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Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Review

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The ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

My customized chair

My customized chair

The Arrival and Assembly of My New Chair

I've had a bad back for years and reviewed various products with the hope that they will bring some solution to my ongoing back pain. I bought the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 in late-2020 and decided to give it six months of everyday use before writing a review. I am glad I did because had I written a review on day one, it would have been vastly different than how I feel today.

I did lengthy research before buying this chair. I've always wanted to own a Herman Miller Aeron, but they're expensive. The ErgoChair 2 had some great reviews and seemed to have a long enough seat that I could finally comfortably sit in. When you have long legs, finding a chair with an equally long seat is vital. The biggest complaint I found online about this chair was actually that it took a long time to arrive, but I did not have that issue.

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Building the Perfect Beast

The massive box arrived intact, and my husband proceeded to assemble the beast in the garage. It would have taken me days to figure it out, but he was done in less than 30 minutes. The chair looked GREAT. The blue cushion was exactly as described, and out of the box, it was impressive. The first time I sat in my new chair was a life-changing experience. I'd been using a cheap $100 chair from Amazon, and I immediately sensed the difference a few extra hundred dollars made. Again, it made me wonder if I should have bought an Aeron, but I was thrilled to have a chair with bells, whistles, and style.

There are several levers on the chair to make adjustments, but they're confusing, and I can't tell you how many times I've thought I was going to lower the chair, only to lean back in a whoosh with little control. I've also had to go online to figure out what lever does what. Poor design!

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Six Months Use Review

It has now been six months since I bought my ErgoChair2, and I have to admit, I hate it.

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Yes, hate.

My biggest complaint is the cushion. It is made of cheap foam, and offers no support. At all. I have tried sitting on pillows and expensive seat toppers, but in reality, the chair now feels like I am sitting on a board. It is killing my back.

Second complaint, the armrests. They are hard, too short, and I don't have the ability to move them at a diagonal angle which is needed when sitting at a desk. I have bought two different types of memory foam cushions (see the latest in the photo), but they are absolutely the worst armrests I have ever had on a chair. They are made of some grey, ungiving hard rubber-like material. It feels like your arms are resting on a desk or table. Mine definitely don't get a sense of rest. While I won't blame the chair for this, since using this chair I have now developed a nerve problem (ulnar nerve entrapment) in my right elbow that forces me to wear a brace. My left elbow isn't far behind the pain level of the right. I cannot get comfortable in this chair. My arms hurt, my butt hurts, my back hurts. I hate this chair.

Yes, hate.

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What to do?

Apparently, I am not alone in the hate world of Autonomous chairs. There are a lot of complaints that the company does not follow up or respond to customer service issues. I contacted them via social media, and no one responded. To get through my day of working in this chair I bought myself a Theragun, and also set a reminder to stand up once an hour. It's that bad.

The chair looks great, but the materials used are of cheap quality, likely from China, and probably cost the manufacturer about $50 to make. It's a pretty girl for a date, but not someone you'd want to marry for the long haul.

I will not be keeping my ErgoChair2. I can't return it to Autonomous at this point, because shipping it would cost a fortune. The lesson here is simple, not all expensive chairs are the same. Don't buy a cheap chair and try to save money. My next purchase will be a Herman Miller Aeron.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with the ErgoChair 2 and any others!

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