a lesson in self-discipline, and a perfect way to help your kids become more responsible.

Save yourself the time and trouble searching for the best alarm clock for tweens because the GoLIFEuP delivers all you need.

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