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Unique Planters

Anna is an artist who enjoys collecting and repurposing old objects to turn into special things.

Repurposing Old Things

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the garden is the soul. One can find tranquility and peace amidst the plant life and trees. The flowers, on the other hand, give a garden life and beauty.

The usual pots and flower boxes are beautiful and functional but would sometimes lack humor and character. By repurposing old objects or things and using them as unique planters, you will inject personality into the garden.

These objects can be found anywhere from junkshops to antique stores and estate sales. Always have an open mind when it comes to choosing these items. They do not necessarily have to be related to the garden setting, nor should it function as part of one. These objects can be whimsical or humorous. This will give your guests a good laugh once they spot these items on your lawn.

You can also further improve the items by painting or adding more decorations. How about including a monogram or designs that will personalize it even further. Experiment with shapes and different sizes of objects. Experiment on the placement or if these things. Will it be hidden for someone to discover, or will it be in plain sight as a centerpiece for your garden. Consider if the objects can be placed outdoors and be able to withstand the rain or sun.

Also, layering is important. You can always have objects lying on the ground and consider placing these unique planters chest high, and some unique ones should hang well above eye level. This will give your garden a layered feel and not just be too bottom heavy.

Creating unique planters means injecting a bit of you into it. Integrate objects that embody your identity. It will make tending your garden a more beautiful experience.

Old Typewriter Planter


Old Typewriter Planter

This old typewriter is perfect for the gardener/ writer! Most writers draw inspiration from the things around them. A lot of writers would often find their thoughts while in a garden, so what best way to show their love for writing but to have this kind of unique planter. However, there isn't any slot where some actual plants can be planted. If you would like to try doing this for your garden, you can place this together with some low lying plants or elevate it a bit with a riser. It creates a lovely nook where a bit of the owner's personality can shine through. Decorating with your hobbies and spirit in mind is the best way to personalize your garden. It creates a space of your own, and taking care of your plants becomes an even more pleasurable experience. I would recommend adding a few more items like old tea or coffee cups on the side or a few ceramic books.

Objects that can be repurposed to be used as planters

Examples of objects that can be used as planters to decorate your garden

  • old watering jugs
  • broken pots
  • old sinks
  • metal swimming pools
  • old car frames
  • old vehicles
  • old milk cans
  • jute sack bags
  • discarded furniture
  • old appliances like ovens
  • old crib
  • vintage trolly

How about a toilet planter!

This may not be the prettiest and may as well be the oddest planter on our list, but it works! It certainly can hold a substantial amount of plants. This particular planter can be set to the side of a garden, or you can display it right front and center. To make this piece not stand out too much and make it look like it belongs, try paining it with leaves, vines, and flowers.


Old Boots and Shoes Planter

These unique planters are adorable. You probably have a few shoes or boots that you no longer need. This is a beautiful way of repurposing them and make your guests do a double-take when they see this.

The sturdiest boots would be rubber gardening boots. Just poke a few holes at the bottom for the water to escape and place these in your garden or on the porch. Flowering plants would look good sprouting out of these boots.


Boat Planters

Do you have a small fishing boat you no longer need lying around? How about turning it into a planter. You can certainly add a lot of plants to this unusual planter since it is a bit big. This will be an excellent addition to your garden most, especially if you have a nautical-inspired house or live near the water. It completes the nautical theme and will be the focal point in your garden. Add a few oars, and you're golden!


Bathtub Planter

Similar to the boat planter, a bathtub is also a great idea to use as a planter. It has so much personality that you are sure to get a few positive comments from your guests. You can find these in junk shops, maybe have a lookout for houses under renovation. They might be throwing away an old tub. The bathtub is an excellent planter for annuals, so you can change up the kinds of flowers you have every year.


Old Bicycle Planter

This kind of planter is so beautiful and romantic. Most especially if you have an English garden, the bicycle planter will look good leaning against a wall or a tree. Indeed the best place for a selfie! The bicycle might be one of the items that you could get easily. Old junk shops or second-hand shops might have these. You can also paint the body different colors or patterns. Big flowering plants like Petunias would look good planted in the basket of the bicycle.


Old Furniture Planter

Well, technically, you can use them as planters, but they will serve more as a flower pot holder. You can undoubtedly find furniture in second-hand shops and even estate sales. You would want a piece of more vintage style furniture since it exudes a romantic feel. How about a table or even a sofa frame. All sorts of furniture can be upcycled.


Hollowed Out Logs

Hollowed out logs are gorgeous, and if you are going for more of a rustic vibe, this is the best planter for you. It comes in so many sizes, and you can choose to have them lying on its side or standing. It can suit any space and will always look like it belongs in your garden and not just as something that was placed there randomly.

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