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An Identical Mailbox House Is on My To-Do List

I spotted one of these mail box houses and was impressed. I just knew I had to have one when I feasted my eyes on it. I'm a fan!


Photo taken from Unsplash by Mick Haupt

One sunny spring day my eyes feasted on a single family colonial styled home with a specially designed curbside mailbox. Never have I seen a mailbox house that perfectly matched the look of the house in represents. And when I spotted it, I knew if I owned one I could stand out in a major way whenever I owned a house. This custom mailbox house drew attention to the home it stood in front of and created a fun and awe experience. An identical mailbox house will heighten the appearance of my home and can recreate a loss smile due to a rough day when I touchdown onto my property.

If you haven't any idea on what an identical mailbox house looks like in front of a house, you are in for a wow! moment. Once I got my first look at such a beautiful appearance before me, I immediately put "buy a custom mailbox house" on my to-do list.


Suburban neighborhoods can be filled with neighbors of mystery. You can never truly know someone, unfortunately. If we're lucky, we'll discover secrets of a group of cordial neighbors who are involved in an illegal operation. What fun would that be to see 10 police cars with their sirens flashing and officers carrying out Susan, Jeffrey, Kim, Lisa, Ronald, Joe, Jared, Judith, and Elizabeth from Katherine's home? We don't want our neighborhood to contain such filth, but the action of such an event is thrilling. Chilling. Thank God for bringing out such a secret to the forefront, if so. Sometimes you feel like your neighbors are up to no good but you just can't put your finger on it. When there is a smoking gun, we are relieved.

So much goes on behind closed doors that we both know and do not know about but it's the outside of our homes that gives an impression that everything is quite fine. Although a neighborhood may contain people who are up to wrong-doings, we can create a neat, up-kept, and thoughtfully decorated yard and porch for the outside to appreciate and enjoy. When I approached a house with an identical curbside mailbox house, my focus was solely on the exciting feeling felt at the time of my encounter. And not only so; I wanted one for my future house.

No, I'm not into any illegal activity if that's what you're thinking. Lol! And no, I am not giving you a way to cover up the illegal activity that goes on inside of your home, if so. Lol! The point of this article is not only to express my excitement and interest in a custom mailbox house but to also express that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Although the outside of a house or person looks trustworthy and amazing, you can still be disappointed severely if you put your guards down.

Now Katherine was always friendly and giving. She would hold nice and funny conversations with you for long moments at a time. The way that she made you feel you'd want to go to a park and fly a kite. She was relieving, influential, knowledgeable, and very sympathetic. She'll add so many fun stories to a conversation, you'll forget all about any problems you have. Her smile was bright as runway camera flashes and as petite as a teenage barbie. If you weren't her neighbor you wouldn't suspect anything. Busted! Her house on the outside was as neat as a neighborhood library and as cute as a 2-week old puppy. However, on the inside, illegal activity went on when you thought maybe a book club meeting or game night. Why Katherine! Why! The rest of the busted gang was as suburban as a cop and as dapper as GQ. Oh boy! Good luck on those court cases. Sirens wail.

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I love house watching. I would love for my house to be the one that other watchers stop a little longer than others to appreciate more. I'm sure an identical mailbox house would add some icing on the cake. Not only would my colored shutters, complimentary colored house, and colored tinted windows, just to name a few features, attract attention, but a mailbox that matches the look of my home is a cherry on top. Just knowing that my house is a top-of-the-line type of deal in comparison to my other neighbors' homes is a smile creator for me. Honestly, I'm likely riding through my own neighborhood discovering which ones can compare to my level of upkeep and creativity and taking it up a notch if one exists. I'm pretty sure whichever neighborhood I choose in the future, I'm sure to cruise through it to discover who has a mailbox house on their curb. If I see a house with one, I may refuse to buy a house in the neighborhood. Lol.

Where do you get a custom-made mailbox house?

Searching online can work wonders. Just by typing the heading of this paragraph in the Google search engine, I discovered I haven't tried it myself, but surely I'll give it a shot when it's my time to own a home.

What if the Home Owners Association disapproves of a mailbox house? Oh boy! That' a tough one. Perhaps check with the HOA before buying a house to ensure that your mailbox house idea is accepted. If the HOA disapproves then I guess you're out of luck when it comes to your custom mailbox, unfortunately.

Has anyone ever installed an identical mailbox car by their curb?

After Googling custom mailbox cars, the following photos resulted. Surely, if you'd like a custom BMW installed on your mailbox you can have one of those too.


Sometimes the amount of attention an identical mailbox house draws may be overwhelming for some of us. However, how much time do you spend out on the porch to have to endure such attention? If you do not like the attention, but the idea of a mailbox house, if you're a come home from work and stay closed inside the house type of person, you may can escape the onslaught of dog walkers, joggers, and FedEx drivers. Be quick as the light, like a celeb dodging paparazzi.

When I saw the identical mailbox house on a sunny day in a beautiful suburban neighborhood, I smiled from ear to ear and my heart warmed. I knew getting a custom mailbox was on my agenda just as soon as I signed the contract for my new home. Even a friendly face and a fake persona hiding criminal behavior can have a creative home that everyone could love. But does it really matter if you pay them a compliment or consider their idea of creativity for your own? Maybe. They'll likely feel good at the moment. Why not? Whatever people do behind closed doors is really none of my business unless I have a significant relationship with them. Meaning: business (baby sitting, cake sells, etc.) personal, or any type of relationship that can make you look involved in any illegal activity. I liked the idea of a mailbox house and that's all that really matters. I never knew this artistic expression of a mailbox existed until I saw it. It has and will change my life.

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