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Bathroom Plants: Tips For Using Plants In Bathrooms

Basic Tips For Using & Choosing Bathroom Plants

Plants make wonderful additions to bathrooms. They add a spirit enhancing, oasis-like feel. They also help brighten up bathrooms--both visually and on an emotional level. There are many plants that thrive in bathroom environments better than they would in other areas of the home. When adding plants to your bathroom, there is some basic advice that you should follow.


Top 5 Bathroom Plant Tips

  1. Choose plants that do not need lots of sunlight. Low light plants thrive best in bathrooms. However, if you choose plants that need a little more light you can place them on windowsills or hang them in front of the bathroom windows.
  2. Plants that love humidity work well in bathrooms, according to Phoenix bathroom remodel experts. The bathroom is much more humid that other areas of the home.
  3. Consider the space that you have in your bathroom. Most bathrooms are on the smaller side so adding a large, space hogging tree might be out of the question. Instead, you can place smaller plants in corners, on counter tops, on the toilet tank, or on windowsills--places where they won't take up much space or get in the way. Hanging plants is also a good option.
  4. It is a good idea to mist your bathroom plants with water to help clean their pores. Plants in bathrooms often get clogged pores because they are exposed to powdered and aerosol products.
  5. Do not over water bathroom plants. You will find that they need less watering because the humidity in the bathroom helps keep them moist.

Plants are also a wonderful addition to bathrooms because they help cleanse the air. They not only add to the tranquil feel of bathrooms, but they also literally help increase oxygen and rid spaces of pollutants in the air.

Remember: Natural plants are a great choice but faux plants can also give you the tranquil and natural look that you desire.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

African Violet

African Violet

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Best Bathroom Plants

Here is a list of plants that thrive in bathroom environments.

  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe Vera
  • African Violets
  • Bamboo
  • Spider Plants
  • Ivy
  • Orchids
  • Cactus
  • Ferns
  • Prayer Plants
  • Bonsai Trees
  • Ficus
  • Begonias
  • Snake Plants
  • Banana Plants
  • Calla Lily

Bathroom Plants As Design Elements

Bathroom remodeling designers utilize plants to enhance the overall look and feel of their bathroom designs. Plants can add a decorative touch to bathrooms and serve as gorgeous natural accessories.

You can coordinate the colors of your plants with the color scheme in your bathroom. Phoenix bathroom remodeling designers also say that you can place plants in beautiful vases which serve as decorative pieces as well. For an interesting twist, you can place plants in toothbrush holders and other everyday bathroom accessories that wouldn't normally serve as plant containers.


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